Friday 25 August 2017

Still working on SCW

Yep I am still working on my armies for the Spanish Civil war.... Although I must admit I am running out of steam.

These are all Pendraken 10mm figures. Actually the Anti Tank gun is old Skytrex Action 200. Which n longer seem available. And that just shows how old I am.

These are all nationalist troops, but that said there is no reason they could not be Republican troops. It really was not as clear cut as we would like to think.  The Antitank crew are actually WW2 British Navy, but does that matter? I think not. There is no point in playing the SCW and getting fussy about which is which and what is what. Everyone used anything they thought was best.

I was lucky enough to be asked to playtest some SCW rules. And they should be commercially available before the end of the year. I will not at this stage go into detail as that would be very improper. I will just say they did work, but from my point of view (not having seen the final draft) they did not seem very different to WW2 rules and the Spanish Civil war was very different. SO I will need to wait and see what the final draft is like before saying anything more.

Just 4 more stands 3x Light MG's and 1 Anti tank.

Not a lot more to add. Thanks for looking today and back to 28mm for Sundays post... (assuming they get finished today.)

Wednesday 23 August 2017

Another Zombie!

Yes the post title is much more about me than anything else. I just cannot, for some reason, get going this week.  Only 1 Zombie finished.

The figure is by Mantic and part of the Walking Dead starter box set. I have tried to make it look like her tights are ripped and laddered. Also  that she did at one time work in a diner. If this is your take o how the figure is painted brilliant. If not I am sure you have in your head a back story for her.

As with the majority of these zombies they come with wounds already and most often a deformed limb as well. On this one her left arm is broken and hangs at a strange angle. They all have something though so expect to see more on the next one.

I am still very much enjoying the walking dead game but am finding the starter set very limiting. Which clearly it is designed to be as they want you to send more and even more on it as time goes by. For me though after 2 playing sessions (or 7 games) the "Shine" is wearing thin.  This does not mean playing will cease or the painting will stop, just that it is not as new and exciting as it was when I first got it.

I have no painting fr Matt at present ad have nearly finished the stuff (I do not show) for Peter. So no plans for the next post just yet. It will need to be a surprise. Maybe the last 2 German Aeronef ships, maybe the start of the Dutch fleet. If I am very lucky I will find the cattle I know I bought but seem to have hidden as they will be the start of a newly revised project taking over from Saga. We still all (well most) have the figures so perhaps it will re-start.

That though is it for today. Al the best Clint