Saturday 8 August 2015

Problems so Going Dark

Well that was a mistake. I have "Upgraded" to "windows 10" and to be honest I am now struggling to find anything and all my saved websites and blogs are now gone. Which is to say I am sure they are still there, but I have to find them all again on the internet. To be honest I wish I had not upgraded to the new operating system! Additionally. Blogger is no longer allowing me to upload pictures. Which kind of make my blog a waste of time. Therefore until I can get the issues sorted out. I will be going Dark. So No more blogging for a while and maybe, just maybe back in a short while! Cheers Guys

Thursday 6 August 2015

Paddy Fields (Part 1)

It does not happen often but this morning I awoke and felt like making terrain. And as I am working on my 20mm Vietnam Conflict collection (I even sent for shinnies and Plastics yesterday) it made sense to me to think about terrain for that. As I already own enough jungle foliage and village huts the next thing was going to be some Paddy fields. These should be easy! Yeah famous last words I know it and yet I keep telling myself! One day I may believe the truth before it hits me up the head...

 So I found a spare piece of board, in this case 6mm MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). Yes I know it's a little think for what I need and hardboard would be better yet it was quick to source and easy to work (There's that "Easy" word again!)
 So I marked out what I wanted with regard to Field shape. Settling on 3 or 4 (depends how you picky you are about counting) sizes and shapes. I spent a happy 35 minutes up the shed with a jigsaw.
Then rounded of the corners and sanded them smooth and removed any bumps to create the basic field shapes. I do realise that these will be proud on the table top and that real water does not do that, but for gaming purposes these will be flooded fields and should represent the terrain and as long as people are not stupid ( I will be running a book on the first person to comment) they should serve.

There are of course a few more steps to go but the basic roughing out of field shapes is now done. While at this stage they are fairly regular each field being separate they can be arranged in less than regular patterns to represent the flooded paddy fields of a small hamlet! The joy is that once made they should be OK for all scales from 10mm-28mm.

That's it for today as my Vietnam project gets a little bit closer to complete!

Thanks For looking and Painted figures on Saturday.

Cheers Guys.

Monday 3 August 2015

Flaged up!

Yes I am early again. These all should go on tomorrow morning and not tonight. But as they are done I see little point in holding on until tomorrow and I can go food shopping instead! Yes these are for Matt and his VBCW collection and this time rather than Anglican League he has decided on Royalists. Just in case you were thnking that he had loads of flag wavers. He has but they are not all for the same faction and knowing Matt he will want to do several factions. All the Flags are by Peter Barfield who has his own blog Link to Petes Blog and worth a look if you don't already.

These four figures are by a variety of manufactures yet I have painted them all in British army colours from the period. Overall I am not unhappy with them but today the flags were being a right pain in the proverbials! I swear I have lost a layer of skin stuck to them with superglue, which I use to stick the flags together and make them nice an ridged.

Needless to say (so I will anyway) if you want to see bigger images of them all click on the pictures and they will be enlarged. Next up I have some Militia chaps to finish I think they come from the Mutton Chop miniatures Irish Civil war range. One of the joys of painting for Matt is that he does source some interesting figures. He also wants another Chain of Command game in 3 weeks time and maybe we can all put into effect the rules we learnt in the last couple of games.

Thanks for looking today and next scheduled post is Wednesday, Which is a possibility as I now have all the figures prepped based and undercoated, it is just a matter of painting them!

Thanks for looking and Catch you all soon I hope. Kind Regards Clint