Saturday 23 February 2013

Tony take 2

Here is the repainted Tony. Yatter Yatter Yatter white primer spray varnish You know the story but here is tony finished. As you can see I still have not worked out how to manipulate images on windows 8 so it's a bit of a long shot. Anything closer or with a telephoto lenses was too blurry to show anything. I'll figure it out sooner or later, bear with me.

Anyway a weeks (half term child minding) is over, at least until Easter. Warhammer 40k has been put away again and need not rear it's head for at least 5 weeks. Actually I will admit I did enjoy the last game we played as I made my nephew work out all the rules in order to stop him saying 4+ for every single dice roll! By Jove I think he knows the rules now. Or at the very least he realises that ballistic skill + dice roll has to be 7+ in order to achieve a hit. This is a big step forward.

Tomorrow is Cavalier, a local wargames show. I have made some homemade chocolate pecan and pistachio fudge for the Posties Rejects. Foolish of me perhaps but I am putting it all in a single container I'll let them work out how to split it up among themselves. I also hope they will offer it to any other bloggers who turn up as they know far more bloggers then I do. I actually trust all of them to share but I do think there will be quite a lot of banter among themselves. Let's hope there's no fallout to innocent bystanders! The road to hell is, as they say, paved with good intentions!!!

I do have a shopping list of goodies planned in my head for the traders tomorrow. Certain traders will not be attending which is a shame as a couple of them would stock the things I need. Anyway here is a few things I will be looking for:
  • WSS figures.
  • 28mm Cowboy (1 single figure for a game idea)
  • 20mm Partisans for VBCW
  • 20mm Cold war turns hot/ZONE vehicle (BMP or BTR80 )
  • 28mm Witches
  • 28mm dogs
  • 15mm chariot (a sample for chariot race game), Essex Donnington, Magista Militum etc
  • possibly a 10mm chariot for the same If I can find one.
  • Osprey Book of some kind
  • anything else that takes my fancy at the time
Those are just as few quick thoughts, but when I get there I will no doubt get sidetraked and come away with something completely different!

That's it for today. Hope to do a show report on Monday. All the best Clint

Thursday 21 February 2013

BUF Cavalry.

Here today having finally gotten onto the computer we have a squad of British Union of Fascists (BUF). They are 20mm (1/72 scale) from IT Miniatures. At this stage they are 90% finished, with just the touching up to do and some tufts to put on the base, so let's call them done.  There is one officer (far right) and 9 other ranks which all have the same pose. All the horses are the same though, just painted in different colours. You can only just make out the red arm band on the figures left arms. You'll have to take my word for it but they also have lightning bolt flashes to the arm band (ok some did not come out that well but they all look OK if not perfect!).

 They all have black shirts and army green trousers typical of the BUF. The horses have a variety of blanket colours and different coloured tack. Overall I am pleased with how they have come out and think they will be a great addition to the proposed VBCW game.

Thanks for reading today and I will try to write again on Saturday. Only one more day of babysitting to go and am so looking forward to being able to do my own thing at least part of the day. Tomorrow I have to be Space marines and fight yet another 40k battle. I expect to lose the game big time, as my heart is really not in it. Anyway that's it for today. Speak to you soon.
Cheers Clint  

Tuesday 19 February 2013

Here we go again!!!

Following my white spray primer fiasco. I set aside the figures for a while as I just could not face them straight away. Well time has passed and I have re-painted the first one. Tony is the next in line, but for now and because of the limited time I have this week, being half term etc etc. I just managed to get one back to how it should be.  Not dwelling on the subject too much, but re-painting is a pretty joyless task for me and with luck it will not be a mistake I will make again in the near future.

As I am now being asked by a 12 year old to if he can get on the computer I'll cut it short and try to post again on Thursday! All the best Clint.

Sunday 17 February 2013

Last 2 for now!

These will be the last two VBCW vehicles for now, although there will be more in a little while. Two commercial vehicles no doubt pressed into service by some faction or another. The cream and red one was a right pig to paint and came very close to being thrown round the room and wit with a hammer. If I can build up the courage I might re-paint it in a few weeks time. Where as the light green "Williams and Grey" delivery van was the exact opposite, a joy to paint. I will admit it did start as a lilac colour but once I changed that to the light green everything flowed. again both these are available from Tim at FRONTLINE cast in resin with separate wheels. These two are actually two miss casts and do have very minor imperfections but nothing I will worry about too much.  Knowing Tim it is always a bonus the get some miscasts for club use as he can't sell them.

My first real unit of troops is coming along. I will pick up a few packs of French Resistance from SHQ and maybe Grubby Tanks at Cavalier next weekend. These will be to flesh out the IT miniatures figures to create variety as opposed to starting a whole new unit. I will have to do a show shopping list this week (look for it in a post later in the week) to try to deter me impulse buying.

Also as it is half term I will be looking after my nephew for a few days which means painting time will be cut dramatically. He also wants me to play 40k so he can learn the rules (shudder). Which I must say I am not looking forward to. But hey ho he's only young once!

That's it for today. Nephew permitting next post is on Tuesday. Take care and have a relaxing Sunday. All the best Clint.