Saturday 22 April 2017

Company command (ww2 Japanese)

As I know most will have gone to Salute and will do some very good blogs post about the show. I am simply showing my latest 15mm WW2 Japanese. A single stand of Battlefront representing Company command.

I settled on the army flag as opposed to the marine (Navy) flag for 2 reasons. 1, it is easier to paint. 2. it was a lot more common and allows these troops to function in Burma, Singapore, Malaysia etc. as well as the Islands of the Pacific.

So just 2 figures in 15mm, but another finished stand and dare I say from the game point of view a rather important one.

Enjoy all the Salute posts I am sure I will as well.

All the Best Clint

Friday 21 April 2017

White Russian Tanks 15mm

Just finished some tanks for the Russian Civil war. They are all 15mm and by Peter Pig.  We have 2 MK IV British tanks and 4 FT 17 French light tanks.

 During the Russian Civil war Britain supplied a very few tanks to support the Tsar. As you can see they have the Russian Flag on the front of the running gear housing. Sometimes the flag is shown vertical at other times horizontal so quite simply I have painted one of each. Being totally honest I painted them both horizontal to begin with and then Matt suggested one of each so 20 mins later they were re painted. No fuss no bother.  He is a good mate so happy to help out.
Maybe not if he asked me to bury a body but to repaint the front of a small model tank. Sure no worries!

Apologise for the photography it was early in the morning.  As you can see from the top picture they are some-what larger than the French Light tanks.  In the Square bashing rules by Peter Pig they count as heavy tanks and you can see why.  Heavy tanks in the rules are only good in assaults which does make them quite limiting to use. but great fun none the less.

And the "Light Tanks" again 15mm by Peter Pig. They come in 2 varieties. either round or hexagonal turret and also in 2 armaments. Either a 37mm cannon or a machine gun. So a possible 4 varieties if you want to try all the combinations. 2 tanks have hand painted roundels and 2 do not.  While they are not perfectly clear in the photos they are painted with a steady hand and look OK in real life.

I  did find all these tanks tricky to paint, not due to strange camouflage but because perhaps they were all new to me and I was not at all sure what I was doing.

Anyway next for Matt I am painting some Cossack cavalry for the Russian Civil war while in the mean time I paint some more WW2 Japanese for my self.

Thanks for looking have a good weekend and with luck see you all again soon.

Wednesday 19 April 2017

2 Little Indians

Yes 2 28mm "Redoubt" woodland Indians.

While I do not think the sculpts are the very best I do appreciate the prices. They work out at £1.40 per figure and at that price who can possibly complain. I still have a few left to paint so when it gets quiet I will paint some more.

Both carry daggers in addition to their main weapons so they look like they know what they are doing, even if I am in charge and the reality is that they have no idea!

I do struggle when painting "Warpaint" as I just cannot imagine it properly. I am however keeping to just 4 colours (Red, white, black and ochre) as I believe they would be the correct colours but I have NO evidence for that.

As mentioned I do have more of these to do and I will be getting some more as well as it turns out I have none with bow and arrow. And that just seems wrong!

That's it for now more in a day or two.

I am undecided what to put on next, an AAR or some more figures. If you have a SATRONG preference mention your choice in the comments.

All the best Clint

Monday 17 April 2017

1st Platoon. (Japanese PBI)

Well as you can see I have now finished my 1st Platoon of Infantry for PBI pacific. The Platoon consists of Junior officer (with White tab at the back) 2 LMG stands, 1 light mortar (Knee Mortar) stand and 5 Rifle stands.

I hasten to say this is nearly as small as an infantry platoon can be in the Japanese Army list. SO expect more stands to be added.  In fact I am already on the next 2 stands as I type this. I hope to show some more stands by the end of the week. (Fingers Crossed)

As I am not going to Salute I have placed another order which is now marked as dispatched so shinnies are coming this week.

That is just a quick one for today. Now back to the Paint table!