Saturday 19 October 2013

Zombtober 3 and Pressies for me!

 Let's start with Zombtober week 3. Yes another Foundry Wild West Zombie which makes 3 of this exact pose for me now but as long as I don't stand them side by side I should get away with it! It can be noted that he has taken severe torso damage looking at the damage on his back I might suggest by a shotgun but more details such as if it happened when he was alive, dead or undead I shall leave for you to decide.

As with all the zombie gunfighters he still manages to hold onto his gun somehow. I have never been a fan of zombies with weapons but I guess the sculptors are so who am I to quibble about it.  His green coat and blue bow tie mark him as a town gent of some kind. In my mind I was thinking Lawyer as I painted him but once on the table top most players will not be too fussy about previous professions unless I make it a scenario objective.

Well that aside week Three of Zombtober and another zombie figure done so I am just keeping to the pledge and completing the bare minimum of the requirements. As you all know my painting has been focused elsewhere (into 10mm Samurai). Not making excuses I shall of course continue with the project and have already started my next zombie gunfighter as well. That's a hint for next weekend!

I should also say a big THANK YOU to Anne O'Leary from O'Leary Miniatures Blog who ran I prise draw that I was incredibly lucky enough to win. I did actually win a $50 Amazon Voucher. Which was fantastically generous and for which I am truly grateful. Amazon being the big international business that they are could not convert the dollars into pounds sterling, they were contacted both sides of the Atlantic and no joy. So Anne very generously sent me some figures instead. Those figures arrived yesterday. The painted figure is one of Anne's own masterpieces and having already given my word to Fran (The Angry Lurker) that I will pass it on to him. With some reluctance I shall. I have no facilities to store anything display based and only things for the table top battles. Everything else though I shall keep. I have no imeadiate use for the resin figures, although they could make very good Conan demons and the like so they may get painted in the future. Likewise The 6 "Can-Can Dancers" will no doubt get painted despite the fact that I have little use for them.......... but sooner or later I will have a use for some dancing girls!! The Bank hold ups set with figures and bank counter do have a far more obvious use as does the Reaper figure in the Blister. So all in all while I am disappointed that AMAZON could not deal with a change of currency I am over-joyed with what Anne has sent me. Most importantly it is all about the happiness I felt at winning and not the loot/prise/swag. To me this is actually a better prise than the voucher as it is far more personal as I know Anne has followed my blog and put items in the parcel specific to me. And that is so much better in my mind than a generic prise that anyone could have gotten.

Once more Thank you Anne.

That's it for today. More again on Monday assuming I remember my camera tomorrow! All the best and I hope to see you all again soon.

Cheers Clint

Thursday 17 October 2013

Ashigaru with Naginata

Yet more for my Samurai army. Today 8 stands of Ashigaru with Nagaiata. These I think will be the main troop type of the armies. I will as you already know have a variety of troop types, peasents, Ahigaru and Samuari as well as a variety of weapons. As yet I do not have any figures with spears (Yari) but I will be adding some as the time goes on as historically they were more common. For now as I am using up figures I already have and not spending any money and placing orders. As with all the others they are by Pendraken Miniatures

Not a huge amount more to say about them but it is getting to the point where I will be able to show a group shot of the first army so far.

Thanks for looking. Teacher's strike today so looking after my nephew so cutting this short and looking after him.

More again soon. Take care talk soon Best wishes Clint.

Tuesday 15 October 2013


 There was a camera incident. Yes I cocked up and the batteries ran out. Call it bad planning or more actually no planning at all. Yeah that sounds so much like me. Anyway a quick walk in the rain to the shops and new batteries in the camera and I think I was able to get a picture of most of the games. I know I did not get them all I also can't Identify them as the disruption of getting new batteries shopping bumping into friends and bloggers did completely throw my plan off. So Please just enjoy every one else's hard work. And note for the future my complete and utter lack of planning and organisation. I doubt I will change. So nah nah ner nah nah!

All the best Clint

Sunday 13 October 2013


As you can see I did not go overboard on the loot from SELWG show at Crystal Palace. I will do a report on the show and the games and maybe even write a little about the other bloggers whom I happen to meet there. For now however just a quick peek the goodies I walked out of the show with.

Yes the carrier bag was £6 and the entrance fee was free, although I might have gotten that round the wrong way!

1 Box of Defiance Games UAMC. 24 plastic multi-part science fiction infantry. Very similar to those that might have been encountered on LV426, well at least in my opinion!

2 packets of peter Pig figures for PBI. If you are very interested 1 pack of Artillery crew and one pack of .50 browning HMGs with crew. Just to carry on and round out my US PBI company (just filling in the options).

1 4-Ground General purpose wagon. I am sure many of you will already have got these built and painted, but it is my first one. If I can assemble it, paint it and store it successfully I do anticipate getting a couple more. They are after all half the price of a metal version.

6 Ainsty Castings Blisters, A variety of science fiction bits and bobs. I so easily could have gotten more, but I went small here because I have yet to even start thinking about the 28mm Sci-Fi Board I want to make. But that is a little way in the future so don't read ahead too much.

I did find one thing on the bring and buy a single pack of foundry figures which I scooped up for a fiver. I hope to get it painted in the coming week or maybe two and you can see what it is then. Just one hint, I will include it in my Zomtober (Zombtober) nonsense!

There were a few other things I did consider getting, A couple of rule sets, some more ACW figures in 15mm maybe the start of some Spanish Napoleonic army. I did look at Fields of Glory and FOG Renaissance but they tend to be cheaper on eBay. I did look for a nice Osprey book as well, but they did not have what I wanted at a bargain price so I will wait and pick one up when the price is right for me.

A Show report and eye candy games pics to follow in the next few days.

Final thought just a quick teaser. Speaking to Karl at Crooked Dice I have seen the greens of the new batch of St Trinian's figures (out November) and to be honest I now KNOW I MUST get some! (Even if I never use them I really like the "Feral Fourth Form Gils" And if you don't say nice things about them they may bash you up!)

Cheers Clint.