Saturday 1 October 2016

A call to arms

2 years ago now I played a wargame on this blog with about 10-12 other players. I had fun so those involved will forever have my gratitude. For reasons beyond my control I was unable to play last year.  But this is another year and I would like to give it another go. Another set of rules another setting and another game entirely.


The country of Klintanistan (a made up imagi-nation Country). Has collapsed leaving a power void into which various leaders and factions push. And push hard. Never a rich country and never at the forefront of world politics Klintanistan was still valuable and had some assets and given the resilience of the people it was a country that could grow. Grow perhaps to be a world leader with as many colonies as Britain or Spain, who knows. All this is the future though and the now is a very different place.

The Location of the country is not needed for the game so feel free to think of it as anywhere you want. Maybe Central America, or the Middle east, Sub Saharan Africa, South east Asia Polynesia or even a country in Europe. (As all the game action will take place within the country it matters not where you think of it!). Just think "Back of Beyond" Somewhere.

Date also need not worry us exactly. The technology is 1930's so yes you can have cars and trains and planes and even submarines.... but you will not be starting with anything quite so flash! Horse drawn vehicles predominate although a few cars and trucks are about they are rare rather than common and most people cannot drive! (at least in this country). ) I am not setting an exact date as we all know that WW2 started in 1939 and we all know that will have a major effect on world politics. Before it happens (if it ever does you will not know). Which is only fair as it will stop people reading ahead and having knowledge of the future. (I do not care if you have Crystal Balls in real life, that is a matter between you and the Doctor!) In this game you do NOT have knowledge of the future..

Each player will control one faction or region or leader or well you get the idea. Each turn you will get to balance your economy! (Very simple and abstract) and issue up to a maximum of 5 commands (commands may be repeated, and most likely will) .  These commands can be anything you like, anything that you think your country or leader would enjoy or approve of. But as all things take time most results will NOT be immediate. (One weeks play represents 2 month of time for the country!)

There will only be 2 seasons (Summer and Winter) with each season being 3 turns long.

I intend to play for 12 weeks (2 years in game) and then asses the situation. Things will probably start slowly as players both find their feet and work out the rules, but with some people you just never know. One player may issue 5 attack orders in the first turn. Which I might personally think Reckless, but you never know might turn out to be the winning strategy.

So all I am looking for at this stage is for bloggers(or Lurkers) to let me know they are interested in playing. (Max 10 to start) BUT some reserves IF a faction rebels against its leader for one rason or another.... it may just happen and then again it may not!)

The Following players already have:

Ray Rousell
Fran Lee
Michael (the Glorious People's Democratic Republic of Millsystan ) AKA generalissimo Millsy  Mills (NO Yamsin NOT GIMP, behave you!)
Roy Williamson
Bryan Scott
Andy Goboland (Real name Nash!)
Martin Cooke
Dave Docherty Playing as The Peoples Undemocractic Republic of Docistan
Matt Crump
J Miles

So as you can see there is room if you want to join in.

If you do want to play just leave me a comment below and we will sort out a starting position for you.

All the rules and setting are made up by me and I any resemblance to any persons or countries are purely a lucky guess on my part.

So feel free to make up any name that suits you if you want to play.
Turns will be every weekend so awnsers and turn details NEED to be back to me by FRIDAY at the VERY latest!

Bit of a read I know so sit down with a cup of tea and have a rest.


I have had a moment of stupidity and will accept the 3 reserve players as full starting players BUT there will be no reserves

This will mean if your economy crashes or your government gets ousted. all goods and belongings will be split among other players.

Thursday 29 September 2016

Sikh Medical and machine gun teams (and PBB game news)

 Yes some more 28mm figures for Matt. Something to fight the Burpas!

In the top two pics I have no idea of the manufacture (neither dos Matt) as they were purchased from eBay as bare metal. The sculpts were not so very good, And the figures seem quite tall. So If you know who makes them let me know as they seem to do some interesting stuff and we all need troops moving wounded figures and carrying stretchers.

they have been painted to fit in with some other troops of his that I painted a few years ago. So while the colours might match the figures really do not. As most of the rest of his Sikh troops are Foundry. And I find Foundry just that little bit small (25 as opposed to 28mm).

Talking of foundry the figures in the last 2 pics are foundry (or so I believe) but maybe with a head swap on the Machinegun team.  Again painted to colour match his existing figures. But the rocks and ground work should be a little pinker (I painted the wrong base colour) if it was to be a perect match. But unless you place them next to each other you will not notice, and even if you do, rocks are natural so some variety will exist.

Along with the machine gun team (now in pointy Turbans) there are 2 buglers. And these should round out Matts forces quite nicely (at least until Sunday when I see him next!)

Change of Subject!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On Saturday I plan to ask for players in another Play by blog game. I could not put a play by blog game on last year and did so miss it. I am not going to make excuses it is just that real life got in the way. All my fault and until I get a more economical time machine not a lot I can do about it!
So the planned game is a geopolitical game set in the 1930's . No exact date or place given as I know some of you are fierce history buffs and that may affect play.
I have already contacted some players and all responses have so far been positive and places are filling up. In this game you will be the leader of a faction in the now fragmented "Klintanistan." (a Kingdom which has lost its leader). So that is just a heads up and an acknowledgement of Saturdays (Weekend) post.

Thanks for looking today. All the best Clint. Ex President for life of Klintanistan.

Tuesday 27 September 2016

Phalanx. (15mm Sci Fi)

Not a real post yesterday, just a quick update in case anyone saw those figures at a later date and wondered why they were different,

 So today sees me continue with the 15mm Sci Fi force.

This is a GZG New Anglican Confederation Phalanx APC. Not the easiest thing to put together, and I did muck it up in a couple of places but it did come out looking "acceptable" . In 2 weeks time I shall pick another one or maybe 2 of these up to fully fit out my NAC force with armoured Infantry transport.

In the rules this is able to transport either 1 Power armour squad or 2 normal squads. (But most often just carries one normal squad). It has two light Direct Fire Fusion Guns (Gatling style) one in each small turret. In addition to the troops  it has a crew of 2 (Commander and Driver), but in the rules only basic ECM and smoke launchers.

There is a command version which does have better Electronic Counter measures and communication, but cannot carry troops. (Well maybe a command squad in a limited capacity but not for long periods)

Shown with NAC troops

Monday 26 September 2016

He who pays the piper.

I always offer Matt the chance to change any figures I paint for him. Normally It goes on behind the scenes and is not on my blog. But this time a small update. Matt wanted them toned down a bit. No Problem to me. He particularly wanted the tanks on the back of the flame thrower and the purple/pink blanket roll changed.

When painting for someone else I will usually offer a repaint of either all or part of the figure if they want something changed. It seems to me the right thing to do and Matt had never really wanted much changed ever before so I was happy to make these small changes.

He suggested Black, Grey, Red, Brown or a similar colour.
Well Job Done within 10 minutes of getting of the phone with him.
I hope everyone likes the results.

Black tanks of the Flame thrower and a brown blanket.

Sunday 25 September 2016

BUF Heavy weapons

Yes a few more BUF for Matt's growing collection. While most of these figures are Empress Miniatures 28mm from the Spanish Civil War range, The one on the far right I know is a Musketeer Miniature and the 2nd from the right is a conversion.

While only 3 pieces the mortar (not the crew) is tricky to put together just because all the pieces are so thin and fidly. The base is easy enough and quite solid BUT attaching the stand and the tube do require some level of dexterity... it is not that they are bad fits, they are actually good fits with up to 3 different angles possible. And that is what creates the issue you have to be able to glue two of the three pieces and attache the third before fully dry. Many people will find this easier than "Butter Fingers"(Me) and I do appreciate the sculptor making some variety in positioning and it has come out well in the end so no real complaints. The Mortar comes with three crew as well (two on the base) and one on a separate base is how I decided to place them, but you could have them all separate if you choose.

 I was unsure what colour to paint the flame thrower mask, but settled on Red as it feels hot and is one of the British Union of Fascists colours. So to contrast the red I put both blue and yellow tanks on the back.  I would have been equally justified in putting a Black mask and even Black tanks on the back, but I did want some colour and variety. Despite the fact that I feel in real life they would have settled on Black for every thin!

The last picture shows the figures in the previous BUF post included as they are all being given back to Matt soon.

The last Pic allows me to colour match at a later date and also just because someone usually asks for one and this may save you the effort of doing so.

Thanks for looking I hope you are having a great weekend. All the Best Clint