Saturday 27 December 2014

Turn 22 Results

Boy! is it cold up that garage! Yes it is that time of the week again for another turn. And as you can see from the turn sequence it did come out in a remarkable even way this time.

As aleways I have started with an overall shot than then worked from left hand closest the land towards the front and then anticlockwise but this time only as far as the front.

HMS Inconsistent gets underway with a single mast. This ship is now in Spanish control as the Spanish flag has been raised and the Union Jack lowered. 

 HMS Cutlass was able to cross the T and bow rake the "San Francis" All the while HMS Agamennon fired a full broadside into the poor ship. Which is still afloat despite a direct hit to the powder store. (Red Joker Damage card was drawn).
 Mecedes sails back across the middle of the table and with HMS Pachyderm with problems of her own may just make it to freedom and the merchant ships in the Med!
 El Interceptor makes exactly the right move and IF the cards are favourable next turn will bow rake HMS Pachyderm with a complete intact undamaged broadside at point blank range. (Needing 2+ to hit with each firepower factor and causing double damage.
 Unicornico facing directly into the wind issued no turn orders so simply drifted in the tides and currents while the drinks cabinet was re-stocked!
Just one lucky shot and it is all over for Lucky Lee. Or Lee could go for the ram!

Well folks that's it for another week. I shall issue damage reports to all the ships either later today or by midday Monday.

All the best folks and brace yourself for the new year!

Tuesday 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas Everyone

As it is now Christmas eve I would like to wish everyone of you a Merry Christmas.
We can't all have sunny weather everyday of the year!
But I do hope that the sun does shine on your life-
Often in the coming year and over this festive period.
And not all Santas will look like these.
Not in my shopping centre that's for sure!
Or there would be a LOT of Dads in the cue with the kids!
I hope you all get the presents that you want.
And Deserve in your Christmas stockings.
Have you all been naughty or nice?
I hope you have all been Nice.
Because Santa will Know!
He's checking the list TWICE!
Just for any female out there. He's a picture of me.
Have a good few days and treat everyone near you with love and respect.
Cheers Clint

Monday 22 December 2014

12 ACW figs

 Well here are some more from the Analogue painting challenge. !2 28mm ACW Plastic Perry miniatures. I managed to source these from young Ray with some of my Birthday money. Despite the fact that I gave up Birthdays many years ago people still insist on presents cards and making a fuss when all I really want is to forget all about it!

So please do not offer my any congratulations or best wishes or anything like that.

Anyway these are for me to try out the "Songs of Drums and Shakos "rules. Yes I am aware that the rules are for Napoleonic period and these were about 50 years out of period, but the basic rules should work very well. At least I hope so.

Not so much more to say about these. Perry miniatures, hard plastic easy to put together and fun to paint about covers it. I have some Rebs on the painting table at the moment so I would expect to get them finished by Tuesday next week.

Not drawing this out, thanks for looking and more again soon. Have some fun and paint some figures.

Best wishes Clint