Friday 28 June 2013

4 more

Here are the next 4 Apache. Again they are "Wargames Foundry" 28mm. I won't repeat what I have said previously about them. Obviously I like them or I would not still be buying and painting them. I have 4 more to do and then with those complete I will do a group shot.

At that stage I will get my first look to see if they all go together. It is not that I have deliberately thought to do this, just the way it has worked out. Paint 4 put them away paint the next 4 and put them away. Still I am confident they will all work as a single "Warband" as all the skin tones have come from the same combination of paint colours. Little differences in skin tone are to be expected in real life and the clothing should also look more random. But we will both have to wait and see!

Now for something completely different........!

At the beginning of the year I talked about the projects I thought I might like to work on this year. I am not saying it has been a disaster so far, but it has been "unfocused" . As I am slowly pulling myself out of a painting rut, and as I am no longer working up the shed on the terrain for Broadside it is perhaps time that I concentrate on one of the smaller projects. To that End, if the weather is OK< I intend to start working on some 1/300th scale cold war era wargames. Given that I have two forces (Hermanschultzkommando and Soviet Airborne Desant) I am not thinking of this as a new project, but rather the continuation of one from about 30 years ago! I will of course have to repaint and re-base them all, but no initial financial outlay. I even have all the materials for the terrain up the shed. While I am not sure of the rules I will use, I have a wide choice of rules, everything from "Challenger II" by Bruce Rea Taylor to "Force on Force" by Ambush Alley Games. That I think is the current stumbling block deciding on the rules I want and the complexity of the game. Mostly it will depend on what the club want, and that is usually a surprise to me. Anyway forget the rules for now and I'll stat to make the first 2 foot square board over the weekend.

That's it for now folks. I should post again on Monday probably with a game AAR from what ever I end up playing at the club on Sunday.

Cheers Clint

Tuesday 25 June 2013


The painting lull has gotten me by the throat, hence the lack of blog posts this week. Not making excuses, we all have slumps and lulls and doldrums and it's just my time.

This is a 15mm vehicle from Ground zero Games. (One of the vehicles I bought at Salute this year). Not so much for me to say with regard to this vehicle. It was well cast in metal, everything fitted together well and quite instinctively because there was no instructions, but it did not really need them. I did find it hard to come up with a "new" camouflage scheme. Inspired by a Giraffe's skin I simply left a lot of the splodges out in the hope that it would be simple enough to work and maybe break up the lines a little.

At this stage I have not put any markings on it and that is my dilemma. Long time members of the blog will remember I already have a FSE (Federal States Europa.) force, platoon level ground force and starter fleet space navy. And this is where it all falls apart....... a friend of mine is going to sell me his NSL (New Swabian League). fleet at a very keen price. This is great and I instantly agreed when he mentioned the price.

However I was going to have a NAC (New Anglican Confederation) opposition for the FSE. I am the kind of guy who wants matching space fleets and ground Forces. To do other than this jars with me. I much prefer the NSL fleet to the NAC fleet, but then I prefer the NAC ground forces to the NSL ones.

Yes I know it's science fiction and for many people it would not make any difference at all. Yet somehow for me it does make a difference.

Thanks for reading my waffle today. I do intend to cut my blog posts to 2 a week from now on, Mondays and Fridays. So until Friday take care and keep painting and gaming. All the best Clint