Wednesday 27 March 2019

If 5 are good surely 10 is better?

Year it's a long way of saying I have made 5 more smoke clods. Bringing the total to 10. This I think is enough for now.

4 may be used in PBI if an off board strike is called for either in a 2x2 block or in a row of 4 (NO DIAGONALS) wither as a row or as a column. Then a roll for deviation of each piece. They tend not to move much. But expect 1 in 4 to move. (Roughly).

If being used by on board guns (or tanks) a single square is affected. That being the case you can only have 1 off board asset a turn and on board gun (or tanks) tend to use HE in our games as they would tend to cause the most casualties!
Yeah we tend to be bloodthirsty!

Therefore 10 I think is the right number as they do tend to disappear over time. So that for now is job done on the cloud markers.

All the best Clint

Sunday 24 March 2019

Smoke gets in your eyes. (and WIP)

Ok these were made for Peter Pigs PBI rules. That said  there is no reason not to think they could and will not be used for other rules. However I wanted something a little "better" than cotton wool. I know most of you will use cotton wool without issue But I wanted something different.

Therefore I created 5 smoke clouds. (5 more are started and 10 should be enough for me!). They were simple to do just "clump foliage" then sprayed white (3 coats) and then the bases painted and they are good to go. I must  say I am very happy with them. You only need 1 in a PBI square to represent the whole square being filled with smoke so they are indicators only and not realistically modelled terrain. I am  sure you shall do better on your own with a little thought.

 Aztec farm (2) WIP

 As you can see I have started the second part of my sci fi farm. So I HOPE  to get that finished in the week. More details when I do. Please don't try to hold your breathe it is still several days away at the very earliest.

Donner vehicle ! WIP

Yes more WIP, and this is a while off so really don't try to hold your breath (that would be a very bad idea! Continuing my dieselpunk obsession I wave started a donner vehicle. All I have done so far is break things up. Ok saw things but you get the idea! On this model (thanks eBay) I need to rebuild the radiator and the headlights. remove (that's done) the side wheels and rebuild the running boards. And then either rebuild the rain cover or rebuild the back seat not sure yet and add some MGs and some other bits and bobs, like maybe a new hood ornament.

So expect this to take weeks and not days to do. The chances are I  shall get bored and throw it away before I finish so PLEASE don't suggest anything to do with this car. But at the very least you know it is a live project.

That's all for now folks have a good Sunday and try not to get too much done or I shall be disappointed in myself.

All the best Clint.