Wednesday 20 February 2019


Figure ONLY shown for scale.
I dislike Work in Progress blog posts. So I tend to not do them. None the less here is what's happening... At least as far as I am going to show.

Yes I have been working on my "Dieselpunk" game idea. The rules are started and this is my first vehicle. STARTED.

I have loads to do. So far as far as I can see no one make any rules. If you know better please feel free to let me know. there are several makes of figure which can be used but NOTHING as far as I can see directly aimed at this era. THat is not a problem any figure that would fit Spanish Civil war or VBCW or 1920's Gangster is appropriate.

On the right is the START (And only the start) of a vehicle for this period. I started wit a matchbox model of "yesteryear". I have several more to do and yes before you ask vehicle rules shall be in the rules I am writing.

 I have mentioned an idea to Dave Stone (WTW  . LINK ) so the first step in that direction has already been taken. I HASTEN to add it is only a 1st step. Nothing more.

I plan/hope to have a show game done by September, fingers crossed. I know very many of you will have no interest in this project.

Until I have something else to share I shall just shut my big mouth!
All the best Clint

Monday 18 February 2019


All together now.
Yep had a disappointing weekend. Oh well ! Could be worse and small things are sent to try us. As such I did not play any games at the wargame club. 2 were on offer, but not of my liking. My choice, so maybe I should be LESS fussy!

On the other hand here are asset of the figures I have managed to finish. They are by several different makes/manufactures so quality does vary.

1st 6
2nd 6
 There is a height difference (which I like as people are of different sizes! There is also a difference in the quality of the scupts, which I am less keen on. They are a mixture of Foundry, Footsore, Ironclad and even a col Bills "Special" I am told but they just make up a set of Interwar civilians. They are  for MATT s I expect to see them in a VBCW context.

As I have a show this coming weekend I have been sorting out what I wantand am beginning to make some orders to be picked up at the show. Wore of this NEXT week.

Anyway thanks for looking and I hope you had a better Sunday than me... All the best clint