Friday 3 November 2017

A couple of days longer than I hoped.

Firstly sorry about the delay. But I am fine and in good/robust health . So is everyone here. Just not felt like blogging recently. I have 2 Game AAR's I could put on the blog but for one reason or another I just don't feel like it. here are some more Victorian Sci Fi. (Sorry Ray I did ask but Matt said NO! so there will be no Pink and Purple VSF tanks for a good LONG while from me. But I did ask.)

Most of what follows are Black Pyramid miniatures. As always happens EXCEPT the first 2. They are "Pinnacle!" miniatures or Pinnacle games. or something similar. They were bought on eBay by Matt so I just do not know. In other words don't ask!

If you Do know, Brilliant. As it stands I do not need to know. The figures were all right to paint nothing special just a lot of metallic and a black ink wash to finish off.  I could go into more detail but seriously I doubt I need to.

 The rest are , I believe, Black Pyramid Miniatures. We have Mycroft and a steam powered bicycle The St Georges flag is completely free hand painted on Mycroft's torso. I was not sure what to put there but it seemed very empty without something. If I had not put it there there just would in my opinion have been just too much naked metal to look good. Likewise if I had kept it all one colour metal it would look very uninspiring indeed. So steel and copper were used. (Or as it says on the paint pots.... Gunmetal and silver (highlight coat and Brass and gold (highlight ) . This should make the metals slightly more interesting.

The gent on the steam powered bicycle did create more problems but in the end I do think he came out quite well. If I do say so myself. I did try a white scarf first off but that looked wrong to my eyes so light blue was my next choice. I could easily have selected any colour but this at least compliments the bicycle frame which is dark blue.

 The last 2 figures are also Black Pyramid miniatures and are a hunter and his gun dog! The dog has a dead rabbit on his back and is painted with brass and gold as was Mycroft above. I went for a single red "eye" as I had in the Pinnacle Robots just to be consistent. Obviously it could have been any colour and how another paints their robots is an individual choice.

I tried and struggled to paint hunting tweed on the mad as much as I dared and finally came to the conclusion that this was as good as I was likely to get. Clearly he carries 2 shotguns and a walking stick so he is out for the day on the moors and in the heathers.

The last pic shows them all together. So you can judge the relative sizes. This allows you to see that the robots are clearly bigger than a man but are not giantish.

All the figures could easily be 28mm but all the robots could be bigger or smaller if desired.  Once again sorry Ray no Pink and Purple this time, but at least I did ask.

All the best Clint

Sunday 29 October 2017

Zombtober (5) and LOOT

yes another of the Walking dead from "All out war" by mantic games. I  have struggled of late to  get much painting done at all. Mostly not in the mood so and I mean no offence to any involved I am glad that Zombtober is over. Maybe I can go back now to well you know! Or maybe you don't know.

Anyway here is the last of the Zombies for Zombtober I am pleased to have taken part but I am glad it is over for another 11 months. Although I do hope to take part next year.

The pics are dark because I took then before sun up this morning as I knew I would get no other chance.

Still another one done and put away and ready for a game now and all is right with the world. (or at least my very little corner of the world).

 Last Pic is one for each week, just for contect and to see them all together and in one place. Not by any means a huge horde but just the start of a small herd. I hope next time to be in a painting mood and to get more things done, but I shall not beat myself up over the few I have managed.

And Finally and UNRELATED to Zombies I picked these figures up from Tim this morning for my first Bob force. It should be enough to get me a large enough force to get a game in, maybe 2. The figures are all IT miniatures and as I am a friend of the owner (Tim) I got quite a bargain. These shall go in the painting queue promptly and I look to have them all finished NEXT month.

That's it for now more again soon.

All the best Clint