Thursday 11 August 2016

Batch 3

Yep here are the last 5 figures of Batch 3 and a group shot of all of Batch 3 together.

They are a mix of Makes, just Perry Miniatures and Empress I believe, But I may well be wrong about that. So do not take my word at all.

I have mostly stuck with dull cloth in the clothes but with bright accents like turbans or belt sashes.  I say mostly as sometimes I did stray and paint a tunic Pink green red or Blue, to break them up and make them look less uniform. I think it has worked quite well. But the majority of colours are cream and browns

Shields I have painted bright universily and tried to make te colours as varied and bright as possible. Having said that I will do a Lilac shield if there is a next batch as I know I have not painted that colour yet.

But there they are another 20 finished varnished and put ib a case ready for Matt to collect them.

Thanks for looking today and I will need to start on my own figures later this day as I have no idea what I will blog in 2 days time. You never know it might be terrain!

All the best and I hope you are enjoying the Olympics.

Cheers Clint

Tuesday 9 August 2016

Fu Manchu

Well I was expecting to get some more Burpas done, but well I got side tracked.. This Figure is from Ironclad miniatures that I bought a year or two ago and then it sat in a carrier bag NOT getting painted. Then I found it a couple of days ago and Baboom! Finished in a evening.

While the figure is sold as Fu Manchu it va of course be any wealthy Chinese man from any period. I can see it being used in Wild West games, Victorian London Games, Modern Gangster games, 1920s Gangster games and plenty of other games as well. It is just a good generic Chinese figure.

Knowing the Chinese consider Red to be a lucky colour and the colour of wealth and prosperity I went for an all red colour scheme. When portrayed in films Fu Manchu usually wears Black or Gold but to me that made the figure to dark and I did not want that. So I broke the Red with Green hem, collar and cuffs and put a "Ying Yang" motif on his back. It was about the simplest motif I could paint and the back did need something  to break up the red.

The figure is 28mm and while not the very best sculpt you can buy is not the worst either so I was happy with it. And I was happy with the way the paint slapped on as well.

Right at the bottom (you have probably noticed) I have a picture of Fu from the movies just so we all know to whom I refer.

Thanks for looking today. I shall get Back to Burpas and to finish some 10mm figs (including the steam tank)and remaking some terrain and even starting a new Dedicated "En Garde!" force in the next few days as things arrive and I get spare time in which to do them.

Cheers Clint

Monday 8 August 2016

All for One and I am off down the pub!

The scene is set and the showdown
 of the facial hair would be decided!
Yesterday at the club 5 of us tried the "En Garde!" rules out. As a first run out of course we made mistakes but or rereading the rules last night I must say only 1 leaps out and that was the same for each person so not a big mistake AND I have already emailed the guys and told them.

Dusk in the village as two bands of blood thirsty kerrs approach
At the club you can arrange games and Tim and myself had done so and I was sure Matt would join in as he had expressed an interest a few weeks earlier. But You never know who else will want to for on reason or another. And Yesterday Pete and Bob were both looking for a game. Luckily I had already worked out 2 100 point Cardinal Guard "armies" Both of which were split into 50 point forces. So I would Reff and those with Tasches would be on one side and those with beards on another (I am clean shaven so you can see the logic!) I gave everyone a 50 point force! Everyone had a leader with "Commander" attribute at either rank 4 or rank 5.

First  off we spayed a straight skirmish! The light of the day was fallinand range and vision would fade to 12" vision range in  2-3 turns, the weather was overcast but dry and not windy. the Blues (BOB and Pete) approached the village from the left and Tim and Matt (the Reds) approached from the Right.
Blood Alley. Where in Peters heroic named character
manages to fend of Tim's Reds 1 at a time without difficulty
Pete only had 3 figures in his force but the named
character did take up 38 of his 50 points and was
incredibly good at the killing!.

Tims had many more troops but all far weaker and was flanking around and
 DID manage to kill Peters Guard and Servant!

On the other side of the table Matt was holding his own against Bob's Blues.
Knowing that Matt had a pistol Bobb was overturning tables
to create barricade at first but finally
charged in with sword and dagger..
  The first game ended with bob and Matt on Wavering Morale and Tim with just one man left and also wavering. Peter also had one man left but had an ability to callously ignore his own dead and wounded and stay in the fight! So the game went to the Blues and beards were banished! At least on that occasion.

Tim's luck had returned and he rolled double 1and imeadiatly lost
 a guardsman in an equal fight.
he was run straight through.

The blues came quietly into the town.
The alarm was soon raised and the reds rushed into the town centre!
Matt set his matchlock up at a high window ready to "snipe"
 (well snipe with a matchlock you kind of know what I mean!)
But Naughty Bob had different Ideas about that.
he sent his highest rank around the back of the building and without warning
pummelled all kinds of hell out of Matts Character!

Game 2. At this stage we had all learnt but not Mastered the rules! and we had enough time for a second game so we did. This time it was dawn and the light was rising on the town. The Blues had the task of freeing two chaps from the stocks who were going to be forced to grow beards! (OK that may not be the reason they were actually in the stocks but it kind of works!) Some Reds were up and about in the town while many others were still waking up so the Reds were outnumbered until the alarm was raise. Some VERY minor changes were made to some force lists Matt's Reds had now got 1 Matchlock and Bob had changed figures round so that it was less clear which had the greatest rank!.

Overall a fun set of rules and plans and ideas are formulating in my mind. While they do work perfectly well for 3 Musketeers there are just so many other options I feel may work better with regard to how the club functions.

And As I have just received a new book through the post for the period I will say no more until it starts to happen

Thanks for looking today, with luck some more burpas next time. (Wednesday... fingers crossed!)

The bles rushed to the stocks and started to free the prisoners.
As small fights broke out among the other troops.
As the Reds slowly got more troops into the fight

Bobs main character (in what was called "Council worker Yellow"
puts a grievous wound into another guard
and then runs to help the escaping prisoners.

Tim manages to kill the Servant again and peter just has one figure left
as he kills the guard as well with a succession of light wounds which escalate
 to a grevious and then out of the fight. . But Peter unleashes his main character and
first kills one then anoth of Tims troops.
At this stage everyone has but a single figure left.
Bob is on Routing Morale peter is immune to Morale checks.
 And Matt and Tim are both on Wavering Morale


Then Tim Does it again and rolls another double 1.
His Morale is shot through. Matt has but a single figure Peter is OK morale wise and
Bob is already routing.
So the Game ends.