Saturday 27 April 2019

Most things arrive at once!

Yes I had a spend. NO the Crooked  Dice items have not arrived. But here is what I did get!

First to arrive. (but I was out and had to pick up from the post office today was "OIL WAR". The  supplement for Team Yankee. I have yet to read it  but I am already thinking 6mm when I buy some infantry (that and a few aircraft should be all I need). Maybe a few extra tanks but not as many or as diverse as you might think.

The Force on Force rules are an old set and now as rare as Hens Teeth. That  aside I feel they will make the best use of "The Zone" books by James Rouch.

OKAY so what figures to use. Ehrm 15mm I think! I was hung up un 20mm for a long time but then I discovered TT Gauge model railways and while the buildings are expensive I feel they could be worth the effort! So to try it out I went and bought some vehicles.

And some figures. I suspect the infantry to be Plastic Soldier Company 15mm modern Russian. Anyway bought yesterday from Cavalier Books and arrived lunch time today. And as service goes you cannot beat that.

I also went to my local Games shop and bought a Zvezda Hind. And although this is supposedly a tad small for 100th scale is close enough

While there I purchased a box of Russian vehicles.  5 T64s and 2 BMPS The BMPs can either be mk 1 or mk 2 perhaps very simply with a turret swap. I wil need to open the box and have a look, but fingers crossed!

I also bought a new paint brush. Fingers crossed it will allow me to paint better!
Finally as an impulse buy (or  is it) I got a Wargames Terrain Workshop post apoc car A. Maybe I already have a use for it and maybe it is a gift for a friend! I shall let you Know when the time is right.
Another gift for a friend.
Nuff said  for now but fingers crossed.

Thursday 25 April 2019

D Troop (15mm Pony wars/wild west!)

Here is my latest unit of VETERAN 9th/10th cavalry for Peter pigs "Western" rules.
Yes only 6 bases. (The maximum for a Veteran unit) so not a large unit by any stretch of the imagination.

The models are "Alternative Armies" 15mm figures. Old Table top Games. I used these not because they are the best but simple because they will fit in with the rest of the troops.

The unit consists of Leader (20 points) and 5 bases of Cavalry (Mounted, long shooter) Veteran figures. (12points  each base) for a total of 68 points for the unit!

Which considering you are allowed 300points in your farce is quite a large proportion.  I just hope the veteran status is worth the points.

Elsewhere I continue to work on my airship/zeppelin. More of this when it has dried a bit.
 So with luck more soon.

Also had an email from Crooked Dice my Kickstarter is now ready for payment. I paied as fast as I could so with luck an UNBOXING next week. Unless I have seen far to many of them on blogs before I receive it!

Until then, take care, have fun and paint IF you get the chance. See you later Clint

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Gasbag (zepelin 2)

Yes I know my work bench needs a tidy.
It takes a while and it goes a long time through what I call "The NASTY stage". By that I mean a time of construction where you think it will not get better and it is worth scrapping it! BUT rest assured I shall continue.

At present I am only working on the gas bag. Yes it is not historically accurate. It is a model for wargames and not for a museum. So Who cares?

the basic shape
At this stage I have given it 3 layers of paint/glue and tissue to build up the skin. It is too big to paint in one go for It has to be done in layers.  At present I am repainting with a mixture of paint an glue not settled on a colour just yet but I am hoping/planning a dirty beige!

All I care about at this stage is the look and while I realise a 3 year old would destroy it in second I am hopeful (but only just) that it will be strong enough for wargamers.  I plan for it to have 2 or preferably 3 more coats of paint and glue. By which time it may be strong enough. Which of course mean not even close to strong enough.

Rear end (so far)
The read is always awkward. And being as it has 5 lumps maybe doubly so. Fins, rudder and ailerons need to be added at the next stage and will be discussed then. So at this stage not really to much more to say mostly it is do 15 mins work and return the following day. With luck I should have more to talk about next Zeppelin update.

Until then paint  and blog if you can and I shall get more out next time..

All the best Clint

Sunday 21 April 2019

Just a very brief post today, as most things are drying.

I have managed to finish 2 of these figures. They are 15mm Alternative armies and to make the unit complete and finish. Just 2 cavalry I am afraid. But they add to the unit command and as such round the whole unit out.

I am still a long way from finishing the army. well not such a long way really. That aside it does finish another unit. Strictly speaking it should have a letter A-I on the flag. (J was used for John troop which was usually a recruiting troop so the troops were not fully trained! Or so I am led to believe, but take that with a pinch of salt as it is only what I have been told so may not be true at all.

As yet I have not decided if they will be 10th or 9th cavalry. Both of which were (I believe) called "Buffalo soldiers" by the Indians and both (again so I am told) had white officers!

I do have another small unit started so they will be along soon.

Complete Unit


Ok the airship/zeppelin is currently drying and with luck I shall get another coat on this afternoon and allow it to dry overnight. Expect me to be saying that a lot!

6mm Cold war. been buying but not painting but expect that to change very soon. Once post arrives.