Saturday 15 June 2013

A few Apaches More

 The paint brush called and I answered. I am really surprised that I have managed to get anything done, post BROADSIDE and with overtime every week day. Anyway enough of that here are 4 more 28mm Apaches from Foundry, These were purchased before Broadside and I am happy to add them to the Wild west apaches in 28mm. (I still have 8 more to paint which I got on eBay on the night after the show...... It is some kind of madness.

I have talked previously about both the lack of traditional weapons and the lack of knives in their belts so Now that I have mentioned it again I feel I can move on. They are all well sculpted and cast as we have come to expect from foundry. They also produce quite a variety of figures so as long as your warband is reasonably small you need not keep repeating the posses which adds to diversity and variety. I have a couple of repeats here but I am not overly worried as they are painted differently and wearing different coloured clothing so it will not be apparent straight away.

When I get the next 8 done I shall do a group shot. At this time though It will not look very impressive. It really does need a few more bodies to bulk them out.
Sunday is a club day and I know there is a choice of game for me so I will just play it by ear and fit in where I can. So expect the normal club AAR on Monday. Until then take care paint figures roll dice and have fun. All the best Clint.

Post Script: Thanks for pushing the hit count over 30, 000.

Thursday 13 June 2013

2 Adobe Buildings from Braodside

Despite doing 4 hours overtime each day this and next week I have managed to snatch a little painting time. (Phah! Who needs sleep when the paint brush is calling!) These are two 15mm buildings from FRONTLINE WARGAMING and go together with another I showed about 10 days ago. Two very versatile buildings which will be used for both my AK republic armies and my 15mm Apache's. As Tamsin has pointed out they could also work for her Pirates and they would suit quite a variety of other periods or locations as well.

They are single piece castings which would mean a lot of repetition if you wanted to do any large towns, but this is always the case with wargames terrain that is bought and not made. There are a couple more in the range, a 2 storey building and another with a domed roof. This is sufficient for me for the moment, but I can see further purchases in the future.

They have been a joy to paint, I have literally used my old water from cleaning my brushes (Thank goodness I was not currently painting BLUE!) Applied it before I went to bed and then having slept and returned from work it was dry, so I repeated the process. Once I Had them sufficiently "Grubby" It was then just picking out the details. Bish Bash Bosh....job done. Not really a lot more to say about them I think they will fit into my AK republic games very well which is where I suspect they will get there first outing.... although no plans for that on the horizon just yet.

That's todays Quick post, thanks for reading. Take care and I shall try to squeeze another one out on Saturday! All the best Clint.

Tuesday 11 June 2013

Broadside Loot.

To the right is my loot from the day. There is a little bit more coming as well! So here is what I got and why I got it! Starting top left. 1pack of Armourfast Hanomags in 20mm yes it was an impulse buy, but I do have a potential use for it. In addition I have a pack of T34-85s winging there way to me from a friend. Tracey also gave me a peck on the cheek so It's all good.

 1 pack of 15mm Plastic soldiers m3 Halftracks, these are for my US PBI force.

2 Books from "Pen and Sword" -"Midget Ninjas and Tactical laxatives" By Phil Sidnell who used to be in my wargames club, along with "Blood Bilge and Iron Balls" By Alan Abbey. These were actually given to us by "Pen and Sword" for putting the game on at the show. As a club we scrounged 4 books in total for doing the game. It is interesting to note that Pen and Sword only had 4 copies of the rules at the show and they were sold out within 15minutes of the doors opening and we had to return them with a promise that they would send me some replacements later this week. They even took my personal copy for the stand as so many people were interested in seeing what they were like..... I did get my copy back at 4pm. I take this a  huge testament to our staging of the game (and the fact that the rules are very good.)

 The Other Book is from David Crook ( ) and was a very generous gift for which I am very grateful.

 3 packs from Ainsty castings in preparation for me making a DeadZone board (Again with a discount....Thanks Andy).

4 packs of Artisan Wild west figures (yet more discount, this time 15% as a pre order from "Wargames Emporium" what nice chaps John and Dave are).

Two packs from Foundry (and a single figure for another Blogger, Simon aka Brummie ). No discount this time BUT because I wanted a pack of figure that they did not have with them they informed me that they would send it out post free to me. This it seems is there policy now that they are back on the show circuit. Yippee!

A single pot of Paint. (yes a discount... if I keep mentioning discounts you'll all think I am some kind of scrounger.... I am just lucky dice rolling apart). Ian at Tolehaven was the only trader selling paint on the day and I was told that he sold 300 paint pots on the day. I also know he only had 1/2 his show stock on show. Very astutely he had a quick wander round the other traders and worked out what they were not selling and set his stall accordingly and left the rest on the van. Very clever I thought and I know he made a lot of money on the day due to that tactic! So good luck to him. After all everyone had an equal opportunity to do so! I am short of red paints for my WSS British army so a single pot of dark red base colour will help!

Last but not least 2 15mm buildings from Frontline. Tim has been really short of stock for this show and was not carrying anything like his full range. This is due to a combination of both personal/family reasons as well as commercial ones, like some Australian ordering a huge amount of German tanks! Being adobe buildings they will be used for AK republic as well as (Eventually) my 15mm apache game! I expect these to hit the paint table later this week.

In the full grip of shineyitis When I got home I then bid on a couple of things on eBay! Yes more 28mm Apaches! I just can't help myself sometimes!

Well that's what I got and why I got it! Everything does have a purpose even if I have been somewhat vague about a lot of it.

I will now be back to posting every other day. So the next one will be on Thursday. So until then take care, thanks for reading my waffle and hopefully see you again on Thursday!

Cheers Clint

Monday 10 June 2013

Broadside 2013

When playing a game at a show you have to balance the time shopping and the time taking pics of other peoples games. As such I have only included a few games that were of personal interest to me. I decided not to include the Rejects game, simply because with three bloggers around the table and being very approachable chaps there would be plenty of overlap between the three of them and thus pictures of a very handsome looking game on a number of blogs without my being able to improve the situation. Likewise there are no pictures of my game, (I will add some later in the week) but this is for technical issues and the 3 layers of yacht varnish which were very reflective! Other bad news is that I have totally failed to identify the games as I was not given a programme for the show or any form of layout diagram. So we shall both just have to enjoy the eye candy and guess, unless of course you know any better!

I will do a discussion of the day tomorrow. But will leave todays post with a big thank you to David Crook ( ) for his very generous gift. Cheers mate really appreciated.

So another one Tuesday. You have been warned! So until then. take care, have fun and if you can roll some dice!

Cheers Clint