Saturday 9 July 2016

More Burpas!

Starting with a group shot of the 10 I have finished. Some you will recognise from a couple of days back and yet 6 of the 10 are new.

As with the last lot I painted. these are a little bright as they were all started on the same day and I am yet to get in the swing of it.  I have managed to tone down some of the colours though and the next lot will be more toned down as well as I fear if I carry on in this same style they will look like sweets on the table and not like tribesmen.

All the figures are Foundry 28mm Indian Hill Tribesmen and all are painted for my Mate Matt.  The things I am painting for myself are a lot less interesting!!!!! It is things like painting a real life (NOT MODEL ) Garden wall!

As you can see there are a mixture of missile and sword armed troops so a nice balance for skirmish games. You may note that one fellow has a two handed sword! (Bottom Picture in brown) I suspect this is more a ceremonial be-heading implement than a true weapon of war. But I have to admit I do not know very much at all about Indian weapons so take everything I say with a pinch of salt.

All in all they all look all right so I will pass them on to Matt Tomorrow all being well.

Thursday 7 July 2016

Carry on Up the ....

Yes I am sure you guessed and fondly recall Charles Hawtrey and the missing underpants and the shame of the "Devils in Skirts!". If none of that makes sense you are probably NOT from England.

So anyway today are 4 foundry Indian  Hill Tribesmen. These are painted for Matt and he says there are more to come as well, I already have another 6 started!

Colour wise I have been a little too bright on the first 10 so will tone the next few (after I finish the next 6) down a bit. But I was having such fun painting things that are colourful I could not resist!

Anyway "Up the Burpas an d down with the devils in skirts!"

Tuesday 5 July 2016

Another 15mm SCi FI Vehicle.

Yes the title says it all. This vehicle is a Ground Zero Games (GZG) 15mm Tracked science fiction vehicle. Not the largest or most complicated vehicle . ( Here is a link to the GZG Shop ). Just 6-8 pieces in all, a 2 part hull, 2 tracks, turret and hatch and 2 optional pieces. ! being a vehicle commander to go in the hatch if you choose and the other being a choice of gun.
I went for the gatling laser aa gun to make this into a air defence vehicle as opposed to a twin barrel Mortar. Both looked nice but I thought the AA Gatling laser would be more of a menace to infantry!!!

I was lucky enough to be given this model by Fran (THE ANGRY LURKER) who is a jolly nice chap and hardly angry at all. It has taken me some time (2-3 years I forget which) to get round to making it. But Now that I have I feel so much better for doing so.

I hope to have something new to show in a couple of days as I am now working on some more 28mm figures for Matt, but not VBCW this time.

So hope to see you in a couple of days all the best from the South East of England.