Friday 12 February 2016

get your motor running

 Well the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge continues to soak up almost all of my spare time. And here today is another submission for the AHPC.

Bothe the motorcycles are from 1st Corp Miniatures in the 20cth century range under WW1.

They will of course be used for A Very British Civil War, but they could equally well be used for anything WW1-WW2 from Irish civil war to Chinese warlords in the back of beyond.

They were not however easy to put together. There were no instructions  so I was just forced to study the pictures on the First Corp web site and jump wildly to conclusions. Worse yet the casting had filled in any holes for the plugs to fit and there was no indication of where the holes should be. So some head scratching later I did finally assemble them both.

I cannot say that everything is proper and correct as I do not know motorbikes of this period well enough to judge but they look right to my uneducated eyes and at the end  of the day what else can you do.

Obviously they are intended as WW1 vehicles so have been painted to reflect that. The gun shield seems very small and does not offer very much protection to the operator and none at all for the bike rider so I suspect it is only really of psychological use as I do not see it being any good in a battle what so ever!  The other version carries a very uncomfortable looking senior officer. And in truth I imagine he would be as I do not think the suspension would be very good at all.

As an interesting side note. I have not seen any motorcycle/sidecar combinations in England for at least 10 year. Not that I have been looking for them, just that they have not been noticed by me.

The metal was OK and the casting was Ok (except where noted above) but I would not relish doing any more of these. But if you do get them and do them I do wish you the very best of luck and I would love to see how they should turn out if properly modelled.

That's it for today. Another post on Sunday and I will try to get back to a more normal schedule soon after that.

All the best Clint