Saturday 28 November 2015


 Yes as requested here is Mr Hodges. Before anyone says anything about the colour of the helmet. In the TV series it is shown as both black and white as a base colour so I went for the White version as that at a glance seems to be the most common version in still pictures of Mr Hodges. So If it is wrong feel free to blame the BBC!

Little more to add Matt converted this figure to carry a tommy gun. And that is about it!

I will have a break from posting tomorrow as I am at the club and playing board games but I will post again on Monday.

All the best Clint

Friday 27 November 2015

Sgt Wilson

 Only 1 finished today. But most very nearly finished, skin and bases and shoes and finishing off. So Confident more will be done very soon. Until then here is Sargent Wilson in mufti! Another one of Matts Conversions, this time to be a flag bearer. The flag is of course by Pete Barnfield at (LINK) and sold by Solway. It is obviously an Invicta flag of Kent as Wilmington on Sea is somewhere in this county if only going by the cap badges in the TV series or the view of the White Cliffs at Dover. But you are free to set it in your own area, I am sure I would.

Anyway for those interested in VBCW the sky blue arm bands are for the Anglican league which dominates East Kent. I painted Wilson in a grey suit as it seemed slightly more flamboyant than a brown suit. (Captain Mainwaring will be in a Brown suit.) . One of the joys of painting figures for Matt is that he always gives me free rein with the colour choices. All he has said for these was "Sky Blue Arm bands for Anglican league!" and with that level of instruction I am happy to oblige.

I Hope to post again tomorrow when another rolls of the production line. I think it will be Hodges next, but after that I am happy to take requests on a first come first served basis. (Although I am not Happy with civilian Jones or Civilian Fraiser just yet. But I am happy to work on anyone of the crew (that I have in my position)

Thanks for looking.

All the best Clint

Thursday 26 November 2015

Oh no not Mre Dad's Army!

yeah fraid so. Not really the "Enemy" but definitely a thorn in the side of Captain Mainwaring and his fellow troops of the Home Guard. Today we Have the Vicar and the Verger! Matt has converted them both to be armed. Not that they ever were in the TV series, but as this is for wargaming, it probably is a very good idea.

I will not even try to be clever and tell you what the guns are as well I am just not that clever. (Stop sniggering, I know who you are!)

I will try to get a couple more done for tomorrow. No Garantees of course as I am painting a few xmas gifts. And I Guarantee they are not for you..... They are both for women in their fifties. No Ray that does not describe any Irishmen, I know what you are like, cheeky git!

Hopefully more tomorrow IF I can ever get the painting mojo up and running this day.

All the best Clint

Sunday 22 November 2015

Don't open the Box!

My last daily post for a few days at least.

So as requested here is a group shot of them all together. You know who they all are. So just a group shot to finish the series off until I get the next batch painted.

I have painted something for myself. (Shock horror!) You may recall that I had some loot or swag or freebies from the club last time. One Person (Relfie) generously gave me 3 resin chests to act as frost grave treasure tokens. They were purchased from The Dice Bag Lady £6 for 12 chests. As there are 4 Frostgrave Players at the club Relfie VERY generously gave 3 to each of us. And here are my three painted.

The central chest has my attempt at Verdgis (copper corrosion) applied and while I was doing it was my least favourite, now seeing it with fresh eyes I think I have to say my most favourite.

All in all while not a taxing paint they will add something to the board. I went for grass as opposed to snow bases just to make them more versatile and be able to use them in many more games than just Frost grave. Pirate games, Fantasy games, 3 musketeer games, horror games and so on.

Following the Dad's army figures last week it may take me a few days to get back in the swing so I cannot give a set day for the next post just to say it will be soon. And I am beginning to prep figures and models for Curts Analogue Painting Challenge now, and will be sending out both my secret Santa gifts as well probably this week.

All the best to you all. Have a good few days Clint