Saturday 4 August 2018

Sharman Firefly's

It's still too HOT. All I do is sit still and perspire! However here are some 6mm Brigade Models (LINK ) Sharman Firefly's. 6 were purchased in all at  the Broadside show and they make 1/2 the medium tanks, the Sharman (NON firefly) have already been shown.

As medium tanks I do expect them to do most of the work. As such the Sharman Firefly (I dislike that name by the way) having a better gun than the standard Sharman these should (I hope) adopt a more anti-tank role. But we all know plans like that go out of the window as soon as they are  set up on the table top.

These are only 1/300th scale so I could not put masses of detail on both due to the scale and due to the hot weather. I know it is not so hot everywhere but I am also aware that people are dying in Spain! So I really do not have too much to moan about. So let's just say it is too hot to paint in a stuffy room.

As it is a Saturday I shall have Club tomorrow but I have nothing planned so may leave after a few hours if it is too hot!

So with luck I shall be on here again on Monday maybe with more tanks maybe terrain and hopefully with an AAR.

Until then chill out as best you can and scoff ice-cream! I Know I intend to! All the best Clint

Thursday 2 August 2018

Lights, camera, action...

Yes another bring and buy purchase by Peter that I have painted up. This time a 1920-30's film crew. These maybe Copplestone castings I shall let you know if I even find out for sure. Again these are to be used in "Pulp Alley" I am told but in what capacity I am not sure.

28mm in size they will fit in with most games of this era either directly or as part of the scenery. I do know they cost Peter a massive £1.50 at the Broadside show and IF I had seen them on the bring and buy I most likely would have bought them!

That#s it for today as it is due to get baking  hot here. And that means seek shelter for me and stay out of the sun!

Maybe Aeronef next time and maybe some more 6mm sci fi it all depends what I get finished!

Whatever happens take care and enjoy what nature brings. Even iof that means no painting due to the heat!

All the best Clint

Tuesday 31 July 2018

3 old (new) Vampires!

Yes I have finished the last 3 Vampires for Peter at the club. I still do not know who made them but in my head Iam thinking "Black Tree Design"  but of course it may be someone else entirely! So if you recognise any of them please let me know. If you don't no worries.

I have mostly kept with the traditional vampire colours when it comes to clothes except the last lady. Who I painted in a blue dress. As I wanted them all to be different I decided on blue just because you rarely see it on Vampires. (And I hate painting Yellow!) I may well be wrong in painting a blue dress on a Vampire but I should get away with it.

They are 28mm in size and blue tacked (white blue tack) to MDF bases just so I have something to hold. The bases will be removed at a later date so do not fret about that.

The last pic is all 5 together so you can see the ensemble. All in all they make a very nice but dated group of figures. Yes the sculpts could have been better, which would have lead to better painting I am sure but overall I can field them without embarrassment and that is the test.

That's it for today. Loads of different things on the painting table so it could be anything next time. Sorry I have no idea at this stage.

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by! Cheers Clint

Sunday 29 July 2018

Vampires (First 2)

Well the weather has broken at least for now and rain has fallen from the skies.  So I tried to get some tainting done!

Al morning I have had relatives here so that put a ki-bosh on that idea! They left and then 10 mins laterthey realised that they had left something behind so came back!

Despite that and problems with Tesco's chillers but that really is another story! I have managed to get 2 Vampires done. They are both 28mm but I do not know the make. I suspect tey were made in the 1980-90 era looking at the sculpts. But It could have been earlier or later.

I am panting these for Peter at the cub and I have a few more to do. Painting vampires is a struggle with colour choices as you seem to be limited to very few options. Needless to say I want them to be distinctive and different each time.

The only brief I had from Peter is to make the skin Pale. I am not sure I have done so sufficiently but I do hope so.

Anyway that is it for now. More Vampires in the week as I finish the last 3 (weather permitting)  so until then take care have fun and paint like crazy! All the best Clint