Wednesday 2 March 2016

A slow boat to china (ok the Mekong Delta)

 The last bonus round on the Analogue painting challenge was "Nautical". As I had set myself the challenge of not buying figures for the challenge but instead trying (but not succeeding) to reduce the lead mountain. I submitted my latest item for my Vietnam figures. The picture gives it away of course but Britannia/Grubby Tanks do a "Sampan!" So here it is in all its glory. I do have very little use for a Sampan as Most of the scenarios I want to play are in country and I am not planning any "Brown Water navy" antics. However I had it sitting here doing nothing so get it painted and submitted for the bonus round.

Britannia do a few other US Vietnam vessels but this (as far as I know) is the only Civil Vietnam boat they do. When I say Civil Vietnam vessel I do of course mean "Target of Opportunity" as I know how many US players will take great delight in destroying something new. Just so they can say that they killed it!

I was going to paint the water brown, but as all my river sections are BLUE it just made more sense to go with the blue water.

The model was a 2 piece casting a white metal crewman and engine and a resin cast hull. A very simple paint job all colours taken from the picture at the bottom which is either fishing or trading. But during the conflict they might just as readily been ferrying supplies or people to the Viet Minh bases to fight the US troops. So they were treated with some degree of caution.

As with all things they did come in a variety of sizes and colours and even shapes. But I just wanted a typical Sampan with nothing outrageous. they were used all over the SE Asia area and have been used (without engines) for centuries.

That is it for today. Thanks for looking and

Monday 29 February 2016

Cavalier show 2016

Deal wargames
One of the joys of the Cavalier show is its the first show for me each year.  As such it is a place to meet other clubs and players and get back in the vibe after a winter hibernation.

Firstly let me say there were 2 games I got no photos of. Simply because they just did not appeal to me. One was a Trojan wars game using "Hordes of the things" rules and the other was peter Pigs Hammering Iron. The first because I do not like the over reliance of heroes in games and the second before fear of getting roped into a game.

Prison Break- Los Banos the Philippines 1945
Big apologise to anyone I get wrong. TWWS did not have a map and key of what was going on when I did ask in the afternoon.

Overall a good show and worth going to if it id not too far. Several Traders were missing and that does seem to be the way these days. Perhaps with fuel, hotel rooms and the like it is just not worth many traders attending small local shows. Which is understandable but still disappointing.

You will note there are no pictures of other bloggers or the bring and buy so if you are looking for such a thing best of luck elsewhere!

On a personal note I found the bring and buy disappointing, But I am sure for some others it was fantastic. Oh well better luck next time.

Lots of Jungle scenery.

1879 Zulus... yeah that's right Roakes Drift
Station, Participation Game.

Friday Night Fire fight club.

North London Wargames Group

Not sure of the game name but modern Afghanistan skirmish

Gravesend Gamers guild

Still Warmachine and I still am not a fan!

Maidstone Wargames club.

Road to Homs. A fictional Battle in 1982 of Israel against Syria using 3 mm figures

Home made rules that did seem to work well

I don't know the details but did like the town.

Tonbridge Wargames club
10mm ACW.

SEEMs wargames club

Not sure but I think it was a big battle Saga game. At least it seemed to be!

Cute Nuns.
the "Anti Alchemists" were running a participation game about Rommel's First action in WW!
Society of Ancients
A Roman vs Carhaginians bash up

The Germans attacking. Trying to kill the nuns
who in an earlier game had managed to fight off the German Uhlans!
Three cheers for the nuns!

Crawley wargames group
A Participation game

Called "Stretcher bearer" as one of the club had a grand father who did that in WW!

Hailsham Wargames
battle of Malplaqut
Spelt wrong as I cannot rad my own writing.

The game did look good, but not a period I know at all.

Southend wargames club.

Sunday 28 February 2016

Cavalier Swag.

Well not much this time. I was not on a tight budget or needing to sneak anything into the house, just nothing really grabbed my fancy.

Money spent was about £20 in all for the day including entrance and snacks. So enough excuses but what did I get.

1 Black scorpion female pirate for my cousin. (Colonel Bills). Used to belong to Roy so I am told.
1 Tub of black acrylic paint. (Tole Haven)
1 28mm dog cocking it's leg! Oh come on it was 50p well spent! (Redoubt)
1 20mm Recoilless Rifle (Grubby Tanks) Vietnam project
1 Milady de Winter, (Redoubt) just another 3 musketeer figure I just wanted to paint.
1 Pack of Japanese 20mm WW2 Airfix Infantry (Harfields) As I want to do some Pacific wargames later this year and you need to start somewhere and this seemed a logical start and is so much cheaper than eBay when Postage is taken into account

There was nothing for me on the bring and buy it was all over priced as far as I could tell or in very poor condition or just something I am not interested in. I am sure some people will say the best bring and buy ever. But not for me!

So no real splurges and very restrained and respectable. Yes I could have spent more and I could increased the size of the lead mountain but I am happy with this small amount as I now recognise that buying a lot and painting a lot are not the same!

I will most likely do a show report tomorrow and some of the games were very interesting. So that may be something to look forward to. And It my not we will both only know when te pictures are shown.