Friday 19 April 2019

Pulp Zepplin (1)

Additional Stretch goals
I had a sleepless night last night. (Not though choice I hasten to add!) As such I did some thinking. (Yes it  did hurt and I am sick of listening to the worlds smallest violin before you ask!) Anyway Long story short. I had an email from Karl at Crooked Dice to let me know that my Kickstarter should be ready to ship in a week or 2. As all the stretch goals are now finished and delivered to his home.
Starting Point

Anyway as I wanted to build a "PULP" board any way I decided to start. And what is more Pulp than an Airship!?  What a Zeppelin? Who in their right mind build a Zeppelin? The answer is NO ONE! But I thought it was worth a try anyway! I decided it would not be all that large, So swigging down the Pepsi I figured 2 2 litre bottles would make a good enough "hull" (I am sure that HULL is the wrong word but until I think of it HULL will do!)

 Needed a nose of some description. So I simply cut a pimg pong ball in half! I am sure there is a better option but I just went with what I had! As with the hull I am sure there is a MUCH better option but I could not wait for that. I NEEDED to crack on!

So using some UHU general addehisive I stuck 2 Pepsi bottles together.  At this stage I have no idea if it will work but am hopeful! It is now about 3 foot long. Judging that to be sufficient I stopped there. At this stage it is all pretty rough but with scissors glue a scalpel and a saw I am not overwhelmed! (That comes tomorrow!).

This afternoon allowing PLENTY of time to dry I shall give it a skin. I ran to the local store (A tescos as it happens) and bought some cheap Kitchen towel. So I will detail my endevours later on maybe Sunday.

Now while I wait for this afternoon to arrive and me to get a little more spare time I have some questions about Zeppelins. I promise not hard ones.

Firstly the engines and bomb rack will be external to the gondola! But what else would you like to see in the gondola.  I shall put a cockpit and Matt has suggested some machineguns. But what else is needed bearing in mind it shall be quite small? Please add serious ideas to the comments and I will see what I can manage!

As mentioned last time I plan some cold war wargaming. With a bit of tidying up I have a modular desert board. So it makes sense to me to work in a middle east setting. I shall say no more until I get the basics done. But remember you heard it here first! Or forget all about it if you choose.

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Oppps i did it again!

NO not a song but feel free to hum it while you read!

Okay the problem. Myself and the club has a LOT of 6mm Cold War era stuff. (mostly Vehicles) that we do not use. So what I am proposing is not a new idea. Very simply it is using these rules (yes I know I like Challenger!!) and swapping scale. Very simply this will allow almost All the club members to participate. Even those player with nothing! If you have nothing you will be lent enough to get you started, although probably a company or two and NOT what you want!

That said I think there is enough Soviet/American and British stuff that can be used that has been "donated" to the club in the past. But if you want something quite obscure you will be on tour own.

The idea is that eventually and this is a LONG way down the road we have enough to play "The Zone!". That may not actually happen But the Idea is there. The next stage is to read the rules and pick a setting! Yes a setting. That will depend on what players want! They may want West Germany (Fudal Gap) Which is the classic Cold war/ Zone setting but  they may well want Canada/Alaska (Shortest route) or even Arab Isreali wars. Only time will tell. And to some extent I shall leave it to them.

Until next time all the best Clint.
Post script: I am supposed to be painting some of my figures but it went wrong. So if I can pull it back they may be next time or the time after.