Wednesday 6 March 2019

more 15mm SF

Not done a huge amount of painting. But a little is better than none!

Here is another "Brigade Models" 15mm Cimexian Bugs. As mentioned previously not easily available as they no longer appear in this scale on their web site. It is called a Walker Bug, so may be a robot or maybe a walker suit. either way it bothers me NOT one jot.

Clearly there is a weapon in the left hand and a claw in the right. so it could be quite versatile (if it actually existed). From my point of view it will add to my "Snake-men" army without any difficulty.  I only have 1 more of these in my box of goddies and this one was selected Just as a sample to get the colours right! Which I now think I have done.

More again as soon as I pull my finger out and stop procrastinating. Until then take care ave fun and paint if your heart desires.

All the best Clint

Monday 4 March 2019

the VERY very first of my next force!

These are for "Gruntz" 15mm sci fi. They are on the 4th repaint that I know of one by the person I got them from on e Bay and 3 by me. I am finally happy with they way they look.

Top photo a little blurry and the "chassis" is the wrong way around! Now these figures I am not sure are still available! They were originally from Brigade {LINK} Models. They used to be part of the 15mm Cimexian Bugs range which is not part of the web site in 15mm but is in 6mm. So if you want any good luck and you may need to speak to the Brigade guys at a show.

I got these on eBay some years ago when I was looking at doing a game set inside the human body in a "Fantastic Voyage" kind of way. But waste not want not and they can be used as part of my new force of Alien Gruntz!  (hence at least 1 of the re-paints!)

There shall be more to follow but at present they are all I have finished. I have a variety of models so expect some more soon.

Until then take care and have fun. All the best Clint