Friday 24 March 2017

Russian Civil War stuff!

Yes some more 15mm Russian Civil War stuff by Peter Pig.  And yes there will be more to come.

Today 4 more Cavalry. 2 bases each of 2 figures and a staff car.

Again the staff car is by Peter Pig. It comes in 6 pieces and with 3 crew in addition. Therefore a little bit of work needs to be done on assembly. Having said that all the pieces go together very well and are well cast so it was not an issue.

 Given the number of pieces there was no options, but it does not need any. A staff car is not something that you will need to buy many of for the Russian Civil war. If you were doing Back of beyond wargames you might choose to have a load of vehicles but again the reality is that there would be few and mostly trucks in my opinion.

Again they are painted for Matt (I will be doing my own soon enough), but probably not the Russian Civil war.

I did ask matt what colour he wanted the car and he said Green. I personally would have been tempted with eth a Maroon or a cream and Brown (Two tone) but having said that the green has come out looking quite nice so no complaints there.

That's it for today. Have fun and get the brushes out if you can.

All the best Clint

Post script: The first of my "Not going to Salute" orders has now been placed with Peter pig.  I sneaked it in just before the prices went up. So Knowing the good service they offer I expect it to arrive very soon.

Wednesday 22 March 2017

NOT Roarkes Drift (The men who woul be kings)

Sorting out each players units
WelL at the Skirmish show Craig the organiser wanted a Zulu game. so I had to do some improvisation. Firstly to balance the scenario for the rules I improved the British defenders. Firstly I gave them a cannon and then I gave them some Cavalry support. This was enough to bring the game up to a more balanced outing. For the Zulus I increased the unit size from 16 figures a unit to 24 figures a unit!. This would make tem much deadlier in combat and harder to break. But did It work?

Gentleme start your engines
Initial deployment.

I did hear about 4 comment in the day about
 it being set in Spain!
I was just using the buildings I have and NOT spending more money
Maybe that's  frugal.
For me though it was just common sense.

The Zulus approach the compound

And Just manage to break in but are kept at bay by the British
 intensity of fire.

bob Happy to have defended the compound.
Graham and Bob playing British Winn

Changing the players round.
This time the Zulus
Swarm the compound as fastr as possible.


Despite a solid defence by Tim
The Zulus manage to enter in a few turns


Inside the compound the British
Sourounded fight on.

But Numbers are against them

The relief column arrives but not in time to prevent a massacre!


A minor victory for the British in the first game. And a Crushing defeat for them in the second. This meant that Bob was happy to have won twice! As I am sure Graham was. The British defence in the first game was better organised and the Cavalry relief was able to do better, In the Second Game the Zulus were much more aggressive and it served them well. They had taken the compound before the cavalry could make any impact on the game.

Overall the rules worked well and the first outing for MY Zulus (Miniatures) was a success in that they looked good and there were enough. Ok when it comes to Zulu armies enough is NEVER enough.

Overall I think the additional figures in a unit worked well as it did make the Zulus far more potent which in test games they were not ude to the fragility of the unit sizes. If you play "The men who would be Kings" Rules I would recommend either a LOT of cover for the tribal forces OR to increase their unit size.

THanks for stopping by. More again in a few days.

Monday 20 March 2017

Skirmish (Spring 2017) Show report.

54mm using BRITANS toy soldiers
Skirmish Wargames.
But for me a distict lack of Zulus.
But at that scale who can blame them?
As always the show report is my own view and only expresses my own views and interpretations.

Mostly Just 1 Photo of each game.  (Sometimes 2)

I will do my game report soon!
Promise! (Fingers Crossed)

Milton Hundred wargaming Club.
28mm Maori wars.

Privateers of London I Think
An ACW river boat outing.

I am just not sure

Loughton Strike force
Not sure of the rules, but gridded so perhaps
To the Strongest.

Gravesend gamers Guild.
Some 40k Shinanigans

No Infantry just the Tanks Game.
So much for Combined arms!

Pax Limpopo.
Medway wargames club
28mm weird stuff
including Anachist Nannies with Bombs!

Maidstone Wargames club!
Hill fort

Sunday 19 March 2017

Spring Skirmish Swag/loot.

There is pitifully little. It is not that there was nothing there, or that I was not in the mood. Just that sometimes I just do not need to spend money to have a good time. I  will not be going to Salute in a few weeks either, but I do have a couple of online purchases planned. Nothing so very much and I am sure I will tell when/if they happen.

So what did I buy?
  • 1 pot of Orange paint!
Yep that is all. No thing else.
However I was given a Churchill Tank
I hope it is 15mm scale. If not no worries.
I have also been promised another 15mm tank (M8 Scott GMC for those very interested!)

I have also been given a set of rules to playtest.  These are the Peter Pig NEW version of Bayonet and Ideology. Graham has suggested I put them on at the club in 2 weeks time. being a completest there are a few things I should get first, just to round out the armies properly as I am short of light mortars and light machineguns armoured cars and Republican Light tanks! And I know the players will always have as many tanks as they can get away with!

Additionally Tim (Club member and IT miniatures owner) Has asked me to paint up some troops for his web site and also to showcase on this blog. Some examples of the casts are shown. I am happy to help a mate out so will do this as soon as he passes some on to me. Some examples were at the show and I will be show them in greater detail when I get to paint them.

That is my news from today. I will do a show report and possibly a game AAR tomorrow.

Best Wishes Clint