Saturday 18 May 2019


I decided to "Re-Paint" the BRMDI painted earlier in the week. I can hear you already screaming at me (And with some justification).  I am Happier now. I still have not sorted it but at least happier.  It is still the same vehicle 3d Printed and still (to me at least) such a great model. I intend to send for another as soon as time/effort allows.
This time though I shall start with this cammo scheme and leave well enough alone. (Why am I thinking famous last words!"

As you Can NOW see it is closer to the finished real life thing. Additionally it can easily be used in a desert setting such as the Gulf war!"

That's my very quick update. I hope to have some fresh lead painted tomorrow! All the best Clint

POST SCRIPT: I am unlikely to do a post tomorrow after all. Will try again on Tuesday.

Thursday 16 May 2019

35+ years later!

That maybe a record for me. More of that later though.

While I have finished very little that is a long way from thinking I have not done a lot. Just most of it is not anywhere near finished! So let,s start with what I have done.

Here is a platoon of H+R infantry and transports. The transports are 6mm BMP 1's the infantry are equally small. Strickly speaking I need another BMP and a couple more stands of infantry for the HQ of the platoon. But this is a start.

OK so what has taken 35+ years. ? Yes I can hear you ask even from there so I will keep you in the dark no longer.  Yes my desert. This is how it was and as I have always been led to believe it might stay. BUT. And that is a big BUT with a capital B. I looked on line and found I can afford the nessercary materials. That being 10mm thick "Foam Board" so I ordered a pack. And Yes it arrived. So my 1/300th scale desert has taken a step forward.

As I only started with 2 A1 sheets buying 5 more sheets Should (I hope) be enough. Time will tell but I am hopeful. So expect desert to feature in upcoming weeks. (You are warned).

The spending continues ,while I work on some 28m figures, appearing soon on this blog. Firstly I squandered money for Pulp alley and bought a Clapper board. Traditionally in Pulp Alley the person with the initiative has a "Directors Megaphone" But at about £2.50 inc postage this was cheaper and will work just as well.

Finally I bought some MDF buildings for Pulp Alley wild west. Or Ghost town as I am currently calling it. The 2 Sarrissa buildings are exactly the same So I should be able to get them up and running in a week or three! The TTCombat "Grand Hotel" (on the left may take a bit longer! But at least I am on my way.

Until next time (and I hope) some 28mm figures take care good luck and remember everyones paint brush needs to taste paint one in a while.

All the best Clint

Monday 13 May 2019

BRMD 2 (15mm)

Yep here is my BRMD2 ( . Clearly a Soviet scout car. I will need to get some more (at least 1 more). While not a heavy tank it does have its uses. Without reconisance an army is without it's eyes and ears in a fight. So scout/armoured cars are important although as a young kind you and lead by your peers and by the rules perhaps to think differently. I know I was. 

As mentioned in my previous post this is 3d Printed By BPM ( . It is attached to a 2mm thick base and has been painted (without markings). Typically they are just a standard green, but I shall be honest it looked boring like that. They are of course painted other colours as the Bovington Picture clearly shows, but generally they are plain green.

That's it for today. More again soon (Fingers crossed) Until then thanks for looking and paint if you can.

Cheers Clint