Friday 14 July 2017

First try

Yes my very first try of painting French Napoleonic's in any scale. So pleas point out anything the is wrong. So I can get better. I do not need anyone to get super fussy. If they look all right simply say so. IF you want to talk about the thread count of the linings then kindly find another victim.

Pedantic rivet counters are invited to keep their own council. Just generally do they look suitable for the wargames table?

Having Never painted French before I really did struggle to get these close to being right but I do realise I may have made a god awful gaff. So if it is glaringly obvious please point it out.

The figures are 28mm VICTRIX plastic and I have started the next 4 as well. Tim wants them in units of 12 for a game so any quick help would be appreciated.

Wednesday 12 July 2017

Royal Navy Landing Party (finished)

When I say finished I actually mean finished for now until I stoopidly buy some more or new figures are release or well you know.

The troops with pistols have been seen before and are both an Officer pack and a Royal Navy brigade Boarding party pack Available here (

 Separately they are . Roayal Navy Brigade landing party with Rifles. 1 pack of 4figures. Very nicely sculpted and cast but not exceptionally so. And should your boarding party need longer ranged weapons than pistols rifles of carbines are the way to so.

there is a set with a machinegun but it is a deck mounted gun and thus of less appeal in a game setting due to it's lack of manoeuvrability. That being the case I probably will not purchase it.

We also have the "Royal Navy Support weapons" pack. Just 2 figures with 2 "heavyier" weapons.  The first being either a Volley Gun or some type of light machine gun depending on the rules you use. While the second is either some form of grende launcher or a form of scatter/shotgun maybe a Trench gun. As there are no descriptions it if up to you and the world setting and rules you could use.

These are painted with the feeble excuse that I can now use them in a "In Her Majesties Name" (IHMN) game. You never know perhaps I will. Several at the club already have the rules (as do I so it is just a case of getting going. There is no reason not too for me now.

There you go another blog post done and as the rain now falls It is noticeably cooler so maybe more painting very soon.

Wherever you are take care have fun and I wish you well.

All the best from Kent.

Sunday 9 July 2017

Yesterday at the club

Well I was not there long.  But while there I was able to play the walking Dead all out war 3 times.

The first game was mostly a dry run though to give the players an idea of the rules and the set up and just how the game worked.

Let me start by saying Ian won the first game. WE only played the basic set so really no frills at all. Just basic rules a few figures and I was referee.

Not our game just an Internet image.
I forgot the camera again
But a cool Thank you
to whom so ever posted this image
on the internet
The Second game (Yay I won) as a 3 way battle just grabbing loot and getting off of the board. very simple and very apt.

The third game was a similar set up but we moved the figures around so we all had different characters. This time I had Rick!

It was the only game where Rick got bitten by a Walker (Must remember not to say ZOMBIE!) got infected and died on the table! Guess who was controlling Rick. yeo me.

Kev won this game.

Conclusion: If playing 3 player games the "THREAT TRCKER" climbs the scale fast. Seriously fast. It was a joy that players realised quickly that making noise could be an offensive action as could running.  As if done correctly It could drag zombies into the melee and when facing 3+ zombies you were very limited in what you could do. And the chances are you would lose the melee.

Overall it was a very good game and a game we will play again. But first I need to get painting the figures as several times we were having trouble telling Walker from survivor as they were all the same colour plastic.

Changing the Subject:

I have also volunteered to paint some 28mm figures for a LOCAL show game. These will be Nappies and I do not usually paint Nappies so it will be a steep learning curve. 12 figures to a unit so I will try to get 2 units done. (3 IF I can... but aiming at 2 Units) Just to take the pressure of off another club member. SO if/when you see Napoleonic troops on this blog you do not have a fit with your leg up you now know the reason.

Additionally: Only 1 of my Purchases from my prize have so far turned up. Yes I am inpatient and am itching to get on with it. BUT hopefully a little more will arrive this week and I can do a blog post all about it. I just put this bit in as one of my club members was unaware of my win.