Saturday 6 September 2014

Turn 6

Firstly Let me inform you all that Fran has been having issues in his private life so I have taken over his ship for the next few turns, I hope this does not become permanent and I am sure we all wish him well.
Turn Sequence.
If another Spanish Player wants to take over this ship while he is away and return it to him when his life gets a little less hectic, drop me an email and I will make it so! NO RAY YOU MAY NOT!

Secondly a Neighbour has borrowed my step ladder so I can't take the usual photo of the whole board. But Hopefully I will have something similar!

Sorry no Step Ladder so the best shot of the whole board.
Mathyoo in the Unicornico On the Right hand side of the board.

The Spanish line Fragments

Neither Millsy nor Ray are in Arc of fire of each other.
But are now at long and not extreme range!

HMS Inconsistent is just in arc of Millsy, but lacks the range.

Milsy is also in arch of Edwin, but also lacks the range.

HMS Cutlass inches closer.

The British on the right of the board.
Just out of range.

HMS Agamemnon has a very good arc of fire on San Francis,
but the range is too short.

Curt and Lee both move into position.

But firing arc and range stop them from firing.

The last two Spanish ships from the harbour
a steady full speed move from both of them
should get them into the action in a turn or four!
I will need any turns in by Saturday 13th 9am (GMT) ready for your next move.

NO SHOOTING AGAIN THIS TURN! Just in case you thought you missed it.

Thanks for playing guys and thank you all for reading as well. I will try to post Monday, Tuesday and Thursday next week. As I should have an AAR from the club and have just finished my first donnybrook British Cavalry (well am on the bases now).

Hope to see you all soon. All the best Clint

Thursday 4 September 2014

1 more point. (Yawn)

Yes nothing too inspiring today. Just a single point of British line troops for Donnybrook. * soldiers of drilled quality using a d8. And a Sgt who will also use a d8. Like the others these are Black Hat figures 15mm Malburian range.

 Not so much more I can say about these but I will say I have a British Cavalry unit on the paint table which I am trying to finish before Sunday when I will host a game at my club.

That's it for today. Not so much as last time. I know but we have to be realistic and expect peeks and troughs. I can't always work flat out.

Have a good couple of days and I will see you all soon for the PBB game on Saturday.

All the best Clint.

Tuesday 2 September 2014

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Monkey?

Yes It's true. Paint Monkey has had a busy weekend. To the effect that I have managed to get 22 figures finished. Ok I had to Varnish them this morning but still. So today here are a collection of  "Foundry" Dad's army figures. I am very sure you will be able to pick out your favourite characters. (That said I can't find "Fraiser!") But most of the rest of them are there. Ok no "Hodges" or "the Verger", just those that are actually in the home guard. again no Mrs Pike!

The horde including a flag bearer. The Flag is NOT Walmington-on-Sea! But has been requested as part of the "Anglican League." This should make them suitable for some VBCW actions. I am sure Petal Kaput will be able to tell you all a lot more.

 The Main Characters are great fun to paint and brought back much nostalgia. They have all been painted for my mate Matt so they may not see the table for a few years yet. But who knows!

A Lewis Gun Team. This should give the Platoon some hitting power.

Walker, Godfrey and of course "Don't tell him your name......"

Captain Manwarring, Sgt Wilson and Corporal Jones. No I have not painted up a butchers Van for them!

I shall start some more of my own figures up next. So expect some Lace War (Queen Anne's War) figures in a few days time as I have them primed, but may well take a few days break I'll see what I feel like! I do want some more done for a planned game this weekend so I think it's likely the next batch are primed prepared and just need painting and basing so It is possible that I shall get them finished. But I might just not get round to it.

Thanks for looking today and with luck I shall post again Thursday or Friday.
All the best Clint