Saturday 14 October 2017

Zombtober (3)

Yes just 1 more zed today. Or Walker if you prefer. It is 4am at the moment, (well a little after) so you will need to forgive the photography.

This is another Mantic Hard Plastic "Walking dead all out war" figure as I slowly get them all finished.

Not a huge amount more to say just 2 more weekends to go and I am still working on them. There will be another next week.

All the best Clint

20 more Burpas!

Yes as promised here are some more Burpas. There are 20 in all from a variety of manufacturers. Although most are either Ironclad or Foundry. If you cannot see any of them it is because they are behind others. But trust me there are 20 of them.

There is a little bit of overlap in the last 2 pics but I just could not get them all in one photo. As you can see I have tried in the top pic but so many are hidden I really needed the bottom 2 pics.

 They go back to Matt tomorrow and with luck any changes he wants will be very minor.... but you never can tell.

That's it for today.
A zombie tomorrow and then with luck a club game report on Monday. But as I am not in the mood for a club game I may give it a miss. You never know.

Thursday 12 October 2017

And so the madness begins.

For those expecting "Burpas" this week, there has been a delay. They are being worked on so they will be along shortly.... maybe NEXT week. Until then I received these this morning. Purchased on eBay for less the £7 including postage. Ok so why get them?
 Well you may recall I did mention Dieselpunk! Well these are destined for that project. One has some slight damage so that will be the one I start on. While 4 can be used for VBCW, Gangsters, C'thulhu or anything else I can think of. As they are all 1/43rd scale and thus suitable (only slightly too big (and I do mean slightly) ) for 28mm figures. In fact once on bases 28mm figures will be about the right size.

The 2 trucks will e weathered and don't really need much beyond that. But you know me they will have a complete paint job. as a fuel truck is better than a condensed milk truck! At least in wargames terms if not real life.

So what needs to happen and by when? Well firstly there is NO rush and I would rather get it right than get it wrong. Not that they are at all expensive BUT that I am well shall we say "Frugal" that sounds better than miserly.  I shall start on the green car. As you can see the radiator grill is missing and the "Canvas" top is broken. So starting on a broken one seems to make the most sense.  As I do intend to base them all it will need a base. I am thinking hardboard. This will allow me to cut and "stretch" the vehicle. I know this will be a hard job so expect it done over the Christmas period. Although I do hope to start to "Chop" it next week. I might do a step by step walk through.

Knowing that someone... you know who you are! Will ask about both rules and Figures. I can confirm I already have the figures and will get more as soon as I can acquire them both at the right price and condition. But you will see below that I already have some.

 Rules wise I am looking at 3. Osprey "Gaslands" which MAY be either good or bad I have yet to see. "Gorka Morka" the old GW set but heavily modified, or "Mad dogs with guns!" which are a 1920-30's gangster set but just may be right.

That's it for today. And NOW I best get on with the Painting of Burpas and get my head out of the clouds.

All the Best Clint

Monday 9 October 2017

Steam Tank (1)

Yes there will be more than 1 Steamtank however at present I only have 1 finished so I can only show 1. (That makes sense). Again a little dark for photography but never-the-less I have attempted it. Hence the blue hue.

The model is of course an Ironclad (LINK) Miniatures model. The Smoke stack was wonky when I got it from a friend, so rather than re glue it I accepted it as it was and am happy with it being a little off  true.

I see this as a rather small 2-3 man contraption driver and gunner and maybe a third stoking the boiler. The Vehicle commander will most likely double as the gunner and the driver as the engineer.  You may see it differently maybe in your version it carries a whole squad. That is your choice.

I did try 2 different camouflage schemes but eventually settled on plain blue. The camouflage schemes were not working for me, perhaps I was trying to be too clever. So by settling on plain blue it can serve as a double role. 1 it can be a police vehicle for sorting out the local criminal masterminds, or 2 it could be Royal Navy Issue. I am happy with both of these ideas an it will look jolly suitable for the Royal Naval landing PARTY.

Either way I am happy. It was a gift from a friend and as such is doubly Cherished. I need to take a photo next to some troops to give an indication of scale. Sorry I did not I promise to do so in the future, maybe when I get the next one finished (Which is a very different design) If you reall the pic from 1st October.

That's it for today now I really must get on with the Burpas I have started. But first I need to go to town and buy some superglue to attach them to bases.

All the best Clint

Sunday 8 October 2017

Zombtober (2)

No I am not late this time. But the photos were very dark. None the less here is another Zombie!

I will take more photos at the end of Zombtober. this is just so I do not miss the DEADline again. (Pun well and truly intended)

It is another of the plastic Mantic Zombies from "All out war" the walking dead games. Much more closely based on the comics that the TV series.

That's it very short today as I have some paid painting to do.  And I have put it off far to long already.

yes some more Burpas coming this week.

All the best Clint.

 Have a good weekend.