Thursday 25 January 2018

My first ever ECW figure! (or border Reiver or Witch-Finder.... you decide)

Yes finished this week. And yes there are things I wish to change. However I am not unhappy about it.

I won't go into very much detail it is a warlord games 28mm plastic horse and metal rider. I bought the figure on a whim mostly because I have never painted as ECW figure before.

I hope to use it as a main character in an "En Garde" force but time will tell if it ever gets used at all.

That's it a very short update. I did ask Matt what he wanted me to put on next and he suggested this as opposed to some of his figures.

That's all folks have a good day and may The Witch-finder general stay clear of your endeavours. 

Wednesday 24 January 2018

FT 17 (20mm BoB)

There are currently a load of things on the painting table. There is some more VBCW in 28mm, some 28mm ECW (Don't ask going badly!) and more 20mm Back of Beyond stuff. However today here is the 1/72 nd scale (20mm to wargamers) FT 17.

Let us be honest the FT 17 was never a "Good tank" it had a crew of 2 (driver and Commander/gunner). It was designed as a "Mosquito" tank were swarms of them would take the battle field.  Despite not being a food tank it sold well to other counties. (Link And saw action in many different wars and settings. So it is totally suitable for Back of Beyond wargames.

This one is armed with a 14.5mm HMG while others were armed with a 37mm cannon.  Personally I prefer the HMG as there is no way you would want this to fight other tanks, but it did in a you use what you have kind of way.

The model by HAT comes 2 in a box and is very easy to assemble. There are 7 parts so it goes together without issue. Instructions are printed on the box but generally you do not need to look at them as the pieces are pretty much fool proof. Unless you decide to musk it up you wont.

One of the interesting things about the tank is that the front wheel is actually made from hard wood in real life. While the tail at the back is designed to help cross trenches.

All in all a great gift and very welcome in the back of beyond universe were tanks should be very rare indeed.

Thanks for looking today no idea what next time I will need to start getting things finished and not new things started on the painting table.

All the best Clint

Monday 22 January 2018

Yesterdays game at the club.....

At the club there were 3 games, a large "Shako" a small "Dirtside!" and a small "Chain of command." As I had things to do I left early and did not join in any game. I know I would have been welcome at any of the games and did indeed have offers yet somehow I declined and still returned home full of enthusiasm. How on earth did that happen!

I am only going to look at one game, as many will know I am not a Napoleonic's fan so you may have already guessed it is not that. I returned home feeling enthused by the "Chain of Command!" game.  The ONLY problem is the guys playing tend to buy everything on eBay already painted ad sell it a few months later. Which gives anyone a very short window of opportunity to get involved.

Battlefield BEFORE
Any Patrol arrives.
Also while at the club Peter gave me these two kits. ! FT 17 and one Ford truck both in 1/72nd scale and both for my BoB or Back of Beyond collection so I am very grateful. The tank only had 7 pieces so was very quickly stuck together and is already in the painting queue. Thanks Pete They are bother Brilliant.

Back to the game:

Firstly I like "Chain of Command!" I know it is not everyone's taste but I like it and it is for me. WE had an encounter patrol of Germans attacking (Kevin) and British (Relfie) defending.

British occupy the building and set up the Bren team on over watch.
While Relfie takes the area close to camera
Kev develops a 75mm Infantry gun in the corner of the walled area
back of picture.

Germans Hustle into another building and fire is exchanged.
Relfie by now occupies 2 buildings
and kev 1 a wood and a walled field and the building shown above.

Germans continue to press forward
However Concentrated fire from 2 positions
force the Germans in the wood
to fail morale check and retreat and eventually unable to rally in time
the Lmg team flees.

By the time I leave it is not looking good for the Germans.
Relfie uses his 2" mortar to drop smoke on the Infantry gun
which severely limits what it can see and shoot at.
Kevs unit in the walled field fails to close the distance and is shot at close range.
british Morale is 11 at this stage and German has dropped due to losses to 3


 So as I leave it is not looking good for the Germans.  I suspect an English win but one can never be sure. the British light mortar was out of HE rounds and was in retreat. Both the buildings and the wooded area had taken casualties while Kevs Unit in the building was still pristine. But as the Platoon was now on low morale very little would be needed to break morale.

From what I have seen of the rules I do like them and feel I need to dust of my 28mm ww2 figures.