Saturday 13 December 2014

Turn 20 Results.

Gain very little firing this time, Just two British ships. But It has been eventful despite that. As you can see the turn sequence favoured the Spanish. But alas when they came to shoot not a single target was in arc. Also lots of players did not send any orders in so they just continued in a straight line. One captain sent in about 5 emails. No problem with that at all as It makes intentions clear and allows me to work to them more closely.

 We are used to this shot by now. As You can see all the action is all over the place.
 HMS Badger Commanded by the valiant crew of "Mecedes" Rammed HMS Inconsistent further damaging both ships. But has now come to rest lying along side one another. A risky but hopefully profitable manoeuvre. In the background "Unicorico" is turning back towards port maybe returning home. Who can tell?
 HMS Cutlass turning to port (but not the port) brings HMS Badger out of arc. But has the plucky frigate got ideas of grandeur and is thinking of taking on the 74 gun San Francis?
 HMS Agamennon was able to bring fire on San Francis (every dice I rolled turned out to be a 5 or a 6) and at long range did damage to the Spanish flagship. One can only imagine that Seb the captain will not take this lightly!
 Mecedes and El Interceptor have the open sea ahead of them. As It stands only one British ship could possible stop them IF they choose to leave the table and create havoc in the Med!
 Same ships just a different angle but with Unicornico in the background.
 Unfortunately SS Guano took a Broadside from HMS Pachyderm. Fortunately only one shot hit. Unfortunately for Captain Mills is was enough. SS Guano is now sinking. Her Hull reduced to a sieve and the sea rushing in to fill it as the crew abandon ship. Sorry Lee no prize money here, that ship is bound for Davy Jones. Unlucky Millsy but you did carry the fight to the enemy to the last.
 The Captured "Mermaids Revenge" will make it from the board next turn barring disasters or a Kraken. (There are no sea monsters in this game!)
So that is the end of turn 20. I will try to send out damage reports this afternoon. As always if you want, need or desire any more photos get in touch. I shall look forward to any orders the Saturday next week 8am as per normal. But for Now I am back to the painting.
A Big thanks to all the guys playing and with luck I will see you all on the internet very soon.
Kindest regards Clint

Thursday 11 December 2014

Ping Pong!

Today we have a parting gift to Fran (AKA the Angry Lurker). Postie has a nickname for Fran of the "Kung fu Panda". Ray also has a nickname for him and Fran for Ray. And neither of them are "Golden drop of sunshine!". They are of course FULL of swearing and extracting the urine! So with no further ado here is Ping the Panda by "Bombshell miniatures!" A very nice if small sculpt of the big guy. I hasten to add that this is not Kung fu Panda as Bombshell call him Ping and any similarity between the two are purely coincidental.

As you can see from the second picture Nothing like him despite my painting trying to make them twins.

So I shoved the figure in the post and sent it to "Postie, somewhere in Gravesend" And that should be enough of an address for the Royal mail to have no idea. Maybe some random "postie" will benefit from this  who can say.

Back in the painting challenge I have had a little upset. I spent2 days working on some (22) Sci Fi vehicles and when I looked at them this morning in the light I saw that I just could not be happy with them. So I have had to put them away for now, probably till next year as I sulk and brood about them. A word to the wise NEVER try to use an ORANGE wash on figures after 10pm. They really did look shite in the morning!

So here are a couple more shots of "Ping the panda" to be getting on with.

And now the 15mm Sci Fi is scrapped I will start some 28mm ACW in stead.  The first 12 are primed and with luck I shall have them done by Tuesday which is my next scheduled challenge day post.

Thanks for looking. I shall start the ACW figures later this morning  once the Primer is nice and dry!.

Hope you are having a good day. All the best Clint.

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Egyptians (Paint Monkey)

I call myself Paint monkey because of the mess I make. not because I look like a chimp! (thanks Ray lol you Feckin' Ejit!). For my first entry in the painting challenge (Currently working on entries 3 and 4) I painted up some circa 1882 Egyptians for Matt's colonial collection/gaming.

A total of 24 figures by Perry Miniatures. 2 Officers 2 standard bearers and 2 musicians and 28 rankers.

As you can see they have a pretty basic uniform. White tunic and trousers Black webbing and a red fez. Apart from the officers who wear navy blue instead of white. This made them ideal for the challenge as It meant I could constrain myself to a very limited palette. Starting from a white undercoat they were first painted cream as opposed to grey as I wanted then to look more attuned to the desert and grey would have given a colder look. I don't find painting white easy but if you start with a light grey or cream base coat for blocking in, it does help a lot.

These got me off the mark and earned me 124 points About 1/10th of my target.

Thanks for looking today. next time will be a Pressie for Fran. which as of last night is also on the Analogue hobbies web site challenge.

All the best Take care and with luck see you all soon.