Friday 17 November 2017

More BoB

Yes I know. I really do. Anyway here is a little more of the Back of Beyond force. This time it is a 76mm Artillery piece and crew. Now to me it does look larger than a 3" (76mm) cannon as the proportions seem wrong. However I assure you it is correct for the period. Larger pieces of artillery are not really suitable for a skirmish game. Yes they will work as objectives but are not suitable for use on the table IF you expect them to fire and hit anything on the table. As Such I am not expecting to buy any more, "ONE is enough!"

Needless to say it would take a lot of effort to drag this cannon up a slope so if/when it is used it will be towed by a lorry. (Lorries seen earlier posts).

It is another from IT Miniatures (LINK) and like my other BoB stuff all 20mm or 1/72scale. In the rules it has to ranges anything closer than 40 inches and anything beyond 40 inches. This is the kind of realistic thinking I like in games. The gun does come with a crew of 5 and five is a good number in games terms. Rate of fire decreases as crew are killed so best to keep it with as many crew as possible.

The gun shield is optional but I have included it to enhance the look only. In real life it did not offer much in the way of real protection more for crew morale than armour.

Well that is it for today. I did want to get more done (don't we all?) But alas real life got in the way. And rather than try to make excuses I am just happy that everything is OK now.

That's it. All the Best Clint

Wednesday 15 November 2017

BoB(ing Along)

Yes more Back of Beyond (BoB) figures today.  Again they are 20mm IT Miniatures available from here. ( LINK). They are in fact White Russians BUT the Uniforms were almost identical to the Red army of the region or indeed the Chinese warlord armies of the same era. Yes there are differences but not huge ones and I for one am willing to forgive them on the wargames table.

Indeed IF I want to get more and more factions I will get the same figures and change a few areas like painting the uniforms grey for Chinese Warlord armies, or Making the top of the cap red just todesignate Red Russians. (Red peaked caps were used on some Red Russian units, but not all. )

As you can see I now have 3 squads of 8 figures each, including 2 armed with pistols to represent leaders (Rules suggest no more than 1 in 10). I also have 2 trucks painted for the force as well. Which given the era would make them VERY mobile. After-all motorised transport was not terribly common most defiantly not as common as today in  Western Europe.

I am not stopping with this force just yet either. I may have a better use for these lorries! Next up for the force may be an artillery piece OR some MGs, Not sure yet it all depends on the bases I have at hand. Anyway these are now boxed up and put away. Ready for a game in the next few months ONCE I have another force.

OTHER NEWS: I do have a choice of figures for the NEXT LotR figure. So if you have a STRONG choice Good or Bad foot or Mounted I can now do any of them. IF left to my own devices it will be King Théoden as he has waited patiently on the painting desk for over a year.

Finally I think the club has settled on a game for the next show. But this may well change as more people get back to me with ideas and suggestions. But more of this if/when it happens.

That's it for now, take care have fun and just do your best at what ever you are doing!
Kind Regards Clint

Monday 13 November 2017

Dwarf Lord Balin

Yes as promised a Lord of the rings figure. This is the Dwarf Lord "Ballin". It is a Games workshop figure and part of the Lord of the rings range. I believe you are to get 2 figures in the pack but as this was via eBay I only bought 1 figure and a happy chap I am as well.

I an not a huge dwarf fan (pun not intended but I am more than happy to go with it!) However I have really enjoyed painting this character. I have not seen the film(s) of the Hobbit so if the colours are wrong kindly forgive me. But at least there is no Orange hair as GW tend to want on their dwarf slayers for some reason. (No I don't understand it either!).

In fact I have enjoyed painting this figure so much I have bid on some more on eBay. Let me know if you want me to paint them regularly, (maybe once a fort night), of not. And I will try to make it happen, or not happen if you only want it intermittently.

 Sorry the Flash has bleached out some of the colour, but such are the joys of photoing small models and having a flash!

But the 3 picks SHOULD give you an idea at the very least.

Mint Copy,
Bargain Price
smiling like a Cheshire Cat!

Yeah I have been feeling a bit down with my birthday approaching and no one ever knows what to get me. However, I scanned eBay (always amusing) and found a bargain. A terrific bargain I hope and definitely one I am excited about. I cannot/ will not/ shall not give very many more details other than to show the box and let you know it is now hidden away for my Birthday. Therefore in a few weeks there will be another post on here about this gift. Yes I had to buy it and have been given the money already.... but at least this way I get what I want.

Until next time take car, have fun and paint like crazy!

All the best Clint