Saturday 16 June 2018

Least said soonest mended.

Yes it has been Just under a week since I last posted, No grumbles just real life getting in the way.
Also I have done NO painting except 30mins yesterday. So now when I pick a paint brush up again it feel uncomfortable some how.

On the plus side it has allowed me to do some thinking ! Which has lead me to question a good number of things about wargaming in general and Science Fiction Wargaming in particular. Firstly let me say FOR THE RECORD I like Science Fiction wargaming a lot. Yet I seldom play it at the club. I now that sounds strange even as I type it. Therefore I need to start playing it more.

And it's a big however! Everyone has a different idea about Science fiction wargaming. Take aliens as an example! Should they be men in a rubber suit? I would like them not to be. I am equally aware that someone would say symmetrical bipeds are the most logical way intelligent life would evolve. So (and this is where you come in) if I wanted some 15mm aliens who makes the best ones?

I do like GZGs "Chitters!" but I find them too expensive at £1 a 15mm figure. In addition I find the heads unconvincing so I would chose to do head swaps each and every time I wanted one. I have not ruled them out but if someone has a better suggestion I am more than willing to listen. So ideas are greatly appreciated as long as there is no film related! (A related film brings that film to players minds and that is not what I am looking for!)

As for vehicles I already have those all sorted ou, but as yet unpainted, from an eBay purchase about 5 years ago. It is not important to me that the Aliens and the vehicles look the same.. After all humans look NOTHING like any tanks we have ever produced ! As I already have a set of vehicles in 15mm that I want to use it is of no use to me pointing out company P produce the most fabulous vehicles and they go with these infantry! To do so is a waste of your time and typing skills.So forget all about vehicles for the moment!

Sunday 10 June 2018

Braodside Loot!

Just a quick post to show off my Broadside loot. Mostly I was running a flea market stall (garage sale stall for any across the pond), which meant I had very little time for shopping. Also you will be delighted to know I sold more than I bought so that is a bonus!

Top row Left to right

1] 2 packs of "Snapdragon Studios" 28mm sci fi terrain. For those that do not know Snapdragon Studios are no longer producing and when they were did make some lovely terrain. Bought on the Flea Market.

2] 2 packs of Blotz 15mm Solar panels. Although they coud be used for any scale and will be just as useful in 15mm ans 28mm.

3] I Pack of 6mm Sci fi from Brigade. I always thought if I sold enough on the flea Market I would buy these!

Second Row Left to right:

4] 2 as yet Unreleased Aeronef Figures of British Dirigibles. (Brigade Models)

5]  German aeronef aircraft carrier. Seriosly this does look very good. (Brigade Models)

6] More Brigade models, this time a South East Asian Village in Aeronef scale.

7] A gift from Peter (club member) for my "Back of Beyond" games. I suspect I will be busy!

Bottom Row Again left to right.

8] A miss cast Lanchester Armoured car in 20mm for the "Back of Beyond" IT miniatures.

9] 2 15mm Jungle Huts from IT Miniatures. Slightly battered and sold to me dirt cheap (as was the Lanchester)

10] 2 packs of Aeronef Figthers a total  of 12 triplanes from Brigade Models.

So after my spends I went home with about £90 more than I set of with. Result. Met loads of people I liked both new and old friends and passed out some home made fudge. So A good day. Well pleased.