Sunday 25 December 2016

Xmas Swag! (And now back to normal)

It has been a funny day today. I did receive a couple of Wargames Xmas gifts, not many but I am happy with them all. The Reason for the funny day is my sister brother-in-law and nephew are all flying to Dallas Texas tomorrow morning.  Just for a couple of weeks and not for good or anything like that. Which meant I put on a buffet lunch for them and not a Roast dinner. So yes technically I had Pizza for Christmas dinner! (Among many other things and will be eating left over buffet food for a few more days. )

But as wargamers you all want to know what loot I received.  In No particular order.
  • Hyena Road DVD. If you have not already seen it and are interested in modern warfare it is worth a look.
  • Fury DVD A film I have not seen yet so got to be worth a look. (Despite the big main star it still could be good! I do not have a downer on the star but on Hollywood always casting big names!)
  • A brigade Games 6mm Sci Fi Chinese Infantry Company (this was unexpected but is a complete joy!)
  • 6  packs of peter Pig Dark age Vikings. these were from my Secret Santa Thank you very Much Santa 5 of the 6 packs would have been my choice as well. The other pack, not my fist choice but probably a better choice than I would have made. So once again Thank you Santa I am very impressed with your good taste.
  • last but not least THANK you Paul. ( I do not know for sure who you are, but I do have a clue!)  12 Painted 15mm sci fi figures. 8 Men and 4 Robots. I will redo the bases just to match in with the rest of my forces. but that is the only changes I will make. I recognise every film the robots are "inspired" by yes even Hughie and Louie (or is that Hughy and Louy!) And I will get these in a game in the new year, That I promise!
Well that is the haul, small but potent. I did get other things as well, like gloves and socks... but as wargamers you do not care about them.

For my Nephew I got a box of Japanese sweets! About the size of a shoe box filled with sweets and snacks he had never tried before.... And he likes trying new foods.  I did order a "Walking Dead" novel as well so he could read it in the plane, but it is lost in the post. But It may still turn up.

While for my sister I got a 50" Girth. yes she is my BIG sister but that is for her horse and not for her! You cheeky sod! I also got her a book to read on the plane all about how a horse trains its human. yes my sister is horse mad and will be riding when in Texas!

Anyway I hope you all have received things you like  and are as happy as me. Not a massive haul but a joyous one. And once again thanks to Santa Clause and Secret Santa.

I will post again soon. All the best Clint