Friday 25 November 2016

Group shot and last 3 (for now)

Well as "promised" here are the latest Burpas.
 Just 3 extras finished and they will be returned to Matt on Sunday.

The figures are of course Foundry 28mm and have been painted by me to represent cavalry of the North West Frontier. While they are thought to be of the Victorian period they could be earlier, First Anglo Afghan war or much later up to 1930's back of beyond. I am sure they could be used later than that as well given the right game and scenario. They would work in Indiana Jones games so up to WW2, beyond that you may be pushing credibility a little but that is what we as wargamers do at times.

 We  can see these three are all sword armed with the middle one probably being a leader due to the amount of armour being worn. And that is why I gave him a black shield as I knew I was not going to give very many a black shield so it is just another way to try to make him stand out. It may or may not work, only time will tell.

 The Last 3 pictures show these 10 all together. hard to get them all in focus at one time so you may need to use your imagination somewhat. I would hope that these and the previous painted figures might get an outing reasonably soon as a unit. Perhaps in the men who would be kings. But as for when I cannot say as the are Matts figures and not mine.

Thanks for looking to day and a big thanks to the good kind hearted bloggers who have joined with me to create a group submission for the AHPC this year.

A sunny day today so I will be out in the garden planting Onions later on.

All the best Clint

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Frozen Planet vehicle colour Trial and AHPC

Well not VERY much finished at present. No Joe no group shots of Burpa Cavalry. Instead I have been trying colours for the 6mm Sci Fi Idea I have. These trucks are by Brigade games (Local to me about 12 miles away). They are actually South African Confederation  "Hippo" Trucks. 3 Flat beds and one Office body. Nice little 2 piece castings, the basic chassis and the type of body or flat bed. So pretty basic and easy to assemble and not mush cleaning up either.

So no fuss no muss a few trucks at 6mm for sci fi gaming. 15mm Sci Fi Players will be delighted to know that the flatbed is also available in that scale. I did want to paint them all white and then try different camo schemes out on them Well that was the plan!

However as always happens the plan just did not work. I painted the first flatbed (No 1 in the bottom picture yellow to start! Yes I know yellow in a snowy setting would stand out, but I was thinking it might be a commercial vehicle and as such standing out in snow might be a good idea. I saw the results and that plan quickly failed and knowing army trucks are painted in camouflage re-painted it white. I know I know foolish mistake to paint it yellow to start with.

So starting with white (again) I just settled on "squiggly" blue patches/lines. I will admit I did like the finished look so much I painted the other 3 the same way. My plan to make them all different and then decide went straight out of the window as I hit on the right (Right for me) colour combination almost immediately. So I have 8 more to do but they can wait a few weeks until the AHPC starts as they will be quick easy points to get the ball rolling.


Curt has made the announcement for the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge again this year and I have of course signed up. Here is a link Click |ME! that should take you straight there. The theme of this year is "Camaraderie" and the entry fee will be a figure (or figures) painted by 2 or more participants. Usually when it comes to painting I am a BILLY NO MATES type of guy! I have no issue with that. But the rules state I should team up. Luckily for me I was contacted by another painter whose work I do strongly admire and he suggested we become a team. So My Partner in crime is MR LEE. (No NOT Angry Lurker, nor Big Lee). I have sent a couple of emails out to others to see if they want to join us but as yet no reply from them. So I suspect they have plans of their own. So I wish them well and good luck. But IF you are taking part in the AHPC this year and want to join a team leave a comment or drop me an eail and I will let you know.

OK Back to the Burpas now. Have a good day everyone and take care of those close to you.
All the best Clint

Monday 21 November 2016

Yes another 3 finished.

yes 3 more Burpa Cavalry are now finished. As usual these are Foundry North West Frontier Tribesmen. And as mentioned last time they are all mounted and will go with the others when finished. Colours are all the colours I know can be easily dyed so should be about right.

So only 3 more to do next and I can relax for a while..... who am I kidding. Let me just say omly 3 more to finish in this batch which Matt will get back on Sunday.

That's about all the waffle I have for today. Having looked at the page views

 I know Burpas are not terribly popular, so Next time some 6mm Frozen Planet samples finished.

Until next time take care have fun and try not to get too wet if in the UK> All the best Clint