Saturday 2 August 2014

PBB Turn 1

Well I have had replies and orders from most participants and have Now Plotted the first move. Here are the results.
Over view of turn 1

  • Spanish: All ships have used the wind to maximum advantage and all have moved forward in a line of battle.
  • Millsey,  making the best use of the wind and will move 10cm next turn.
  •  Fran, making the best use of the wind and will move 10cm next turn.
  •  Mr Lee, making the best use of the wind and will move 10cm next turn.
  • Phylion,  making the best use of the wind and will move 10cm next turn.
  • and Now Joined By Loki in a 50 gunner not a long ship.  making the best use of the wind and will move 10cm next turn. And an official welcome to the game.
All the Spanish ships In battle line leaving the harbour river inlet.

Milsy in the lead followed by Fran
Then Mr. Lee, Phylion (in the middle of this Photo)
 and Loki at the end and now closing the door.

The British have started to "get organised."
  • Lee Has turned Hard to Port and moved away from the shore and the potential shore batteries and is now making the best use of the wind and will move 10cm next turn.
  • Peter Has continued on the same course and setting and will move 5cm next turn.
  • Curt has gone to half sails which means that next turn he will only go 3cm next turn due to the angle of the wind.
  • Edwin Has turned 1 point to Starboard to be clear of Rays Ship should the worse happen. He will also be travelling at 5cm Next turn
  • Ray has kept going forward with no change in speed sail or dieaction and will go 5cm next turn.
Lee After his turn to Port now 100% clear of any shore batteries.
Checking the range from Lee to Milsy.
While they are both in Broadside arch of fire
they are at 1.5 to 2 times the range.
Curt and Peter relative to Lee. So No worries yet.
Curt and Peter.
Curt now on Half sail next turn hence the smaller wake marker.
SO Peter will go faster next turn
Ray and Edwin no longer travelling parallel to each other.
Well those are everyone's first move. This Turn the turn Sequence was British Repair, British Move, Spanish Move,  Spanish Firing, British Firing then lastly Spanish Repair. As Mentioned in player briefings The Turn sequence is random and while I will detail it for the Game It has little effect until you get closer. So Maybe the turn after next I will Photograph the turn Cards.

Important Notes. Any Player wanting more Photos please email me detailing what you want photos of and give me 48 hours to get back to you (no I am not taking Pictures of my sexy neighbours). Any questions please allow 24 hours to reply. Thanks for Playing guys and I hope to get a few more turns in next week, from the slackers who have missed the deadline. No worries at this stage but I will not be chasing them up so no Order to me means no order to your crew! (Whine over!)

Next Deadline 9am Saturday (the 8th August) GMT. And I will attempt to post the Game Sunday morning before 10am GMT.

Cheers Guys all the best Clint

Supplementary photos as asked for by Lee and Phyllion
Taken from a step ladder with my head in the rafter
You can make out the Shoal now on Curts Port side.
Hopefully this assists in all your relative positions
Spanish at the Far end and British closer to the Camera.
Taken standing on my work bench.
An Odd angle perhaps but without building a bigger garage the best I can do!.


Friday 1 August 2014

6mm Soviet Airbourne Desant Vehicles finished.

Well no the not quite! I will explain as I go on. You will kindly note that the picture of the BMD-1 to the Right is a real life one and is included only to show what the camouflage patters should be. I don't think they have come out too much different on the smaller ones or at least they are similar enough to give an idea of what they should be.
The second Photograph shows the whole force except for the infantry all together an below according to "Digest N04 Volume 1" of The Challenger 2 wargames rules. Since they were published the composition and equipment has changed, so please do not accept this as an up to date list.  And bellow is a list of all that I have painted
  •  Battlegroup Headquarters 1xBMD-2ksh with security section. comprising 1xBRMD2 and 2XUaz 469's.
  •  3BMD Companies comprising 2 BMD Company Headquarters, and 3 Platoons each of 4 BMD's
  • 1 Battalion Antitank Platoon comprising 4 UAZ 469s with AT4 "Spigot"
  • 1 Battalion Antitank Platoon of 4x UAZ 469s with SPG ( groups
  • 1 Battalion Mortar Group comprising 4xUAZ 469's with 3 medium mortars
  • 1 Divisional Assault gun Company. Made up of 1 ASU 85 Company Headquarters and 3 Platoons of 3 ASU 85's
  • 1 Regimental Antitank Platoon comprised of 3 BRMD2/At-3 "Sagger"
  • 2Divisional Close Recce Platoons. Each Platoon comprised of 3 BRMD2 armoured cars.
  • 2 Antiaircraft Sections. Each section comprised of 2 SA-9's
 For the moment I do not need to get and paint any more. Despite the fact that I could. We all know wargamers and completions so I would imagine when I send for some infantry I will increase this a little bit. If only to get the missing BMD from Platoon 3. (yes There is one missing still after 30 years what can one expect!)


 For those Playing in the Play by blog game I will need your turn by 9am GMT tomorrow. I have already had 3 orders so thanks to Edwin, Millsy and Lucky Lee. You three at least will be able to move as you desire. Anyone not sending in a move order will be assumed not to be giving any orders and will be assumed to be moving in a straight line with their current sail settings. If this is your intention Please send an order in anyway just so I know you are awake and have not fallen off of the edge of the world.

Don't forget in the early game orders are easy. Just let me know if you want to turn and which way and if it is at the beginning or end of your move. By How much of a turn and if you want to change your sail setting. When you send your order in I will send a confirmation email back. Don't forget folks I can take extra Photos if you require them but allow me 48 Hours to complete this task.

New Project Alerts

Yesterday I took delivery of 480 10mm Zulu's (which I call the 500 for ease) These are going to be prepped for Curt's Analogue painting challenge in December. You are warned!

Second Warning I have been seriously looking at "Queen Anne's War" for Donnybrook in 15mm as I have a number of stalled projects which I can paint figures for and get a couple or three forces finished for. So expect a trial of those being painted in the next week. Once Paint Monkey has finished.

That's it folks. Have a good Day and I will work out and post the PBB results tomorrow for turn 1.

All the best Clint

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Another "Paint Monkey" Day.

Well the clue is in the title and I am sure you all remember what I have been painting for my mate Matt. So here are 6 more figures. And yes I still have the Tartan kilts to come. I am either saving them for last because I am looking forward to them or am terrified of them. I'll let you decide.

So today we have 3 more gun crew, in the front rank, two flag bearers and a musician in the rear rank. The Flags were purchased from Redoubt as part of the "Body's Banners" range. (There is one to go with the Tartan troops as well.) One has the Union Flag on it and the other an elephant! So very fitting for the period and troops. I think the figures are a mix or Old Glory and Foundry but don't quote me on that. I did not buy them, just painted them.

You still can't see the Elephant clearly on the second picture but why would I lie about there being one? Honest there is! All the colours match in with the other figures for this period I have painted so far and I expect to start the last batch once I clear the paint table again. (currently cluttered with 20mm zombies and 6mm BMD-1s As I will attempt to get one or the other done in the next few days, unless I get distracted of course! So I should crack on with the last few figures from Matt by the week end. (Yes I will do a group shot when done).

So that's it for today more again on Thursday, although not sure what it will be next. So until then, Thanks for dropping by take care and see you soon . All the best Clint

Monday 28 July 2014

Zulus Thousands of 'em!

The British column.
Colin a fairly new member of the club hosted a Zulu game on Sunday. Having seen Zulu and Zulu Dawn I knew exactly what to do if only from a "Hollywood" point of View. Very little from this reading books hu-har! As Tim anted to play the Zulus I took the British. The rules we were playing were "Battles for Empire" and Neither Tim nor myself had ever encountered them before so we were all unsure of what to make of them I will give my feelings about them at the end in the conclusion.

So the situation was that the British had to take the supply column from one edge of the table to the other. The Zulu's all started hidden but I would need to find them but having a unit of cavalry I was confident that I could.

Found some Zulus
Having looked at the routes to cross the board It became quickly clear that I would have to cross a hill eventually so I bit the bullet and decided to cross the first hill as opposed to leaving it later in the game.

I will admit that I did not realise that the wagons would move so slow on hills but once started what choice did I have but to carry on.

Slowly forming a square.
I soon realised that on a good dice roll the Zulus could move 12cm and my cavalry could move 15cm. I did not see this as a big cavalry movement advantage so I decided to charge Remembering the Line in the Film Zulu which eludes to Zulus not liking cavalry. As it happens it turns out the Zulus do like cavalry , for lunch.

So with my cavalry destroyed and the Zulus "Able to run, run 30 miles a day and then fight a battle at the end of it!" And with now no cavalry I decided to ride out the storm. By forming square.

Here they come.

And More.

Thousands of them.

First contact! Yes a close encounter!

Getting surrounded


There were a couple of Hairy moments where close combat was initiated and I was also encouraged (by Colin) to break my square to bring more units to firing locations. I even went low on Ammunition fighting one face off. But in the end the square held and Tim conceded.
Conclusion: WE also tried the game with me as the Zulus and Tim as the British and he did not form square but stuck to line of infantry. The result that time was remarkably similar. Again the Cavalry routed off of the table and the British Line could fire at sufficient strength to keep the Zulus from a fully coordinated close range assault. Therefore I would imagine that the Zulus would need one and a half to twice the number of troops that we played with to be able to win.(so about 6 to 8 times the number of British)  But an enjoyable game and a nice break from the Sudan.
So Big thanks to Colin for hosting the game. My thoughts on the rules are that they gave good enjoyable game. They were simple and effective easy to grasp and play. Being purely colonial I do not see them having any advantage over Black Powder so I personally will try to stick to BP.
Thanks for reading. More again on Wednesday.
And would those of you Playing the Napoleonic Naval Blog game get your turns in to me BY Saturday 9am GMT.
All the best folks see you all soon.
Cheers Clint.