Tuesday 2 January 2018

Yet another 5 more Burpas

Well the title says it all. I believe they are a mixture of makes including Foundry and Empress miniatures. (But just don't ask me who is who!)

3 Have been left without flags on the poles as I have asked Matt to do them from now on. I was getting in a frightful mess with them.

Clearly there are 2 Officers/tribal leaders and 3 flag wavers. As they would all be men of note at least as far as the tribe is concerened I have tended to go for some bright colours, Including a dark blue as I so rarely paint the Burpas in dark blue. He should stand out nicely.

needless to say they are 28mm tall and should fit in with the rest of Matts troops. We have been lucky enough to have a game in early December, but being a numbskull I forgot my camera. Despite this I will do a game report soon as 2 other club members have sent me some Pics.

That is it for today. 5 Cavalry to do for Matt and they are now undercoated so should get started tonight. Only base horse colours but It is a start!

Until next time take care, have fun and paint if you get the opportunity!

Kind regards Clint

Sunday 31 December 2017

Plans! (2018)

My plans are as always very fluid. However here are some thoughts for the new year. I will of course continue to paint for Matt (and other club members if they pay me). But that is not really a plan of mine for the new year.

Bellow are the things I want to achieve for myself I will try to only show the basic plans and hope this time next year I can cross them off. (I usually can't).

1] I shall continue with the BoB (Back of Beyond) Project in 20mm. This will definitely happen as I feel enthused by the whole game ethos.

2] Crimson Skies: While still reading the rules I see this as a club game that may actually take off. I still need to read all the rules but so far so good. It should make a very suitable game for the club and I am at present contemplating making some sky boards even maybe a zeppelin! Remember you heard it here first.

3] WW1 Historical. For this I really need to do a few things first. The easiest being talk to Tim at the club. When that is done I need to sell all my colonial figures (to raise funds and make space.) Tim has an UNPAINTED Turkish army and an UNPAINTED Imperial (British) army. So I will need to see what he says on Sunday and maybe start an army within 2 months of that. As well as Galipoli and Lawence of Arabia there are many other battles that did take place and it makes such a change from Western Front.

4] Dieselpunk. As I had the "Gaslands" Rules (osprey) for Crimbo I find I like the ules but dislike the setting and scale and therefore changes NEED to be made. As such I intend to make a scale change to 28mm. Easy done just enlarge the templates. I also want to take it back to a 1930's setting. Yes this will be loads of work to get the cars right.... in that they will need to be converted. But just imagine how spectacular it will look. Assuming I can get it finished. I know this is by far the biggest plan and fraught with difficulties but if it works it will be great.

In addition I will continue to work on my dark age aries (yes I have 2 started, one in 28mm and one in 15mmm) > These are not a priority at present so do not expect huge leaps to be made in them. I also have some Lord of the Rings figures to paint and hope to do one every 2 weeks.

Lastly I expect TO GET SIDE TRACKED. This is almost inevitable so do not hold it against me. Hope fully something will grab you as well. If so please feel free to leave a comment.

All the best Clint

And little can be done until a chat at the club but at least these are my plans.