Saturday 1 November 2014

Turn 14 results.

Well that was a messy one! Specially for some ships who were shot at by several participants. No one shot at Ray this time. But HMS Badger have now got all the fires out. Alas they don't have enough crew to sail the ship and the remaining Marines are trying to make a cuppa char (Most likely they are necking as much grog as they can find and squabbling among themselves over the last drops.) The Turn sequence allowed most ships that are close the opportunity to fire. There are notable exceptions of course but when aren't there.

 The View from on high. shows that most of the action this turn was on the left of the board.
 Mecedes Sailed by M Riedy is just entering range and has finally reached the engagement. Will this Frigate join the battle or sail to freedom and cause havoc in the Med.
 El Interceptor a "Fresh" Spanish Sip of the line is also entering the foray. And was just able to get a shot at extreme range.
 HMS Inconsistent captained by Edwin King is taking fire from both sides and unleashed 2 broadsides (both port and Starboard) Poor Unicornic!
 Capotain Seb on the San Francis also manages both port and starboard broadsides.
 HMS Agamemnon takes damage from SS Guano at close range and returns the compliment.  Fires are started on both ships (If the cards get drawn that way what can you do?) San Francis was even in range and arc before it moved. SS Guarno has now moved out of firing arc. But the close range battle was intense! Marines from both ships fired as well but they missed everything! Oh well.
 Even HMS Cutlass was able to get a sneaky shot of, but with only 3 dice at this range did minimal damage. But at least they fired.

And Finally HMS Pachyderm is closing on the " La Venganza de Sierra" of Loki and they are now  in range of each other so I expect either cleaver manoeuvres or firing to commence there next turn 

That is todays update. As always if you want more pictures drop me a line and I will get them out to you within 48 hours. (Less if I can make it so). next turn I will need the orders by 8AM GMT Next Saturday. I will send out individual orders this afternoon with damage reports.

Thanks for Looking. A BIG thanks for playing as I do enjoy this each week. And for those zombie players out there I will start a zombie game when this ends but all the places have already gone. So I can't Take any new players. Hobby worker is the reserve player.

Comments welcome and club day tomorrow so probly an AAR on Monday (No Idea what I will be playing) All the best folks and I hope to see you all soon.

cheers Clint

Friday 31 October 2014

Mine Detector.

A single 20mm "Britannia" modern British mine detector.
I bought this at the Selwg show (I now have 2 of these). The reason I have two is that I know that more than one metal detector is available in a "Mastiff". I am the first to admit I am not any kind of expert on the British army but I thought to have a spare just made sense in a wargame.

Long time members of this blog will remember that I have a modern Afghanistan conflict set up (Both British and Taliban).So clearly this figure will join the rest. I did originally use the Ambush alley rules but for me they really were not what I was looking for. I mean they were good and they worked but for me in this type of game they were the wrong choice. They used squads and I wanted individual figures. WE are looking at small skirmish actions of just a few fire teams being ambushed, or 2 teams doing a patrol type games, or securing a compound. Not platoon or company type actions. Ambush alley was therefore for me aimed at the wrong scale of game.

So Having had a flick through the glossy rules (stocked by Empress miniatures at SELWG) I succumbed to buying the PDF version of the Skirmish Sangin rules by "Radio Dish Dash",  a New Zealand Company. In Retrospect buying the PDF might have been a mistake as it has cost me a lot to print out the 173 full colour pages. I am still reading the rules but so far I do like them they are clear and easy to follow. I may well do a review of the rules at a later time.

So at least you know one thing I am planning!

Thanks for looking today. I will post the next turn report tomorrow.
Until then take care and enjoy whatever the day has in store for you.

Cheers Guys.
Clint out!

Wednesday 29 October 2014

Give him a nanna!

yes Paint monkey has finished this batch of now. 23 figures in all (20 painted and three used as a colour match!). So while you may count 23 in the middle photo there are really only 20 new ones painted. You don't have to count them but you can if you want!

Without blowing my own trumpet I am pleased with how they have come out. Which is not to say that they will win any prize but that I am happy with them.

They are all boxed up and will be given back to Matt on Sunday. I have no idea how many Matt has now, but I am sure when they are all assembled it will be more than I recall.

Not being into Vexillology (study of flags) I can make no guess if this flag is right. I was asked to put it on them so they now have a nice bright red flag. As well as a bright red drum as that ties them all together. I think it looks "Spanking in Red" so I'll say no more about them other than it's probably wrong but to be honest only a bean counter would truly care.

That's it for today EXCEPT:
Roy over at
Is planning a Wild West Play by Blog game.
The board he's making looks very good and if the game turns out half as good as the board it really should be a game worth being in.

So a few good men are needed there. I was hoping for a few naughty women but alas another dream shattered!

So that is it for now as I try to work out what I should be painting for myself. Take care all and Thanks for dropping bye.

All the best Clint

Monday 27 October 2014

Paint Monkey Rides again

Ok there's no horse! But at least I am getting on with some commission painting for my fried Matt. I have already sent him some rush photos of the first batch and he's content with them. What a nice chap.

So what have we got today? Well a mixture of manufactures but all North West Frontier colonial types. Yeah OK you could use them for any late colonial British army, but as I have painted some other stuff for him I know where these are going.

I was concerned with putting some small lumps of cork on the bases to represent rocks. But seeing the finished results I have no qualms about doing it again as I think it works very well. I won't put them on many more just a handful. One does not want to overdo it after all.

There will be 3 batches in all, this being the largest batch of 28mm figures. The last batch will have the flags so watch out for them at the end of the week (well about). 10 in this batch, 8 in the next and then a final push to get the last few done before I hand them back on Sunday at the club. If I get the opportunity I will do a group shot before the weekend.

So that's todays (well the weekends ) painting out of the way. Thanks for looking today. Have a good week. And for me (if no one else) is that I have found a new song to sing along to while I paint. Hence the Youtube link.

Sing while you paint!

Ignore the link if you don't want to sing along.

Cheers Guys.