Friday 21 August 2015

All together now!

Well as promised here is a group shot of them all together. When I say All I do just mean this batch. There have already been a couple of batches of figures painted up for matt and the Very British Civil War. But seeing them together does make a village packed full of characters.

The back of Mole and the Front of Toad. Clearly a lot of green and brown on Toad just to keep in with the wind in the willows. while Mole is lots of dark grey.

 Then there was an older gent, perhaps fallen on hard times and with a tommy gun behind his back so while at distance he may not be such a good shot close up watch out!
 I am not so very sure about the gent on the right, but he could easily be a conductor on a trolley bus or perhaps he works front of house in a Cinema theathre.
 I did first think of the guy on the right as a game keeper but he  could be a gentleman farmer. The clothes look better quality than a poacher so for me he is a farmer of quite a sizable estate, or the estate manager of a mansion/stately home.
 A dashing game hunter with shot gun (on the right). But preferring a shotgun than a rifle. And with the kind of bleached teeth only an American would aspire towards!
 On the right, I nicknamed this figure "The Major" when I was painting him. The "Pink" hunting jacket might just as likely be an old dress uniform.
 The Man servant, back from the far flung depths of the British empire ready to help "the Major" should he ever need it.
And Finally 2 Ironclad figures from the Raj. Matt wants them to be the owner/operator of Balty Towers an Indian hotel-restaurant so who am I to disagree. And even the flag has three towers on it (but hard to see in the group picture). I am sure Matt will divulge more as time passes.

Thanks For looking. I am slowly getting my act together. So with luck the next blog post will be Monday.

Until then, take care and have fun!

Cheers Clint.

Wednesday 19 August 2015

More Wild life!

Due to a family Illness I was unable to get much painted, So no VBCW, and just a couple of Vietnam wildlife. 2 Vietnamese Water buffalo, from Britannia (LINK) in 1/72nd scale commonly called 20mm by wargamers. I did paint the horns black brown to begin with as that is more authentic but it just did not look right so I painted them cream and then white and now they look a little bright! Somedays I just can't win. The Flash on the camera has also lightened them considerably!

So that's a brief one and with luck post again on Saturday. And that will be VBCW as I finish this batch off!

If anyone from my wargames club reads this please ask Ian to bring the keys in case I cannot make it!

Cheers Guys. Please no sympathy in the comments!

Tuesday 18 August 2015


Today it is the ladies in A VBCW. Starting with 3 domestic staff. The two figures on either end are Ironclad miniatures while the centre I think may be foundry! (But Not Sure). The Ironclad figures are quite large and the bases quite thick which makes them even taller. The one on the right has been converted to wear a steel helmet as well. I went for a dark grey as opposed to black uniforms as while black is used in "Downton Abbey" I felt that black may have made the figures look too dark. And domestic staff did have a variety of coloured uniforms including dark blue, brown and light grey but I did not want them to look too colourful.

The woman with the bike is I am told Foundry as well, part of the Dad's Army range. She is possibly a character from "The Eagle has landed" according to Matt. So typical of me I went with period colours that just felt right and not looked at the film.

In the final picture yet more variety of makes. The first figure is again Ironclad miniatures (Converted to a banner carrier). Then a Hasslefree and 3 foundry on the end. All the colours are of the period used in various fashions including the teal shoes of the lady on the far right. I have tried to make the ladies appear as if they come from a variety of different backgrounds, everything from Farm Labourers wife to high society. Just to give them a more random look. There are maybe a lady or two to catch Bertie Woosters Eye, or more rather he to catch their eye!

I will try to get a group picture of them all at the end of the week,

And until then, take care have fun and dodge any rain drops that come your way!

All the best From Clint

Sunday 16 August 2015

4 go Wild in a Very British Civil War. (PM)

 Just 4 more figures for matts VBCW project. He did come around before lunch today and we had a small chat. He was just dropping off a flag for my next figures for him. I showed him the 2 central figures then and he was happy as he know that next weekend he'll get them and a few more back as well. I shall finish 4 more this afternoon so you can guess what I will blog about on Tuesday.

Anyway a mixture of manufactures and weapons and even uses but all suitable for his Very British Civil War Project. All the colours come from looking on the internet for 1930's fashions so I know what was available. It was indeed possible to have maroon blazers or a "Dr Who" scarf! Yes they did exist!

Anyway just 4 more today with the promise of more to come!

All the best from here and I hope you are having a good weekend.

Cheers Clint