Friday 1 March 2019

The Re-Paint continues.

Yes the repaint continues. Today I Have finished these 3 sdkfz 234/1 . The 20mm armed heavy scout car used by the Germans in WW2.
Only 3 models (ok one finished day before yesterday. ) But none the less a step forward. They are 15mm "Forged in Battle" figures and were a pleasure to paint.. and dare I say re-paint. I only have the infantry to paint new before I can start. Oh and make some terrain. But Terrain wise I can use a club members before I start. Which is good but I still need to make my own as well.

Meanwhile back at the ranch!

These have arrived Via eBay. they are  the start of my second 15mm sci fi force. I could have gone for another Human force but decided that "Snake-men" were better suited. Each figure while they claim to be 15mm are a tad on the large size. As we have no idea what size aliens would be this is of course no issue. As such I shall start painting this evening and maybe (if the paint gods smile) get something done ready for blogging tomorrow.

Until then good luck and paint and roll dice as much as you want!
All the best Clint

Wednesday 27 February 2019

2 steps forward and some steps back

Well the title says it really. Had a re-think. Yes I know that's dangerous!

Firstly PBI western desert is no longer on the cards. Given I am now reading the rules it is not TOO late. My opponent has late war Germans and late war British and I have late war Americans and mid-late war Japanese it makes more sense to carry on in Europe. (Yes I a aware Japan does not fight in Europe!) So with the infantry in this box which I had already bought but done NOTHING with I should have nearly enough to get a force together.

That being the case I am re-painting some old vehicles.  So this has had another paint job. I shall start the other one today. I will be short of all the options but I am already closer than I was for western desert. Also more is available with regard to purchases.  In fact I shall be able to re-start a stalled project. Well here's hoping. I should say I am confident I will get the first platoon done by Monday.

Elsewhere. I am still working on my 15mm DRK AGE collection. This is a Peter pig "Gift from God!" and counts as LOOT in the Longships  game. It is the only piece of loot I have so far and as 15mm figures go was a joy to paint. All the colours are authentic so as a prize will work out just fine. When I say Prize I mean in game terms you still have to get it.

Additionally I have started to order my next force for "Gruntz". This time an Alien Race and that should arrive over the weekend. So you have been warned it shall be 15mm figure heavy on this blog for a while...... You are warned!

All the best Clint

Monday 25 February 2019

Cavalier 2019

Firstly I am not doing a show report. There were a couple of good games but generally nothing stood out as exceptional. I am sure if you were playing those games OR if there was a particular setting or period you were interested in you would strongly disagree.

There did not seem to be either as many traders or as many wargamers as usual.  Again I could be wrong but that is just a personal opinion. NOTHING more.
So here is the swag, where I brought it and for what it will be used for.

  • PBI rules By Peter Pig. Purchased as a pre-show order (No money spent on the day so far) I shall of course be using this set of rules for WW2 battles in the Western Desert. More of this in a few days no doubt!
  • 1 pack of oval mdf bases. Brought from "Product for wargames". These are a mad idea I have for a conversion and it will probably come to nothing. So no more needs be said at this stage.
  • 2 free figures from Peter Pig. 15mm and very welcome they are too.
  • Kiki Blinder and 2 pots of  paint. I could have purchased more paint but the colours and manufacturers I wanted were not present so that was passed. Col Bill (AKA Stuart took my money and these were ordered before the show.
  • Back to the top right hand side!
  • 2 Packs of "Evil Henchmen" by Ironclad miniatures. Purchase as an impulse buy but my mind is racing and shall be painted and used quite quickly.... I hope.
  • 2 Desert Hills from "the Scene" reasonably well priced and quicker ad easier than making my own.
  • More peter Pig stuff! A destroyed Italian Tank 15mm western desert. And a pack of bases, 30mmx30mm "Plasticard" But if I am to do the western desert I feel this is the way to go!
  • Some TUFTS again suitable for the ww2 desert war. I am not sure who I purchased them from but I always need more and I always use them.
  • 1 15mm Italian tank kit. I will need to get at least 1 more, possibly more, to round out my Italian army in the western desert. I did not catch the trader but a toughly pleasant chap and I hope to encounter them again and I hope they have a few more of these about!
Overall a very good day and a good chance to catch up with  some traders and some wargamers.