Saturday 30 August 2014

Turn 5

Turn Sequence
The turn sequence worked against any firing this turn. Such is life and the way the rules work. I feel a little disappointed as I was sure something would fire this turn. But it just did not happen. Ah well maybe next turn... and maybe not!

Overview of the board
Mathyoo's Frigate
Just escaping the river estuary

HMS Cutlass slowly getting closer.

British manoeuvres combined with Spanish manoeuvres
put Admiral Rousell out of arc and range.

The two sides are getting closer.

The Spanish line starts to fragment.
some turn to Starboard and others carry straight ahead.

The British on the right of the board

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The Arc of fire template clearly shows Ray is unable to fire
even if he was now in range.
(His Turn put him out of both range and arc of fire.)

Milsey is now also out of range.

It is possible that Ray could do some damage next turn.
IF he's lucky. But then so could Milsey.
But at extreme range I doubt it will be much that
could not be repaired.
As always if you need more pictures get in touch. Fran, Curt and MR lee gave me no orders this turn so as always I they just moved straight ahead and should they fire it will be without gunnery command. So it would be about 1/6th as effective!

I will expect your next orders by 7am (GMT) Saturday the 6th September. So you all have a week to get it sorted. Thanks to any players who get their turns in early (you know who you are) and it is appreciated.

Thanks for looking all and with luck we should get a shot or two next turn (no promises) and then the brown smelly stuff may impact the ventilation device. All the best folks

Take care and hope to see you soon

Thursday 28 August 2014

1 more French Cavalry Point.

Yeah the title pretty much covers it. So here we are another unit of French Cavalry for Donnybrook. It is only an extra point but it is a very important point. Why is it an important point? Simply because I can now build up the British forces. Yes I have two more points prepped and primed, an infantry and a cavalry point. This should help me keep some form of parity between the two forces. Clearly I will need more British Horse so at least this will allow me to get them started. As with the last batch these are 15mm Black Hat figures from their Malburian range.  And while they may not get used having the option to use them is very comforting. Yes it may only be 7 mounted figures, 6 troopers and an officer but I do find it interesting how much longer horsemen take to paint over infantry. The other thing about having 2 units of cavalry is that it will allow me to have a larger (9 troopers and a hero) unit using d6 and not using d8's for shooting and melee.

A bit waffley today but that's it for today. I will post turn 5 on Saturday so make sure I get your orders in if you are playing the Play by Blog game. Anyway that's it for today.  Take car4e and tune in again on Saturday to see how the game is progressing. You might also want a quick look at Alan's blog ( as he has also done a game, played on Facebook and not on a blog but taken direct inspiration from this blog.

 Anyway all the best and thanks for taking the time to pop by. All the best Clint

Tuesday 26 August 2014

2 more points.

Well I played a Napoleonic game at the club it was alright, but I was not really in the mood. No worries I was all set up t play Donnybrook but Tim was double booked so I let it slide. My mistake I should have confirmed with him earlier in the week and I did not so It's as much my fault as anyone's. I also forgot the blessed camera so no AAR either! Struth! Man's a Laggard!

I did manage to get 2 extra points of French line Infantry done for Donnybrook and a mounted officer on the Saturday. So As much as I choose to beat myself up about Sunday at the club I just can't really. So here is a picture of all the French I have finished so far for my "Queen Anne's War" period Donnybrook games. I have another unit of cavalry on the paint table at the moment so expect that pretty soon as well. The Second Picture shows 5 points worth of troops (3 Regular Infantry, 1 Regular cavalry and a cannon with crew). I will continue to build them up so that I have more variety. Don't forget the Native Americans which can go on either side, or even both sides if I choose. Not much of an update but there you have it for today. Expect more of the same on Thursday as I finish another cavalry unit.

Thanks for looking, all the best Clint.