Saturday 3 November 2012

2013 show game ponderings

At the club on Sunday Tim (IT miniatures ) should have a few samples for me to paint up for next years show game. As the ball has started rolling now, very slowly and with no real momentum yet. As WW1 East Africa was a subject I know nothing about I grabbed this book from Amazon a few weeks ago and managed to finish it 2 days back. This book would not even have popped up on my reading list if it was not for this hobby of ours. I found the book quite dry with lots of talk about different units with which regiment carried which type of rifle etc, and not concentrating on the campaign in much real detail. But given the title of the book I can't count that as a criticism. For me the joy of the book was that it has opened my eyes to a whole theatre of war that I knew absolutely NOTHING about. My ignorance was astounding! Given that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing I am now incredibly dangerous! I now have ideas for show games by the bucket load! My first decision will be the forces involved. Cavalry I thought before reading this might be interesting, but further reading has revealed to me that horses suffered from diseases and many if not most of them died within months of arrival. So Scratch the WW1 Cavalry battle idea! (I'll have elsewhere for that). What I am heartened by is the variety of troops involved. Germans would need to be one side so that decision is striped from my control. But opposing them I can pit Belgium, Portuguese or British. Although the French were not involved they did offer to send troops from Madagascar these were declined by the British for fear, I am told, of France getting a colonial foothold in Africa. Even when talking about the British as an opponent for the Germans, that might not actually mean British, but South African and other African colonies, Indian, or Caribbean. You could use English troops as well, either from the 2nd Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, or Royal Marines in the form of a British landing party. I shall try to broach the subject at the club on Sunday. Realistically I suspect the guys will be happy with whatever I decide. I don't want that to sound like they trust my judgement, that would be sheer folly! It would perhaps be more based on the fact that I will paint and build everything and they won't want to get in my way or muddy the water too much.

That's it for today. At the club on Sunday we shall be having a SAGA day. Assuming I don't forget my camera again (don't hold your breathe) I'll do a photo report on Monday. I have been given 48 Hours of overtime in the next 2 weeks so it is possible that I might not get too much painting done in the next couple of weeks, but needs must when the Devil drives! Anyway I hope to see you on Monday. Have a good weekend and keep your pets indoors with all the fireworks about. All the best Clint.

Thursday 1 November 2012

15cm sIG Grille auf 38t

 Wanting a change from the normal I selected a German self propelled gun as the next PBI vehicle. Thus we have the 15cm sIG Grille auf 38t (centre mount). I specify the centre mount as there was also a variant with a rear mounted gun, but I liked the look of this one and for no other reason I decided it's the one for me. It is of course from QRF ( I have found very mixed quality from the company with regard to casting, but I am pleased to say this one was very nicely cast. The vehicle comes in 4 pieces and did require milliput and superglue to hold it together, just the same as I would for say battlefront miniatures, so I don't consider that a negative. I deliberately positioned the gun in a horizontal level as the distances over which it will be firing on the table top are minimal, therefore no elevation is required.
 Two crew are also included and they have limited room inside the contratpion so one is half sitting outside. In combat I am sure he'd be hunkered down behind the steel sidings, but for now he's perched on the rear edge. I have painted the crew in artillery uniforms as opposed to late war camouflage with red markings on their epaelettes. I am not sure if this is correct, so don't copy it thinking I know what I am doing, I don't I just went with what I thought as opposes to what I know. So only a 50/50 chance it's right! Details like this are not worried about at the club too much, don't get me wrong there is always one (usually me) who will point out any errors. the really observant will discern a "water and tan" (AKA Splinter A) helmet cover on the closest guy despite the fact that I said no camouflage. And the less observant will have just looked to make sure. It came out a little bit too dark but maybe it got wet and is drying out!
 This vehicle was a lot of fun to put together and paint, so much fun I shall no doubt send off for another as there really should be two together, both historically and to avoid the PBI single vehicle points penalty! It is surprisingly small vehicle but the 150mm howitzer should have a hefty smack to it, not that I expect it to be a game winner in any regard, just a little tabletop fun.
Slowly the German force is coming together a long way to go of course, but I am in no rush just enjoying doing a little every so often. You will know by now I struggle to keep on one project for ANY length of time. I do however slowly bring them to fruition (given enough time). Should I need to get something finished for a game 9 times out of 10 I do manage to (just). Which is all to say this very hap hazard approach works for me!

That's today's blog post. Let's all hope the weather improves for Guy Faulkes night until Saturday take care and paint a few figures!

Cheers Clint.

Tuesday 30 October 2012

Battletech lance (WIP)

Here we have the currect lance of mechs I am working on, still a bit to do, but these are about 80% done. From left to right a 35 ton Panther, a 40 ton Cicada, a 60 ton Dragon and 70 ton Grasshopper. I must admit I have only piloted the Panther from this selection so I don't really know how to play them yet, particularly the grasshopper. I have painted them in Kurita colours (Red) mostly just to contrast with the green of the previous lance. I did not want them to be super bright so started with a black undercoat and a purple base coat, to build up a depth of the tone. Overall I am not unhappy with them. I have found that they do need a lot of cleaning up before painting. Loads of molding lines which have to be trimmed before painting, and I always miss a few unnoticed until the paint goes on. It's a pain, but worth going back and scraping or cutting them off to get a better finish. I appreciate that I got them all cheaper than RRP so I am willing to put up with the hassle. 8 mechs painted so far and a lot more to go yet (about 18). So it will take me a while to get through them.
Time is short so that will have to be the post for today. I shall offer a new post on Thursday. Thanks for reading and have a good couple of days.

Sunday 28 October 2012

Last US Infantry (PBI)

This should be the last of my US Infantry for PBI. I still have a couple more bits and bobs to do, but this should finish the actual infantry for the Yanks. Germans are another matter, I also have a 105mm Howitzer and crew to add. But generally speaking that is it for the US, at least for now.
WE have one last Bazooka team and a final command team and 4 Garand rifle stands. None of this is the most exciting painting project, but it does mean that they are "Finished" I never accept any wargames project as completely finished as there is always something you can add or optional troop choice or whatever. That said having already had two battles with these troops I do know that I have enough to play the game and enough to have a few choices with troop selection. Which means I can perhaps start a new project, or more likely progress another which has stalled or stopped.
Do I have any new projects to start? Obviously yes, the show game for a start as well as several other ideas. More of those another time. On an unrelated note on Friday night I was officially told that my job is no longer "at risk". I will admit to being worried about it I can now relax a little. It has taken the pressure off. I was told unofficially about 1 month ago, but with the NHS it is always worth waiting for the Official word. That's today's post. More on Tuesday. Until then take care and have fun.