Thursday 1 January 2015

Mahdi Cavalry

Well these have been on the Analogue Hobbies painting challenge for about 2 weeks and now I have only just gotten around to putting them on my blog. Ah well such is Life. Yes The Paint monkey was busy with the brushes over the festive period.

I hasten to add that I am painting Zulu's for myself at this stage as well as some Genestealers for a project later to be revealed. But I will say no more for now. And back to the script (This Blog has a script? well no one told me Ed.)

All these figures are Perry miniatures from their Sudan metal range. Firstly we have 2 command figures. While the one on the left has a sword the one on the right is unarmed. (except for a scroll... something about a pen being mightier than a sword..... neither will stop bullets though).

 Then we have 2 groups each of 4 cavalry. They all carry swords some carry javelins or rifles as well, a couple carry all three. As we all know you can never have enough weapons. But you can have too few.

Some likewise have colourful patches on their clothes as a mark of the poverty of the Mahdi. Most do not though. They were a joy to paint and have come out jolly well I think. The next two I do I have been struggling with and when you see them you will understand why! But that's another post on this blog.

The final picture is them all together.. A total of 10 Cavalry in 28mm. And while all the riders are different I Have had a few "Siimilar" (exactly the same) horses. This is no problem as they can all be different shades of brown if need be to help break the unit up.

Thanks for looking today. Happy new year and all that. I may well do a post of plans for the new year next week, or I may avoid it all together.

I shall go back to playing "World of tanks" now at which I do truly stink big time in an ultra wiffy way.

Have fun and with luck see you soon. All the best Clint.

Tuesday 30 December 2014

Club game pre-Christmas

I went to the club on Sunday and played a board game. Whilst there I was asked why I had not put the last club game on the blog and was it because I lost. Simply put If I only put games on the blog that I won there would be none on here at all. So here we go!

We played a game of "Longships" By Peter Pig. Graham was kind enough to act as a referee. Tim and I teamed up to play the Vikings. While Matt and Colin played the defending Anglo Saxons. Rather than a Raid we were doing a big battle with the aim being to take the ridge.

Graham supplied all the models, the rules and all the terrain. He did even supply some handy hints to both sides as well. Next time Tim and Myself might listen... live and learn then forget it all when my head touches the pillow!

 The hill counted as steep so we stopped short and chucked a few spears and insults at the Saxons. That had very limited success they were not coming off the hill. They did kindly chuck our spears back though. (Thanks guys)
 Tim was the first to try attacking the hill. He was beaten bounced of the saxon shield wall and was pushed back.
 The tactic was repeated by Tim with similar effects but slightly better each time as we were at least killing a few of them. Problem was they were killing more of us!
 I got a unit to form a boar snout*. We went up the hill pushing and shoving in this wedge formation. Colin rolled the dice and did massive damage to my unit. But the formation meant that I could make him re-roll the dice, or I could. Yeah no way I was going to match his score in a month of Sundays so I made him re-roll. He did and still rolled well but not quite as well as last time. But well enough to force me of the hill. Curses!
 A couple more assaults by both me and Tim. And the saxon unit on our right was getting a licking but still holding, just.
 Tim doggedly continues and finally manages to take one section of the hill. (Just 3 more to go)
 One of Tims Units so battered routes from the table. The bad news is that one of mine followed it as I had a very bad dice roll. Opps.
 Matt decides to come of the hill to finish my remaining unit. While his an Colins other units stay on the hill just to make sure we did not take it! Fat chance of that.
 The battle off of the hill lasted a couple of turns in which time Tim moved further along the hill.
 The Battle off the hill was quite evenly matched but for once the dice favoured me. (Fighting on the hill did seem to Give the defenders a big advantage, although I am sure they did not thing the advantage to great).
 Eventually I did manage to beat Matts unit. It had started the game as armoured elite, but Tim had weakened it with hit attacks so was now comparable with my own. Yeah me I won a fight! As Matts unit thought better of it and quit the battlefield.
Tim moves his unit even further along the hill and threatens Colins weakened unit. Too little too late as Colin and Matt were able to bring on tier reserves. We had reached the countdown and decided to go for just one more turn. (In these rules there is a trade off you can extend the game if you want but doing so takes victory points from you).

Matt and Colin were able to retake most of the now empty hill. Curses!

We all packed away as Graham worked out the victory points. the result was a major Viking Defeat. Well done Colin and well done Matt.

Tim summed the game up with the following quote " Lady luck raised her skirts for us and then called us perverts!"

Yeah that's about what happened!