Friday 30 December 2011


Well I have now cleared my painting table ready for the next batch of well I'm not totally sure yet, but probably the start of a warmaster dwarf  army, as I have them about ready to go, but I don't have any games planned.

You can probably tell what all the figures are without my telling. But just in case you cant they are copplestone cops, a crooked dice uplift security (not at all Captain Scarlet like) and three Hasslefree miniatures all painted to look like cartoon characters. (I'll have to get better at photography). I do have a Fred done previously so not included in this shot. I don't have the Scooby mini, there was something about it I was not sure of at the time, but am now regretting not getting it. Oh well.

The building in the background is hand made by me, but pretty old. It's just to give the figures a sense of scale and some form of background. Anyway it's made out of foam core (also called Lightweight or foam board depending on who makes or sells it). Anyway I'm not talking about that today.

I did have a flick through the "Tomorrows War" rules last night. It ways only a brief look at the rules, but here are my initial thoughts. If you have played "Force on Force" by Ambush Alley there are no surprises. Much of the rules, and 95% of the mechanics can be found there. The basic concept of the mechanics is that you need 4+ to succeed. The number of dice you roll will be dependant on how many figures are for example shooting, the weapons they are using, if they are at short range and other factors. The type of dice used vary with the troop quality. Militia and poorly trained troops will use d6. Regulars d8, Elite will use d10. And the superhuman film stars will use d12 (don't expect many published scenarios for Force on Force to use d12s). Obviously it's easier to roll 4+ on a d10 than a d6 for example. When being shot at the defender also gets to roll dice for their troop quality and it is by comparing these results of both the attacker and the defender that a result is determined.

The main turn mechanic revolves around acting and reacting to each other. For example Player a moves player B tries to react and interrupt player A. Player A may then try to interrupt player Bs attempt at shooting with a different squad. It sounds complicated but works really well on the table. Again your troop quality determines the dice you use rolling against each other to see who gets the drop for that action and then resolves either the action or reaction dependant on the dice.

There is a pregenerated background with some forces and equipment detailed as well as some planets and some political background. You don't have to stick to that of course, but from what I have read it's not too bad. Obviously being an American rules system the Americans have the highest technology and thus the best weapons a bit predictable really.

Overall I do like these rules but as they stand I think I'll stick to Stargrunt. I can see that changing if/when they bring out a couple of supplements with set scenarios and more background. Which I personally think Stargrunt should have done.

All the best Clint

Thursday 29 December 2011


Again no pic today.You don't need a pic of the boards battened together and glued and then neatened up. yes I have done what I said I would, but there really is not anything useful to see.But as soon as there is anything worth looking at I will post it.

I have had feedback on the club shirts and it looks like it's a go (don't tell Ian he's bound to want to have a say and be negative about the whole thing). I think every club must have one and ours is called Ian. Which is not to say he's a rotter or anything, quite the opposite he's genuinely nice guy. But I think he's going through a can't be bothered phase, refuses to buy anything wargaming or paint anything and he's not hosted a game at the club for ages.All of which is his choice and I can't fault him for it, to some extent that was me a year ago, lost all enthusiasm. So I do know what it's like. I have now sent the design idea to the treasurer and (Frontline) Tim. I can't see them really digging their heels in so it looks like I shall have to spend some hours neatening the design and getting it ready for production.

I still have to read "Tomorrows War" so I can't talk about that either. I do realise it will mean me buying two opposing forces and making some terrain, but that can wait for a while. Also on the wait list is Cutlass (because it has yet to arrive) and the WW1 Zombie idea. I need to start finishing things before I start too many more, but I suspect that's a very common war-games trait.

I hope to finish some 28mm figures later today read for 7TV and that ilk of game. I have finished one lot of "pro-painting" ready to go back (early first world war 28mm Germans), I might phone the guy tonight and let him know depends on how I feel. However for myself I am painting some Copplestone cops. I originally got them for a superhero game idea, which has since faded into the background due to my lack of interest in building sky scrappers. I have this thing about most wargames tables being very 2 dimensional, especially at shows. I think any show game that can raise itself above the base board by more than a few inches starts to look interesting. Otherwise the game tends to look flat. Now I do grant you that most historical battles while some were fought on hills, (Waterloo, Hastings etc..)  they still mean that the observer at shows is looking at the figures mostly in plan. I did wrack my brain for some historical battles where height was important, but they tend to fall into a few distinct categories, Air war is the most obvious, and castle sieges. I must admit I would like to do a castle siege game, with a decent size castle to squabble over but that would create a storage issue.

That's enough for now speak soon. Clint

Wednesday 28 December 2011


Well not too much to report on the wargames front over the past few days. Today however I have been to B+Q and bought some more wooden battening. I have worked up the shed and battened out all the remaining boards for the moon scape. I'll leave the glue to dry overnight and when I get back from work in the morning I'll sand them and generally neaten them up. Once that's done it will be repeating the previous steps with minor variations to create different boards.

The first moon board (in this batch) is drying out nicely, but still needs a few more days before I want to put the next layer of paint/sand and glue on. Then it will need a week to dry. So at this stage nothing to show in pics. It looks exactly the same as the last picture, but the texture is slowly, very slowly stiffening.

On other projects: I have sent a sketch of the club shirts to a club member and am waiting for his feedback before I spend any more time on it. Obviously I want him to say "Yes that's fantastic" but even if he does then that's where the real work will start.

Still thinking about WW1 Zombie games, I think the best scenario is a trench raid as opposed to a mass battle.A plucky group of Tommies going across "No mans Land" to infiltrate the German trenchline and find out what's going on. I suspect the biggest difference between a standard 7ombie TV game and one set in WW1 might be the skills. Mostly they will be very limited and most players will put their defence up as high as they are allowed. I think that I might limit the amount of points they can put up defence by might be limited. I like characters to be somewhat limited and have a vulnerability. Otherwise you'll get characters knee deep in Zombies and not worried about it. I'll decide closer the time of course, but it's just my first thoughts. I'll have to change the scavenger cards as well to fit with the era and setting and again that's more to think about. If I get this idea up and running I'll offer it to Dr Warlock for his Fanzine. He Knows I'm dyslexic and will have to proof read it thoroughly, but that's what an editor does.

That's all for today, yes I now it's not very exciting, but it's a step that needs to be done and done properly before I can go any further.

Sunday 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Well today is the 25th of December. So happy Christmas and seasons greetings and all that Malarkey. Seriously hope everything is going well for all of you.

To the right is all the games related stuff I was lucky enough to be given this year. For most of us "Mature" wargamers this is a first rate haul of goodies and for which I am really thankful, definitely no gripes from my point of view this year. I guess Santa must have deemed me "Good" this year. Normally it's just some socks and pants and some deodorants. So by comparison I am over the moon. All of them were surprises. The Jadpanthers were from Alan a small reward for putting on the Zombie Car park Christmas game if I am honest I had the pressie a few weeks ago but did not open it. I had rattled it and judging by the dimensions and weight and sounds concluded it was  most likely a kit of some kind, although with Al it could have been just the sprues with all the pieces removed and a witty note. It would be the kind of thing he might do as a joke, but I was confident (this time) that it would be kosher. (Mind you I have yet to open the box so the last laugh might still be with him). But I have faith.
The rest though were a complete and utter surprise.

I have only had a quick scan through "Tomorrows War", but I have Force on Force so I do have an idea of the quality of the production and to a lesser degree the quality of the rules. Coming to the point the rules seem (at this stage of quick scan) to contain a setting which appeals. I semi realistic future of futuristic warfare. I like what I have seen from a setting perspective both countries and corporations colonising planets and squabbling over resources. When I read more I'll have a much better idea, but for now I'm quite excited by it.

The DVDs have obvious 7TV links and as I have not seen them for ages will be quite fresh to me. I did manage to watch Deathwatch yesterday evening. My conclusions are mixed. I did think it was a good general horror film. I was informed it Zombie film, however  I saw no zombies in the film, which I found disappointing which is why I am not being as enthusiastic as perhaps I could be. The trenches were well constructed and the general feel/atmosphere of the film was really good and there are some good horror themes centring (in my opinion) around isolation both from their own forces and between the individuals of the group. But then I'd never be a film critic. Shame no Zombies though as come on World war one zombies does have a certain resonance.

I'll check the moon boards first thing in the morning, but I am not expecting it to be dry just yet and with Relatives arriving late morning don't think I'll get much chance to do much of anything. Still you never know I might get lucky.

Hope you've had a great day and that Santa has delivered more than just socks! All the best Clint

Thursday 22 December 2011

Watching Paint Dry

Nope not the BBC's "Changing Rooms" program. Although I doulbt forgive you if you thought so. If I ever rename this blog that's what I'll call it 8-) I know It doesn't look any different from yesterday, but it has now had a second coat of the same mix as yesterday. Now I'd best give it a couple of days to thoroughly dry out. Several places the tape had come unstuck, but this second coat should cure that once dry. Water and tape don't really mix but with the wood glue it should bind it all together. (I say that with confidence as I have managed this technique a few times in the past.)
Waiting is quite hard you always want to fiddle with it and touch it to make sure it's still wet. SO I will walk away and leave it from tomorrow. I will give the board a shake to remove any excess sand. but that will be it in this project till Boxing Day I think.

My nephew is here again and I can't believe he has not seen Lord of the Rings. SO I have had a couple of quiet hours as he watches the first film. Talking of films I did manage to see enough of DEATHWATCH to know that the DVD works OK but drifted off to sleep so I still need to watch it. Me falling asleep is no indication of a film quality I can fall asleep on the back of a horse so while watching a film is just too easy.

The only other wargamy thing I've managed today is to send one of my club members a sketch of the club shirts I want to make. Still waiting for his feedback before I take it any further. And as only a sketch I won't bore you with it just yet. Maybe if they ever get taken to completion, but at this stage it's too early to say more.

Take care till next time. Clint

Post Script: I'll try to dig out some other free standing craters that I have done in the past as Sheldrake mentioned them.

Wednesday 21 December 2011

First Coat

Well as you can see the first coat is on the moon board.Some of the masking tape might start to lift especeially when it gets wet. This is not ideal so before painting quickly check and push it back down. Don't over work it it should be fine as long as you have got at least 3 layers overlapping as described previously.  I use a little water some ready mixed poster paint from "The Works" and some wood glue. It's not an exact science or mix but about 3 times the paint to glue. And just a splash of water. Mix it all together until it is a single consistent colour. Mix more than you think you'll need as it's a real pain to mix half way through this stage. Using a paint brush, 2 inch is ideal but bigger or smaller as you have available. Common sense but don't use a figure painting brush that would take far too long and we don't have time for mucking about. The slopes on the craters will seem flimsy and it does have a moments concern as this is the most vulnerable process. A little bit of movement is to be expected, it is only tape after all.
Before it dries "Sprinkle" sand on top. U have used "Builders" Sand from B+Q as it was the cheapest I could get in the amount I wanted. You can use any sand I think as long as it is DRY before this stage. (I think it would work with wet sand, but take MUCH longer to dry therefore make your life easier and use dry sand. If I could have gotten silver sand at the right price I would have used that as it "Tends" to come in a more dry state than builders sand. I use a sieve when sprinkling the sand as t takes any lumps out and gives a better control. By control I mean it allows you see more clearly just how much sand you are putting at a time.
That's where I shall leave it today and allow it to dry over night.
On other projects (Can you tell I have had more time today).

I have sent for the "Cutlass" rules by Black Scorpion mostly as an excuse to buy some of their lovely miniatures. I like the idea of a "Smugglers" game as I can in my mind see the set-up and I like what I see. Once the boards are built I see no reason that they can't be used for other time periods. I have also thought of using it for a 7TV game "Margate Vice" But that's in the future and I'll put it on here anyway so you can see it happening then..

I have had two EBay purchases turn up. The DVD Deathwatch which I am told is a WW1 horror film cost me £1.27 including postage so if it's rubbish who cares. If on the other hand it's good it will kick start the WW1 Zombie game.

The other purchase was some 10mm Dwarfs for Warmaster. Six packs in all so I guess I might have to think about getting some painting done. I have two figures that NEED to be finished very soon, as they are part of someones Christmas Pressie. (Yeah I thought I was all done, but then found them). Oh well at least I found them last night and not Christmas Eve.

SO Now I'll watch this film and see how it goes.

Cheers Clint

Tuesday 20 December 2011

Same ol' same ol'

Well pretty much the same as yesterday. Only managed to do the tiniest bit. But now at least have all the craters taped in for this board.

Now being pestered to watch Harry Potter DVD. Best go.

Monday 19 December 2011


Well it has almost escaped my notice but we are on the run up to Christmas I have done my best to ignore it and have been very happy to do so. I have bought pressies already (got the last one in September) as I hate the last minute rush thingie, can't see the point a total waste of time. Little bit of planning and problem solved long before it becomes a problem. Or so I thought.

Well today school holidays have started and I have been "babysitting" my nephew. So how much do you think I could get done.... Yeah about that much or maybe a little less. Last time he came he did not have a coat so there was no way he could "help" up the shed. No way at all. So my sister being very very helpful made him wear a coat, but a brand new one that in no way could get any marks on. So the upshot was a total waste of time again could not get anything done up the shed. So No wargaming terrain made at all today.

I think I might have solved the Broadside game idea however. Which has put a smile on my face.  The terrain I am really good at making is cliffs. (even if I do say so myself.) SO I think a 17th-18th century South Coast smuggling game is the order of the day complete with smugglers cave system. SO you heard it here first.

I will continue to post this week and try to get things done in the dark up the shed before the young one arrives and I have to stop and look after him, but don't expect too much. Although I am now ready to start texturing the first moon board. So maybe tomorrow very early.

More later Clint

Sunday 18 December 2011

And Relax.

Well I am over the disappointment of yesterday and the ballroom double booking. SO that's gone and now forgotten.

So what's happening today.
I went up the shed to do some work on the moon boards, got cold and came back down to the house. But did a few snaps so we can talk about its construction. The first step is to get some 6mm mdf and some battening. Cut them to size nail them together after you first put some white wood glue on all the edges that touch. That's pretty straight forward so no need to detail that. There are on this board 3 sizes of craters, each is made from a cardboard tube cut down to an appropriate height.about 10mm for the small 18mm for the medium and 26mm for the large. It does not need to be accurate, or even level close enough in this instance is good enough so don't sweat it. The small craters use loo roll or kitchen roll cardboard tubes and I would start with them if I was following this guide as they are by far the easiest. The medium tubes are the core from rolls of masking tape. The large tube is mad not found. Simply cut some thin card into a strip I use the width of a steel rule to get the right height. Bend it round to create a circle fasten it somehow, I have used staples and tape in the past so it does not really matter as long as it is fixed firmly. Once you have the amount of craters you want, scatter them in a semi random way. You don't need to think about it much, just make sure that they are not in lines, not to close to the edge (you do want some close to the edge though or players will create clear lines of fire and movement. ) As a general rule an inch is ok for medium craters, think about the slope being roughly 45 degrees and go from their, a lot of it is trial and error so have a bash and see what happens. The next stage is perhaps the most important of the whole process. Use masking tape (as in the second pic) and place it directly across the card tube pushing it down firmly both in the centre of the crater and outside the crater. It takes a little thought and practise to get it to create the right slope. But once you have the knack it's really straight-forward. I tend to work like a spider and scatter them at quite wide angles around the tube say at 90 degrees, then 45 degrees. You don't need to be prescriptive about the angles just roughly as the next step will fill in all the gaps. keep repeating the above process all the way round the rings, overlap the tape and make sure there are absolutely NO GAPS. You really want to do this 2-3 times to give a good and smooth slope. The odd bump or wrinkle makes no difference as long as everything is completely covered and a couple of layers deep.  Unfortunately it does take a lot of tape, but it does work and as I can get 2 rolls in the 99p store it's not that expensive a way of doing it. I would suggest using the low price stuff because there's no point in using the expensive when the cheap will do.

On other wargames thoughts:
I have decided to abandon the secret project unstarted. It was to build some modular Venice boards. I think a three musketeer type game in Venice would be great. Or Zombies in Venice. Or a bond type roof top chase. Even WW2 spies. I think the setting would look spectacular for a game. But for me the realisation that I would need to make about 50 buildings for the plan to work, as most of Venice is really close together. All the buildings would be of a piano-noble 16th-17th century design. So at least 3 stories tall with a shop, workshop or store on the street level and living quarters above. Anyway It would mean I would have to build at least 2 buildings each and every week to a high standard. I still like the idea but can't see myself finishing it ever let alone in time for broadside.

Anyway the upshot is that I am still looking for a game for Broadside, but I do have several ideas no doubt some of which will turn out to be impractical. For now though I'll get Crimbo out of the way and take it from there.

That's it for today.

Saturday 17 December 2011


The chairman of the hall our wargames club meet in has double booked the Hall on Sunday. We play alternate Sundays (and have done for about 30 yeears so I'm told) so we are in my opinion the right to use it but HE has orgnised a ballroom dancing examination and invited over 50 people to participate. I am a bit angry and have written a "snotty" email to him saying that he's been very selfish and that I am not impressed. There are two sides to everything so he might be in the right, and I may not be in posession of all the facts. However from my point of view it SUCKS! Sorry Rant over. So no games now till the new year.

Hopefully I'll be in a better mood tommorow and beable to write something semi sensible. Please don't make any comments and no sympathy please. I do have more going on in my life than a game.

Try again on Sunday.

Friday 16 December 2011


Despite the snow I did manage to do an hours work up the shed. Gonna be working on and off now on the moon-scape boards. I was Going to photograph it as a step by step how too guide. But camera needs some new batteries so perhaps tomorrow.

My current war gaming thoughts are all over the place, but tend to fall into several categories. The car-park zombie game for Sunday. And most specifically what will I do with the paste table next. I suppose I could use the car park a couple more times, maybe a Miami Vice drug deal 7TV style, or a Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift car race game. Kev has suggested a swat based anti terrorist game set in a car park. So there are a few ideas, and I do like the drug deal idea, maybe a biker gang doing a drugs deal with some "Colombian" type cartel in a multi-story and a group of cops on the other side. But this car park was a "throwaway" game really everything done quickly and cheaply. Al (AKA Leofwine) seems to think the idea of a game board in a box is a good idea, the main problem is the proportion, it kind of needs to be a long thin game, played in a long thin way. Several ideas have been put forward verbally, but I'm not sure where to go with it just yet.

 Moon scape boards. Well I think about them because I'm making them and I'm sure I'll do a step by step guide to their construction over the Christmas period.

I am also thinking about a "semi" secret project and wondering if I could build it well enough to make it look impressive. I'm kind of over thinking it and probably should just bite the bullet and get it going. I will talk about it here if I get of my fat lazy bum and get it started as if I talk about it there's some chance I might finish it. I want a good looking game for Broadside 2012 and like the idea of this secret project, I was going to do a superhero game, but freaked myself out over thinking how to build New York City.

I am also pondering if WW1 zombies would be a  one of game or if I should perhaps invest some time and money in the project to make it more so. The question is how many times would we play it?

Well that's today's pondering. Talk soon Clint

Thursday 15 December 2011

Back to normal

Well it's back to normal, for a very limited and given value of normal. I'm still winding down from the car park game.  Most of the wargames stuff I'm doing today is pretty mundane. I have had to turn down a game over the Christmas week because I'll be working, and you just can't turn down overtime at Crimbo. (It's not quite double bubble, but it is Job and Knock so that's good.)

Ok so what has happened. Well the BIG news is that Karl from Crooked Dice has offered to come and give us a game. Always nice to get the game designer involved, if a little daunting if it's a game we put on with his rules. However he suggested either "You only live Dice" or the 2012 equivalent. Which is fantastic news as far as I'm concerned.

Also been chatting and at least one of my players loves the idea of doing a WW1 Zombie game. Here's a pic of my hand made trenches. It was made for a show game with Brits against Turks before WW1 games became really popular. It's all modular, but only goes together in certain ways, so you get a tetris type trench system. In this particular game the British had gotten into the Turkish front trench and here the Turks were trying to counter attack and bring up a HMG. Anyway with a quick freshen up I think it would serve quite well. Being inspired by the Nosferatu game in Keil I may repaint it all in greys so the zombies fit in and the Brits stand out. I'll see what time and effort I want to expend. But I think its a game that will happen in February. Working with the title "No mans Land!". Unless you can suggest a better working title.

I have also FINALLY started the Moonscape  Boards that Andy at Ainsty Castings as commissioned. He says he's in no rush which is just as well.

That's all today's news. Don't expect too much more for the next few days, but I will continue to post.

\Cheers Clint

Wednesday 14 December 2011

Last Night.

Well this is the set up before the players come down in the lift and begin their escape. Each player selected at random a single character. Given the basics of the rules and the objectives. The cast was as follow:
  • Clint "Zombies"
  • Mark "Little Girl" (too much hilarity)
  • Clive "Little Boy"
  • Martin "Cop"
  • Alan "Heavy" (again to hilarity)
  • Alex "Army Girl" (more laughs.)
  • Andy "Store keeper"
  • Phil (in absentsia) "Santa"
Activisation was by random selection (names in a hat style) anyway the first few moves were tentative as all players were new to the rules and as I had not told them where the car keys might be they were I think uncertain of exactly what to do. The Little Girl had the first move and moved close to Santa. We had trouble from the outset with communicating to Phil But these things happen and we just got on with it. The other players came out of the elevator and either ran to the cars and found them locked (and no ignition keys) or went to the loos and maintenance room and began looking around. having decided that searching constituted an action. They would not leave till the following turn. By the time they did get to move they each had a scavenger card and were penned in by zombies and had to fight their way out. In the second picture you can see the storekeeper in the ladies loos, (bottom right corner), the Heavy by the first car on the right engaged in fisty-cuffs, the little boy near the red car in the middle. Army girl and the Cop were in the maintenance room,  and the little girl searching the skip. Clive (the little Boy character)
was the first to find some keys, on the corpse of lying that their feet in the third photo. By then the Store keeper had escaped the loos despite typically low wargaing dice rolls and discharged their shot gun into everything except the zombie about 1 inch away. The Cop had tried searching the petrol tanker but could not get it started. Army Girl had likewise spent several actions sliding across the bonnets of parked cars in a very 1970's manner. The "toddlers" (little boy and girl) had started to co-operate but were having trouble taking out zeds. To be fair all players were struggling to finish any zombies off. Big Al (the heavy) had also twigged that keys can be found on corpses and managed to secure a set as did the
little girl. Clive vocalised that perhaps the living dead might have car keys which again is common sense in the setting. The Cop Marting waded into a nearby Zed with his truncheon in an attempt to subdue it enough for a close body search. The idea was good It did get him some keys, but it also gave nearby zombies the chance to get close to him. So with several players having car keys now they started trying to start the cars. I decided to have the first car tried to need a natural 12 on 2d6 for it to fit that car. Then drop it to an 11 for the second attempt then 10 then 9 etc. So now the race for keys was definitely on and Clive having tried several cars had reduced the roll needed to an 8. It was at this stage that Alex (Army Girl) decided that enough was enough and that keys were more important than friends. So having scavenged a fire extinguisher used it on the heavy, and then to start swinging fits at the frozen chap. Meanwhile elsewhere Santa had deemed that the store keeper had been "Naughty" and clobbered him with a sack full of toys resulting in a stun. The next turn Andy (store keeper) immediately recovered from his stun and set about mugging Santa. He grabbed two pressies (which turned out to be an ornamental Katana in a display box and a nicely wrapper Chainsaw, just want we all want.) Martin was having troubles of his own surrounded by zombies with his back toward a car, heavily wounded he played the sewer rat event card and re emerged from a man hole 12 inches away from the trouble. Alan was stunned and the close zombie threw of its stun. So Alex decided to leave the keys on a stunned heavy and run like a girl with legs flapping about as far away as he could, and closer to one of the un-searched corpses, (a dead dead, not an undead). The three zombies entered a feeding frenzy on the stunned and frozen Heavy Al. The inevitable happened and alas poor Heavy Al was zombiefied. To rub salt in the wound Alex made him a new party hat .  As the store keeper was such a rotten shot he swapped from shotgun mode to first chainsaw then katana in an effort to cull the numbers. At this stage only 2 players did not have car keys, although Alex was to get them from the corpse on his next action. Al had keys on his zombie self but while no longer frozen was stunned a state he was to enjoy for a while longer. The Little boy was the first to get  a car moving but being a kid was not the best driver
 in the game. Despite that he did manage to run over 3 zombies as his first action and go up to second gear as his second action all without loosing control but pushing his luck to the limit. The storekeeper and Santa were slap bang ahead of him so unless they got to go next they'd be mown down. The Cop had just scrambled into a car as Clive turned the next corner. Martin (the cop) had to reverse almost into the path of the careering kiddy driven car. The Little Girl Mark was also carred up and the race was on to leave the car park first and scoop  this years tin or choccies which were the prize. But they were not clear yet. The Zombies made several last ditch attacks flailing wildly at the cars as they sped past.
 Clive was in the lead but a bad driver and had to make the choice of running over several zombies including Al (who was now a "stunned" TANK) or swerving out of the way. You can't blame him we all would have done it. The Chance of running Big Al down was Just too great. In a typically series of bad rolls he clipped the first zombie sent it spiralling one way and lost control of the car and spun. Mark was then to go and he managed to manoeuvre through the debris ridden car park and head towards the exit ramp. However Army Girl Alex had also started a car closer to the ramp and the way out, with no time to manoeuvre he set it in reverse and ended his turn at the bottom of the ramp,  but not  out. The turn ended and it all came
down to who went next. Alex's name came out the
hat so he  decided  to fire  is pistol at  the little girl
he missed but was Mark for able to reverse up the ramp and thus win the nights game. We were out of time and as club president Alan had to hand the prize to Alex, shake his hand and say congratulations. All in all it worked well had most of us smiling and laughing (even Alan claims he enjoyed it.) Honourable mentions for the game go to Alan for spending in total 5 turns in stun. Alex for being a rotter through and through, Martin for playing the right card at just the right time, Clive for low rolling consistently, Andy for becoming a walking armoury (3 guns, a sword, lawn mower and chainsaw) but still not being able to kill anything, and Mark keeping us smiling and coming a very close second.

Tuesday 13 December 2011

Tonight's the night.

Nope nothing to do with John Barrowman and if he turns up he'll be the first one eaten! No pics today as saving batteries for th actual game. I have created 12 pregenerated co star quality characters. Each with a stat line weapons and a one word description like cop, looter, sleazy man, store keeper etc. It will most likely create some banter round the table as players call each other by thier description, " Andy you're a 'Little boy' and you've got a tiny pistol!"... "Yeah well Mark stop trying to loot Sleazy Alans bum!" You know the kind of thing all wargamers will resort to. (I am no better).

As ever characters can take any reasonable action. but standing thier with your hands over your eyes and claiming if you can't see them, they can't see you, will probly result in teeth marks. I'll change some of the rules for this one off. Activation for players will be by drawing names out of a cup. One at a time so they don't know the order they'll move/shoot etc. The Zombies will activate the same way, but only 1/2 will activate if thier card is drawn. 4 zombies per player and players that die come back as a co star zombie ( I have some wild west zombie gunfighters to represent them.)

The winner will be the first one to DRIVE out of the car park. The two children characters are bad drivers so thier cars will go slower, but they do have a higher move. Running out of the carpark will be assumed to be staying close enough to the zombies to be infected in the next few hours.

I am struggling to find my Santa figure for the absent player but that's the only hold up today.

I'll try to do a game report on Wednesday with a few pics and quotes should anyone say anything worth repeating!

Monday 12 December 2011

First test shots

Well we are getting to the nitty gritty. By this time tomorrow I should be finishing off and heading out for the game. I still have a load to do, but fear not I am just about on target, so I thought I'd share a few pre game snaps. This first one shows the board overall. There are two white building sections to paint. The One on the right of the carpark is the access stairs, this will house some plant/machinery should the players WANT to turn the lights out and the stairs allow me to spawn more zombies should I need some closer the exit. The Road markings are again white pencil from a coloured pencil set. The Peice of machinery is an old "Snapdragon" peice sorry I can't remember the code or much else about it. I have a barrier to go on the exit ramp. Just a painted cocktail stick which I can peirce the foam core with to make it stick out.  Unfortunatly that's all the cars I have access to, could have done with more, but then that would have been more to carry (Thanks again Kev). As a wide full length shot I think it's starting to get thier now. Not that I was worried (much) but I had yet to propperly visualise it. The second Photo is very similar but you can now see I have painted the loos,blue for boys and pink for girls. No interior details as this is just a throw away game. Any player who can't figure it out deserves a slap with a wet MOGGY. The square room is the lift shaft that the players will start from as they escape the havoc in the mall upstairs. I have a checker plate (Plastic) stand there to represent the lisft shaft propper and the impact plate should the lift fail. (I have no idea if that's what you would normally finsd at the bottom of a shaft, but who cares it looks good and I can blag it if need be!!)  Behind the lift shaft is a set of stairs leading up. Obviously buildings with lifts have stairs for when the power fails (did I type that out loud) I mean should the power fail. The only other room will be a storage room, the grey one on the left, I was originally going to have disables toilets there but this has more uses and I can put a couple of tgreasured artifacts in thier should ay player want to enter a cul-de-sac. You can also see (on the right) some skips and a couple of wide parking bays, possibly for mother/toddler or for disabled drivers. Yes the fuel lorry will be parked thier, but the keys for it will be at the other end of the car park.
The next shot is an eye level shot. It does higlight the fact that the cars are too big, But I think that's ok, as mostly we'll be above the ground floor looking down. Which is what you get in the next pic. Three survivors and a few zeds closing in. The dead body is a resin casting from Tim (Frontline) Wade, Unfortunatly he says the molds have now gone to America. They were wild west dead and wounded, I managed to scrounge a couple, (should have got more in Hind sight). And while they are painted and based for wild west gunfights they are some of the few dead (and remaining that way) boddies I could find. I did ask on the crooked dice forum, but no one had any better solutions which is a shame, but maybe in times to come I'll find some. Thanks for reading. More on Tuesday and a game report Wednesday. Cheers Clint

Sunday 11 December 2011

Enough for now.....(maybe)

Well I have now painted 48 zombies for the game. One was missing from the Sprue that Kev "gave" me so I substituted a zombie clown  just had lying around. It feels like a weight's been lifted to have gotten enough Zombies done for the game. I really must finish the carpark model though or all those will be for nothing.... well not nothing we all know I'll find a use for them, even if it's not this game. I still have 12 on thier sprues which I shall tackel on at a later date. As  Club Rainham Wargames has quite a few Zombies now, this 48, plus the horde that Kev has, plus any other members as well. But as only these will be used on Tuesday night I think I should have enough, just!
Just because all the Zombie painting was getting boring I thought I'd do a machine waith as well. It's a bit more colourful. Still not happy wih the photograpy, I think I might need some help there, But at least it makes a change from painting Grey. Yes still "undead" and as I am sure you'll already know a solo for The CRYX faction in warmachine. It was remakably quick and easy to paint mostly at night. My Cryx force has a very rusty look with purple man colour and green accents.
This afternoon I will sort out the survivor figures for the Carpark game. That will give me 2 full days (other than overtime) to finish things of. I can see it being finished but eben so have mentioned some concerns to Alan. We have a back up Wild West Gun-Fight game ready to roll out if we need. So it's not like we'll have nothing to do on Tuesday if it all goes wrong.

That's it for today. Have a good Sunday and I'll post again on Monday.

Saturday 10 December 2011

Next batch

Things got ahead of me yesterday and before I knew it "time for work" So I didn't get round to posting well I'm sure you'll forgive me. I had originally booked next week off but they want me to work a few hours Monday and Tuesday. Overtime is of course too good to turn down. I should still get everything done, but might not be a relaxed Monday/Tuesday.

As mentioned in the last post still painting Zombies. Here's what I have managed so far. There are another 12 that are an easy finish Sunday morning. Then it's just bash out a few survivors and finish the carpark, EASY! Ok maybe not THAT easy, but it's do-able. Most if not all the survivors are from other games and will therefore have a mix and match feel which is a shame, but I will somehow manage. Being dark when I took the pictures this was the best I could manage. I'l try to do a few in the light and see if I can get a couple where they look at least half decent. I have "booked" the dining table for Monday/Tuesday (I'm sure you all have similar experiences) so I should be able to crack on especially with time off work. Although there is a danger of working in the dinning room I daren't make a stain!!! Up the Shed I can make as much mess as I want. (Well almost)

Well that's ti for today. Cheers Clint

Thursday 8 December 2011

First Batch Photos.

Well here are a few shots of the firat batch of Zeds. They are pretty roughly painted, but they'll serve, at least for now. I do like the monochromatic look of them, I think that works quite well. I also think they look good as a mass and not as individuals. But that's a matter of personal taste and you might just think you have gone colourblind. If you look closely you'll see that one is missing an arm. To be honest it fell on the floor while being varnished and it's now somewhere in the garden. I don't mind a missing limb on a zombie, after all it is just possible the fellow was an amputee befor the infection, or it could be that it was eaten by some other zombie. So the odd one without a limb is fine by me, as long as it does not become a theme.

The last pic has some of Kevs cars in it for scale. They are a little big, but not overly and deffinitly not anything to worry about scale wise. Afterall it is only a game.

The Second batch is well underway as I only have the hilighting and bases to do. Which does take a while, but is nothing to worry about, it's just a case of doing it. So I should barring accidents get them finished later. Just Spoke to Alan (Sittingborne club president) about progress and told him to look at the blog. Anyway we have re"thought" the idea for our play by text player. ( Yes there will be a guy who can't make it and yet still wants to play). The change from the original idea is that he'll only be give a bag of toys. He'll get to decide if the figure close to him (If he's within range) has been Naughty or nice. If they have been Nice He'll give them a pressie. Yes even Zombies can get pressies before you ask. and if they have been naughty he'll take a swing at them (hits 4+ Strength 2, stun only). He will be in another part of the country so won't have a clue who he attacks or gives gifts to. And Gifts could be anything he can fit in the sack from a hocky stick to a joke book, it will be quite random. (I may have to sort a bag of gifts out and get players to take one at random if they get one.) Zombies being good boys and girls will probly not open thier gifts. (But I'll see what I feel like on the day.

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Second Batch

A quick post today. The Second batch of Zombies is now underway.(23 of them). They are all assembled and stuck to bases. Waiting for the glue to dry so thought I should type this. I'll use the ready mixed filler from the 99p store on the bases so you don't get that nasty step from plastic figure base to metal washer. Then a quick spray with matt black paint and they will be ready for the next stage.

Camera not getting to my house till 8pm tonight (.

Tha Cake I was making fell apart when I tried to ice it. So I chucked it in the bin. Oh well better luck next time.

Tuesday 6 December 2011

First Batch

I think I forgot to mention yesterday that kev has lent me some cars for the car park. That takes some of the presure off and gives me a chance to relax. Thanks Mate.

Well no dog-escapades today. everything has gone quite smoothly. Apart from the first layer of icing I put on a cake I'm making for work tomorrow. But that's neither here nor there and nothing to do with wargaming in general or the Xmas game in particular.

So I have finished the first (trial) batch of Zombies. 12 in all. they don't look too bad but neither are they master peices. But they were quick to do and don't look to bad. So I'll stick with the greys as a colour scheme and just start bashing them out now. I will prep 23 more and have them ready to go by Thursday morning a the very latest.

It seems my camera was not needed so I'll get it back lunch time on the 7th. Someone borrows your camera and does not take any snaps .. I ask you!! With luck and no distractions I'll get a snap or two on the zeds. I am also painting a couple of Warmachine cryx models and some scooby-do (Hassle free) figures as well, as it does occur to me that I might be short a few civilian types.....well those not armed with guns that is so they'll have to be finished, and I'll also need to paint a security guard as well. But that will all become evident in the next edition. Or maybe the one after that.

Thanks for reading and talk soon.

Monday 5 December 2011

No Good deed goes unpunished.

Long story short looking after a neighbours dog this week or so. Taking it for a week this morning we were on our way back home when another dog, a Staffy, ran across the Busy A2 and got clipped by a car, which then drove off. Firstly let me say the Staffy is ok, a few cuts and bruises, some grazes and the like but generally ok. No sorry I did not get the car number either or make or model, which when I look back makes me feel useless. Anyway the Staffy bounded across another road and came towards me. I managed to catch it and keep hold of her but she had no collar and the neighbours dog (a Jack Russel) is not that social and was emmitting some low level growls as I made a fuss of the Staffy. So with No spare collar (a Jack russel colar is not gonna fitt round a Staffy's neck anyway. I carried the staffy into the local golf club where they were good enugh to get the grounds men to get me some rope. (After 100 yards or so wriggling staffys get heavy and bad tempered Jack russels don't make it any easier.) Comming finally to the point eventually contacted the local council. Some time passes (about 20 mins) and the local dog wardens turn up. The Staffy is chipped so they are pretty sure they can find its owners. Ahhh my good deed for the day.

All the above just goes to show that even if you plan to have a painting Zombies day life sometimes conspires against you. So I have done nothing with the carpark today. Nope nothing at all. But I do have 12 zeds on the production line and while I would not say they were propainted standard, It looks like I could do 20 figures a day if I applied myself. I'm gonna give then another Black wash when I finish typing. To be honest they are quite rough, but they pass the "Is that a Zombie test?" I have batch painted these 12 using only greys, and they do look like they are in a black and white film, which was not really the idea, but with some work they should look like Left 4 Dead Zombies, which was the idea. ALl in all I'm not totally unhappy with them.
Thanks to "Zombie Kev" AKA Mr Zed I have about 70 figures in all. I don't need that many zombies for this game, but I'll see how many I can get done.

That's it for now. Have a good one.

Sunday 4 December 2011


Well it's been a mixed day for me. Did not get anything of the carpark done. As went to the Rainham wargames club. I perhaps maybe could have gotten something done before I went but I had two lots of visitors, An Aunt and Uncle with my cousin Mark. And ten minutes after they left my Sister turned up so I did not really have so much time.... Nice to see them but without 30 hours n the day it was gonna be a struggle to fit things in.

Anyway Whining over (who am I kidding). On a positive note thanks for the positive comments both posted and in person, it's a real boost so cheers.

Getting on with it. Had a game of 7TV down the Rainham club. Introduced Tim to the game, he's already bought some time lift figures, (AKA "NOT Captain Scarlet figures") from Crooked Dice (CD). He's a good painter so I'll look forward to seeing how they come out. Having played the rules now he says he's  thinking of a Zombie Captain Scarlet game, as he says the Mysterons were Zombie-esq. If I'm hinest I cant remember that far back into my childhood, but he says it's all explained in some book or other.

Anyway the game worked quite well. I must admit to being naughty and designing a cast specifically to take on Andy. Yeah I feel mean, but I felt it fair as he beat me rotten last time. I might find an excuse to loose the Disintergrator gun card. The setting is a steampunk one with 4 factions fighting it out over crashed flying saucers and the technology that they hold. Here's my Grey Alied strander cast trying to get thier saucer home so they can escape Earth, probly with a view of comming back with some friends and starting world war one, or getting world domination, whichever comes first.

 The 150 rating cast is two co-star In-human Servitors, 2 technicians and some tribal cultists. I'll not mke excuses they did quite well but Captain Cobblie (military mind) and his redcoats are particularly good at killing Anything which is not English. Sally Strapon and Hughgo First were allied with captain Cobblie and were defending the crash site that was discovered in a previous game. While my Greys and Doctor Evil (Kev) where keen to take it from them. I conceeded in the end when passing morale checks I was finally down to a single Grey, with no funcuioning guns and reliant or 4+ brawling.. I am not making excuses but IF DR Evil wants to achieve world domination sponsored by alien technology he really has to keep his Femdroids under control!

If I am able I'll set the next game on a "ship" carrying the downed saucer  back to the England. (Be sometime in the new year.)

Final thoughts for Today. I am trying to organise the club game for the BROADSIDE 2012 show. (The Rainham club, not the Sittingbourne club). I was going to build a section of modern New York and run a superhero participation game, but am now very likely to get side tracked. but only time will tell what if anything I actually manage.

That's it for now. Camera away in Canterbury for a few days so no pics till Thursday, Speak soon Clint.

Saturday 3 December 2011

Carpark 0.5

Yes the camera is going on Holiday but I shall have it till 8am Monday morning. So I should be able to post a pic or two after today.

Comming to the point I have marked in a parking grid. Done the best layout I could given the restraints and the need not to over think it. So it's head on parking to the sides and paralel parking between the pillars.

I found the best way to mark the bays was with a white colouring pencil. It's quick and easy and no fuss. Other more professional ways are availible but this gave the least effort for the best results. I did miss the line a couple of times and know there will be comments, but until they do better I can ignore them. It is looking more like a carpark now the parking bays are indicated. I know it's a long way from perfect but it is slowly coming together.

I shall start the Zombies as soon as I finish typing this. I think I shall do them in batches of 12. As I mentioned earlier I will try them in all greys first and see if I can get the computergame look. No idea if it will work, but got to be worth a go.

Tomorrow I have a Rainham club game of 7TV to put on. so you may have to put up with some ramblings about that as well. And if I remeber the camerera maybe a pic or three (but probly gloss over the whole thing when I loose).

Catch you later. Clint

Friday 2 December 2011

Carpark 0.4

Well I am afraid that I was unable to post anything yesterday. Real life got in the way.

Anyway heres the latest. I have put myself a little behind by repainting the tarmac. It was getting to look to  light. I think for a Zombie game darker might be better. I have about 10 days now so still plenty of time so no worries just yet.

As you can see I have painted thebase again, darker. it's Quite patchy but for a car par I don't see that as a problem.I mixed a really nasty brown (black, read yellow and a touch of white) to represent the walls and slapped it on all the vertical surfaces. It's far from neat, but as a throw-away game it'll do, no point being precious about something only used once or twice, (2 different clubs).

As mentioened below I hope that painting all the cut walls bright red will give the players the idea that it's not full height and they can't just hop over from one room to another. As you can see on the second photo I have left it "natural" where the ramps meet the edge. I WILL paint it a tarmac colour when time permits. Probly tomorrow. I did want to mark the bays out today, but better to leave it til later and try to do it properly...... or at least not in a rush. The New Metric handbook has parkin at 26.5 sq m per car. Or in laymans terms 5.8m by 14m (for 5 cars) for head on parking. But I'll do whatever looks right when the time comes.

Karl at Crooked Dice has kindly offered to lend me 30 Pro-painted Zombies for the game. I have declined but can't express in words how generous I feel this offer is especially as we have only met once. I start painting mine tommorrow as the painting table is now clear.

My Camera is going on Holiday for a few days, so very unlikely there will be any pics till Thursday. And by then most if not all of the terrain should be done, or very close to being done. I plan to start Andy (from Ainsty castings) moon scape boards soon as well. I'll post the details here as I go. Thanks for reading. Cheers Clint

Wednesday 30 November 2011

carpark 0.3

Well Everything is dry. As the base work is dry I thought I should get some of the other things done. As you can see in the photos, I have started on the lift block. I know it's as rough as barb wire underpants, but that will change as time passes. I have made the lift block seperatly so I can detail it in doors (warmth). But Have only made half height walls. This is deliberate before any ask. I know I'll take some stick for it and some ribbing, It's what they are like! The reasons are to make sure it fits in the paste table and also for ease of moving figures. I could run a sweepstake on who will be the first person to say they are clibing over the wall, My guess is Alex in the Sittingbourne club, and Ian in the Rainham club. Although it is pretty open as several people have that kind of mind set. I shall paint All the cropped walls bright red and the pillars and paste table edges, in a feeble attempt to deter people from saying such.

I had a small order from Ainsty castings today. First time I have ever used them and must say very nicly cast well packaged and swift delivery. I wanted some vending machines for the carpark, just because I know players will find a use for them, probly for blocking doors and staeling cans to chuck at zeds/each other. We all know they will. Also got a water cooler which I really like but  not sure where that will go (maybe not for this project. I can also paint two of the vending machines as ticket dispensers, but probly not have to wait and see.

The lift block will consist of a lift, (naturaly) the indication of stairs for if the power fails. Whatcha mean if power fails, surely not! In addition there will be three public lavatories. Male Female and disabled. I did point out a company who do make a Zombie in a wheelchair, but I will not have it as it comes with a load more I don't want. Later I may look at getting it, maybe the company (Blue Moon Minis) will sell me a few of this one casting, I shall enquire in the new year. I might do a seach later today to see if I can find some "star" zombies. Maybe a Hunter or a Tank or a Boomer! For when the players get bitten.

I'll continue working on this on an off today, comming indoors to keep warm then going out again to freeze.
The lift block seems so far away from the Exit ramp!

I may put a service elevator in as well, but as yet I am undecided if it should go in and if it does where it should go. But I'll see what time is like and what else needs doing. I am getting to the stage where I'll be painting the parking bays and walls soon. Planning to do it Friday. Right lunch time so I'm off as I have Curry today.

Tuesday 29 November 2011

Carpark 0.2a

Good news and bad news. Mr Zed has offered to lend me some zombies for the game. Which is really generous. Thanks Mate.The bad news is I have been awak since 2 am so I am not gonna get anything done today with regard to this project. I will clear the painting table though so a fresh start on the zeds tomorrow.

Tomorrow the 'Strike' is on and have to look after an eleven year old, while he will be willing to help, he'll soon get bored and cold and want to get on the computer. Sounds like I'm getting my excuses in early.... Time will tell.

Monday 28 November 2011

Carpark 0.2

As ever things are going slower than I would hope, however they are progressing and moving in the right directions. No Photos today. As nothing really new to show, I am waiting for it to fully dry. Everything is drying and looking ok. So no problems. It was cold in the shed at 6:30am with frost on the grass outside. Looks like I'll clear the painting table today and with any luck start the zeds.

Sunday 27 November 2011

Carpark 01a

It's Sunday so didn't want to make any noise this morning and wake the neighbours. So waited till 7am before going up the shed. There has been a minor setback, nothing to worry about still ahead of schedule. Some of the hard board had come up rough where it was painted so I sanded that back. I'll have to repaint but that's 10 mins work plus drying time, and as I'd have to touch it up after the bays are marked out it's not an issue.

The minor setback is that when I was sealing the ramps they failed to glue down, and even some of the mix was still wet. Darn. So all I am doing today is attaching the "support pillars" to the other side of the board. I will restick the ramps this afternoon, even if I have to use a glue gun, although I do prefer PVA.

So wargaming wise today I'll start to clear my paint table (I am far too ashamed to post a pic of it). I have some Early WW1 Germans (28mm) to finish, a couple of bits for warmachine (which will probly get set aside for now) as well as quite a few unfinished odds and sods. The idea being I can then start painting Zombies come next week.

That's all for now folks, more later, most likely tomorrow.

Saturday 26 November 2011

Carpark 0.1

Well it's Saturday today, which is nice. I have recieved a very small order from Crooked Dice only a set of the 7ombie TV cards. Again which is nice and order to delivery only took 2 days which I'm very happy with, it's another thing ticked off for the game  and really fast delivery.

Anyway it's cold up the shed so wrapped up warm I start work on the battle board. Here is a quick pic of where I left it yesterday.

AS you can see it has been painted grey  for the ground. You will additionally decern that I only have room to lay half of it out flat at a time. If I put it on the floor it WOULD end up with foot prints (both human and animal) on it. The Flash has made the grey look a little lighter that it actually is. But still you get the idea.

When I measured the interior space it turns out to be just over 21 inches wide. Using the Cars as a rough guide each parking bay need to be 5 inches long and 2 3/4 inches wide, 3 inches if we want space for doors to open or figures to move between them. In an ideal world I would have liked the board a few inches wider and about 6 inches shorter, but who lives in an ideal world. At this stage I have 2 choices for parking bay layouts. I could keep them square to the wall or I could put tham at 45 degrees. The second option would make it harder to park, but would allow more bays. So I'll keep it square to the walls instead. The drawback of this is that the centre can only have one depth of parking space.

The Next stage is to drop some "support columns in place. As a broom handle is actually cheaper than dowelling and as I had one ready to hand, not attached to a broom I hasten to add. I cut some short stubby pillars, short enough not to go above the edge of the paste table. I now realise I should have made them taller as they could then fit into the void above when the table closes up. (Oh well live and learn).
Nice shot of my work bench.

I then marked out the osition of the pillars. A single row down the middle, spaced at 7 inch centres.
As mentioned above only enough room to really work on 1/2 the board at a time. I was going to screw these on, but settled for PVA instead, PVA is actually a resin (resin w to be precise), I made sure I put enough on. So with a parking grid spaced out, but not maked out I then knew where the roads should be and thus where the entry and exit ramps should be.Made from balsa wood, simply because it was to hand and easy to work. I'll sealthe wood last thing tonight with watered down PVA. so It should be dry and ready for paint tomorrow.

Lastly for today here are the cars I have been using to gague distances. They were originally bough for 20p each at a boot fair last year and then repainted for a zombie car race game "DEADRACE 2010" which I never got round to finishing.

Friday 25 November 2011

Underground car park model

Well those that have come across from the Crooked dice forum. Know That I have a tight deadline (less than 3 weeks) to create a Christmas game for two wargames clubs. So for ease I have decided to start the games compleatly from scratch, mostly because I'm stupid and can't think to recycle old projects.
So the game is going to be set in an underground car park, mostly because I thought it would be a bit different and pretty easy to construct given time and of course budget. yesterday I went and bought the components, not all of them, but enough to get started.
For the baseboard I went and spent £9.67 in Wilkinsons to get a paste table. I figured the basic wood and hard board would come to close to that anyway so it's not a big problem.
Today I have stripped out the legs (with a hammer a pry bar and a smile on my face, why is destruction so much fun?) Because it's an underground car park I'll have to put a ramp in so the cars can get in and out. I'll also have to add a service and customer elevator. And am considering putting a recycling area (bottle banks mostly) in as well.
That can wait a few days though as eager to get started I have painted the interior of the paste board dark grey. I used ready mixed pain from the Works, costs £1.49 a bottle. As they don't do a dark grey I added white to the black stirring as I went to get a consistent colour. Be aware you only need a little white, I would say 1 part white to 10 parts black.  Suprisingly it does look like old tarmac now which is a pleasent suprise. I mixed about 1/2 a pint in all and added a splash of water to make it a bit more runny.
 The texture on the hardboard does not look out of place, if anything it looks like block paving. While it is unlikely anyone would (in real life) go to the trouble/cost of putting block paving in an underground car park it looks ok and most wargamers will tolerate things like that as long as the game works ok. I know the rules work having tried them over the weekend but for now back to the scenery.

I have been offered some toy cars (of the right scale) for the game. I think, from memory, the paste board is wide enough for 4 parking bays and two roads, I'll have to measure it once dry to be sure. So once the tarmac floor is dry I'll paint the "walls" (the battening which encases the paste table) in an off white colour, and probly add some staining. but more of this in the next episode....COMMING SOON.

Post script, no photos yet as batteries are low in the camera... and did not want to walk back into the house with muddy shoes.But I'll try to get some done for next time.

Thursday 24 November 2011


Hallo and welcome to my Blog. In this space I shall be talking about all things wargaming with particular regard to Rainham Wargames Club but also touching on Sittingborne club (MHWC) and maybe Walderslade Club (Medway Wargames Club). However being egotistical I shall mostly be waffling on about what I'm working on from a Wargames point of view with making and painting and playing games.

I have many balls up in the air at the moment, but yesterday I was tasked with creating a Christmas Game for the Sittingbourne club. The basics can be found here.... ..... Yes I know it's a lot of mucking about swappimg from one website to another and then back, I'll try to focus it a bit more as I go along and get more confidence with what I'm doing. Well while it's not a good start it is at least a start. to be continued......