Saturday 29 July 2017

Have you stoped poking the Deepones yet?

Okay my final deepone is now finished.  So Just a quick post, mostly due to the fact I have found I get les page views on the weekend.

As you can see this was painted to match the rest of the Deepones. There was a delay as I just did not have the right base for it. Now I freely admit this was my choice and nothing but my choice. A base was supplied by Black Cat ( LINK to Shop ) and it did fit with the other bases they supplied HOWEVER I decided on an MDF base for this figure and had to wait for it to arrive.

As it has now arrived I promptly finished the Deep one off. By that I mean painted it and not fed it poison, you get the idea.  So Now I have all 5 painted and ready for In Her Majesties name.... or at least I will have when I get some hybrids. (And I suspect that will be soon).

being as this one crawls the base is somewhat bigger than the others, which is no problem to me and most likely not to you either. I went for a VERY simple base to represent either beach or possible river bank or in extreme cases sea bed.  Just a quick dry brush with a lighter sand colour and a couple of tufts was all it needed.

 I was also able to finish a Vulture. This is by EMP Miniatures ( Shop Link ) and you can see it is on their front page and also Stocked by Col Bill (Col Bill Shop Link)) so easy to pick up at shows.

This is for Matt when he collects his latest batch of figures. Again there was an issue and I had to supply my own base and AGAIN it is my choice to do so. The model does come with 2 metal pins cast on the figure so is easy to attach to fences, poles, dead bodies etc.. But I did not have any at this time suitable so I wanted it free standing. Therefore I put it on a flying base.  Matt knows nothing about this so unless he tunes it it will e a surprise. Ahh but if you cannot give a little gift to a friend the world is a sad place.

I am not 100% sure the colours are exactly right as I was working more from Walt Disney (jungle book) that real life. But let's be honest who really cares. There are after all 22 Speicesof Vulture on this planet so the chances are it will be close enough to one of the types. And if not I will concede a wildlife expert follows my blog and that is even better than being right.

next post on Tuesday and VERY likely to be WW2 15mm PBI Japanese.. It is no good I can already hear you yawning but that is what it will most likely be despite that.

Enjoy the rest of the Weekend.

All the best Clint

Friday 28 July 2017

The Missing Pics

Last week I reported missing some pics of the stuff  I had been painting. Well I found them. By which I mean the camera found them. They did not appear one day but were there a few days later. And here they are.

They are all for Matt and part of his ever growing Sudan Collection. They are all also Egyptian, Matt knows I like painting them. And I think they are all old glory figures in 28mm.

Most are spare artillery crew figures along with 1 Nordenfelt Machine gun (Link to Wiki ). Clearly 4 of the figures, those in blue are officers, not just because they are pointing!

These to me are now "Old news" as they have already been returned to Matt and mighty pleased he was too.

Elsewhere on the painting table at least for now I have some Mahdist Cavalry (as well as 3 Madist foot) so expect them next week or maybe if you are unlucky for the next few weeks.

 Of my own projects I have my last Deepone. He (or maybe it is a she... I cannot tell) was delayed because I could not find a suitable base. Now however a base has been found and I can crack on as fast as I like.

A Zombie... From the walking dead game nearly finished now and should be OK to show next week.

A platoon of 15mm WW2 Japanese finished at last. Purchased in February and now just about ready for a game or two. I will admit Vampifan reignited this project by giving me enough funds to buy the Type I Ho-Ro Tank destroyers. I will admit they put me into a buying frenzy for the project and I am now just about ready.. or I will be when I start painting up some armour, Well Tankettes at least.

I shall do a post about this project probably on Sunday. With everything painted so far. But I still have some stragglers on the painting table as well. But I hope to finish them over the weekend. Fingers crossed.

Well that tells you what is coming up. I must say I am looking forward to the Japanese as I have in the past played VERY little Pacific and far east Games.

Of the two I am hoping for more Pacific Japanese Vs American games, but I know Graham (at the club) wants more Far East games.

Finally there are 5 Napoleonic French on the table as well. Almost forgot those.

Right that is enough waffle. Have a good weekend and try not to get caught doing things you should not be doing! ((By her in doors!)

All the best Clint

Wednesday 26 July 2017

DEEPONES, Kermit's revenge... or an idea for IHMN

Well the title pretty much says it all. I have some (at least for me) good news. The Egyptians I had painted for Matt photo's have been found. More of that another time. I  guess my sacrifices to the Outer/older gods must have worked.

These figures are by BLACK CAT BASES ( LINK ) and are figures I received as part of my prize from Vampifan. They were a random lot of DeepOnes 5 random models at a bargain price (I WILL be getting more). 1 is still to be painted as I try to get just the right base for him so be patient he will be coming along soon, (Soon in geological terms... maybe not soon in a 5 year olds terms). But in the mean time kindly enjoy the others. I REALLY did.

These were a QUICK paint mostly just base colours and a wash and a top coat. that said I am very happy with how they came out. Nothing flashy and something we can all do  easily. (But don't tell any non painters that last bit... they will not understand.

I did paint the inside of the legs a cream as well and then thought about it and painted over with the base colour green when dry. Sometimes we all need to rethink tings as we paint.

I painted the eyes red as I looked up frog eyes on google and found them in many many colours so selected Red as it just seemed to fit best. I am not sure yet what colour I will paint any Hybrids. !!??

I want to use these to fight Royal  Navy landing party In Her Majesties Name (IHMN) as I can easily  see te deep ones turning up just about anywhere... (Maybe not Arizona but then I will use Sepant People!). Also as they have no ranged weapons some Hybrids will have to supplement them and maybe some big nasty tentacle thing as well.... which I just happen to have in the painting queue! Not sure of the Stats just yet. But at least you know my thinking... yes crazy as a box of frogs!

Monday 24 July 2017

Bengal lancers again

I handed back a load of figures to Matt yesterday and the photos just have not come out. So whining aside here are some more Bengal Lancers.

6 in all and he tells me this is them all painted now. (until he either buys some more or finds some hidden away.). The models are either Perry or Foundry, he did tell me but the memory is not what it was.

The horses legs were very bendy as were the lances but other than that they were no problem to assemble. The problem is on the other side so you cannot see it. But trust me it is there.

Not my favourite things to paint nor actually my least favourite either but not something I would choose to paint for myself. (Those will be later this week, and yes one is another zombie). These will help Matt bolster his North West Frontier collection and  we are already talking about a game. So you should get to see them on the table before the end of the year.

 That's it for today. I am still kicking myself about not photographing all the Egyptians (Colonial) I painted, but nothing I can do now so in my head trying to move on and get past this.

Take care, have fun and paint/game as much as you can.

All the best Clint