Friday 14 August 2015

"Here Piggy Piggy!"

Nope that is not the wargamers call to lunch! But an indication of my latest Vietnam figures. And being Vietnam conflict and the word "Pig" is actually nothing to do with the M60 light machinegun! Yes that was called a Pig but these are 2 Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs! They were a gift from Andy Grub of Britannia and Grubby tanks (Link) when I sent of a very small order for some extras for my Vietnam collection. Which I have to say is very nice of him especially as I meant to order some yet forgot to ! So I was delighted to include them and being a very easy paint job I painted them straight away. They were an easy paint I cannot deny otherwise. Just a very dark grey and a black ink wash.  Given the Viet Minh will not be set up on the table but revealed when discovered. These will allow me to tell players that the undergrowth is moving or that they hear a noise. Then when they "Recon By Fire" they will not know if they are shooting at people or animals. "Oh what a shame that you have killed the village elders favourite Pig, Minus 10 Victory Points to the American Team as the village is encouraged to assist the Viet Minh!" Probably not exactly what I'll say, but you get the idea! And so will they after the event!

Here is the small shiny order, which is mostly helicopter crews and local Viet Minh heavy weapons. Ordered tea time on day 1 and arrived on day 3 so all in all a very successful order which tells you everything was already in stock. So continued excellent service from Andy Grub. All 20mm figures just to round out the collection and crew helicopters!

And finally a pic of a real pig so you can see I got the markings right!

Right that's it for today. I hope to post again on Sunday and probably back to VBCW as I paint some more 28mm figures for Matt.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

More VBCW Militia (PM)

Yes 6 more militia for matt and his VBCW project. This post catches me up with the dark time so do not expect the next post to be anything special at all. It will just be what I can get finished today. Again these are a mix of manufacturers including Foundry, Footsore and Musketeer miniatures. As such they come from very different ranges, including Irish Civil War, Victorian adventure (the old boy in pith helmet) and dedicated VBCW troops. Like yesterdays batch they can be used for many different settings limited only by your imagination.

The last picture is all 12 together!

Thanks for looking today and as it is raining now I shall get on with some 15mm colonial figures and some 20mm Vietnam goodies which will be for me! And not for money!

Tuesday 11 August 2015

VBCW militia (PM)

Here we have 6 more Militia for a VBCW although the ones without tin hats could be used for any inter war conflict with Europe with just the tiniest imagination. Again these were painted for Matt and his forces so they should bolster his troop before too long. As we have a game scheduled for 2 weeks time I can expect to see them very soon across the table from me. They are a mix od makes including Musketeer miniatures and Footsore miniatures. Probably a few others as well.

So this post is my bid to catch up with things after my short time in the dark.  As always good to have you pop by and I hope things are good with you. All the best from Kent.

More Vietnam coming soon!

Monday 10 August 2015

Let there be light!

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for their support over my "Windows 10" fiasco. Needless to say it did cause me to worry but not sufficiently to cause a major distraction. Normal sleep patterns have been resumed!

I  have ditched Windows 10 for the foreseeable future and returned to windows 8.1. It is not my favourite OS (that would be Windows IT) but in my opinion far better than Windows 10. I am confident that in a year or two Windows 10 will be a very good operating system. As it stand though I did not find that to be the case so I have swapped back to windows 8.1

The swap back was very easy and it restored all my saved setting, all my saved blogs and places on the internet and all my saved passwords. Being dyslexic remembering passwords is a real problem for me so I am very grateful I did not have that hassle. Whereas windows 10 DELETED all my passwords! So I will let you guess which one I am happy with and which one I am not!

I plan to be back to blogging normally in 2 days as this windows 10 disruption has put my painting schedule 2 days behind.

Thank you all for your Patience and let's get back to normal as quickly as possible!

Cheers Guys, all the best from Kent and me .

Catch you later.