Friday 18 March 2016

Dead Girls Are Easy!

 As the painting challenge draws to an end I am trying (and failing for the most part) to get back to blogging on a regular basis.

Having now finish all the things I wanted to get done for the challenge I had a bit of spare time and enthusiasm. And while this was submitted it was never planned to be.

It is of course a West Wind Production Biker. I bought a pack of these a few years back but never  got them painted. As I am re-enthused about zombie games I thought to get one done.

I was going to write "Dead girls are Easy!" on the petrol tank, but instead settled for green flames. It was semi successful and a second attempt will no doubt prove a better finish so that is my plan, but with 8-10 Bikers to do they can not all have flames on the bikes, that would just look silly!

Still with luck this will get me back in the saddle again.

Club on Sunday so an AAR on Monday of whatever game I play! And at this stage it could be anything. I have suggested a Vietnam game but that is NOT looking likely at present!

Cheers for looking, more soon.