Saturday 5 December 2015

Alas Pike and Jones!

 Firstly let me say I have has internet problems. But now I have had a visit from Virgin Media Engineer and a new Modem and as far as I am concerned am back to normal. The Engineer thinks it is probably faster now, but in truth I see no change of speed.

So Today I thought I should give you 2 figures to make up for my few days of no blog posts. I will Do one more tomorrow as well trying to catch up with where I think I should be!

Firstly we have Corporal Jack Jones who does have a number of catch phrases so feel free to put them in the comments and get them out of your system. As a veteran of the Sudan wars Jonesy carries both a rifle and a spear ( queue the famous quote!) Yes we all know what they don't like!

The addition of the rifle is another Matt special but I do think it helps the character and will be definitely useful in table games. And you can hardly see the join. Looking at the figure again I should have painted the apron dark blue THEN added the "white" stripes. As It would have given a better effect, still you live and learn. So Next time. I am not saying it is a disaster at all but would have looked better the other way around! Other than the apron I am quite happy with the figure so no real gripes.

 And then we have the young Private Pike armed with a cricket bat. I am sure he would have been a menace with that weapon. The bat shows many red and white cricket ball marks as it I always better to add a few extra colours on the model. Likewise the West Ham Scarf has also allowed me to introduce another colour.

The face was touched up AFTER seeing this Photo and the darker skin tone is less prominent now. It is always worth seeing the figure with fresh eyes or in this case lens  as I quite often see things with a second look that I might otherwise miss.

While in Bank Clerk suit he also carries a civilian gas mask in a card board box. These cardboard boxes soon got decorated by family members, either kids with paint or more often a wife with some material so by 1942 few looked like the brown cardboard that was issued. My Grandfathers (I am told) was covered in an old rug! While my mother and sister would no doubt have used ribbons! But I have kept it plain as it is easier to identify.

Overall another splendid Warlord Games figure from the Dad's army box set.

Tuesday 1 December 2015


yes today we have Private Walker in muffy. (I admit I painted his eyes wrong). But here he is none the less. he does have the distinctive sky blue arm bands of the Anglican league as Matt wanted them painted but us main weapon is a kitchen knife tied to a broom handle. (Ok there is also a rifle on his back but you cannot see it from this angle).

While in the Tv series he is mostly in a grey suit (when not in uniform) I went for a brown suit instead simply as Wilson is in a grey suit and I did not want tem looking similar.

Overall apart from the eyes I am happy with the figure as he does fit in very well with the rest. As with all the others Bolt action warlord games 28mm Home Guard. But you know all that.

I had a mini pre Christmas splurge. It is a combination of 3 things.
 1} Knowing that I have the painting Challenge coming up! And wanting something easy to paint because I am a wimp!
And 2} Ground Zero Games having a pre Christmas sale.... yes I am weak.
Ok and 3} Being told I need to buy things for Christmas so my Mother and sister know what to get me.

The results is that I am giving up on 15mm sci fi. (Sob sob or Cheers if you don't like science fiction). So My plan is to re-paint my 6mm desert terrain. (That will be coming soon on this blog)>
And instead of 15mm Sci fi swap to 6 mm science fiction (Hooray! or Bo If you choose) .

As a Result I went to my local wargames/model/railway shop which stock Brigade games and bought some sci fi trucks in 6mm. These will not interfere with GZG and should compliment them. And as the "Dirtside" rules are free to down load I will be playing them as I know some of the club are interested as long as they do not need to buy anything, paint anything or read any rules, but they do like the "Stargrunt" rules so with luck in the new year we shall be playing "Dirtside!" (No Ray that is not a sexual thing!!!)

Monday 30 November 2015

Frasier and the grave digger

 Two more today. The town undertaker Frasier together with another figure who I think is the grave digger but not sure. Frasier wearing a sailors jersey and in dark blue because of his Naval backstory. The Grave digger because he was a spare figure that matt once again converted and armed with a rifle yet still carries his trusty spade. he wears dark clothing so not to show the dirt but he could equally be a road mender or the stoker on a train. So I will let Matt create any background he wants.

Not sure who I will paint next so it could be anyone tomorrow!

Until then, take care, have fun and get some painting done.
All the best from Clint

Sunday 29 November 2015


Another of Matts conversions is Godfrey with a Lewis gun. All part of his growing Anglican League force. I have no idea what he would be doing with a Lewis gun or indeed what he would tell his sisters. But I do feel sure that he would never actually fire it with any hostile effect!

So Far this figure has been my favourite to paint and the sky blue armbands do make the figure stand out on the table top.

Thanks for Looking and most likely another one tomorrow. Probably Walker or Fraiser.