Saturday 24 November 2018

Painted for Peter

OK Admit it you were not expecting that were you. Peter down the wargames club gave me a Polish Winged lancer to paint. Guess what.  Tar-da! Here it is.

It is a Wargames Foundry (I think) 28mm Renaissance Polish winged lancer. I may have the colours wrong so DO NOT use this as a painting guide. Rather than following a prescribed and authentic route slavishly I selected colours I liked and applied them. I just hope Peter likes them as much as I do! If he does not, that's fine I have the paint remover on hand and am quite happy to give it a dip. But realistically the chances are he will be over the moon.

On the shield I have free-handed an eagles head, ( or he can say it's a griffins head if he chooses). This was actually quite a lot of work and needed re-painting 4 times in total. But it ended quite nicely so I am sure it will be OK with Peter.

 So that is my very brief foray into the Renaissance period.  While I would love to do more very few at the club are at all interested so I can't see many appearing on this blog. And that is a shame I feel. But until a set of rules come out that as a club we can all enjoy the wait for Italian wars is just a pipe dream.

Tomorrow at the club Matt has agreed (offered really) to use his Burpas so with luck on Monday a Burpa AAR.  We shall be using "The men who would be Kings!" for the game and as yet I have no more ideas than that!

So until Monday take care, have fun and paint if you can.

All the best Clint.

Thursday 22 November 2018

Don't put yuor daughter on the Stage!

Yet more 15mm Wild west. Yes it seems to be taking a while BUT I promise I am getting it done! While just 2 carts today little and often is my approach.

First up is a very old Stage-coach. If my memory serves  bought this about 35 years ago from "Minifigs" . I Grant you I may have that wrong as it is only a vague memory.

While it is of very limited use for the US Army for me it was important to get it re-based and painted. It is 15mm and can be used as a "liability". Liabilities in "Western! By "Peter Pig" are well just that. Target pieces the other team can pick on. While you do not need "Liabilities" they do a a certain wild west flavour as not everyone was a combatant.

Also as a Liability I have a US Army Wagon. While not quite as long as a settlers wagon it will still no doubt add something to the game being worth Victory points to whomever controls it at the end of the game.

Settlers wagons did tend to be longer than the one shown and were used by the army mostly in the civil war. A lot were then sold off and "settlers" used tem to haul their life across the plain along various trails until they reached some good farm land.

This one (with a change of drivers (And I have some) could also be used as a "Chuck Wagon" for cowboys on a cattle drive.

General Custer preferred pack mules on campaign to wagons so in the dim distant future you may see some..  First however I need to get some fighting troops done.

And that (I hope) will be the next phase for me.
Just give me a few days and a helpful postman. The post I can do nothing about so either they arrive of they don't. They have been ordered!

All the Best Clint

Tuesday 20 November 2018

Hanging around FAR to long! 10mm SCW LMG's

Yes I am still working on my Spanish Civil War figures. Well actually until the new year at the earliest I think I have stopped. At Xmas I am  due to get a set of rules and that might spark it off again.

Now the new rules have 1 Light Machine Gun per platoon. So I have painted up 8. As the rules are either 2, 3 or 4 platoons a side 8 is the most I think I shall need. 6 being the average and 4 the absolute minimum. The rules call for 3 platoons a side, 2 if they are elite(elite in the SCW does not mean elite in modern terms, most troops were untrained) and they would get 4 platoons each side. Therefore 8 LMGs should be all I need!

The figures are 10mm (1/200th scale) Pendraken. As such they are not super detailed.  But are detailed enough In game terms.

Just 8 starnds of 10mm figures to round out my SCW stuff. And that should be all I need!

Bet is is not though. I imagine some bright spark player will want Morocan troops while another will want Guardi di Assulto! I know who they are and they will be 2 and 3 against the wall when the revolution come!

Still these are finally painted after 2 years on the painting table and now put in the correct box ready for me to read the rules in the new year!

That's it, back to the 15mm Western stuff for now.
Thanks for looking and more again soon.

All the best Clint

Sunday 18 November 2018

15mm Wild west.

Yes I have bitten the bullet. To the right is a pic of the wild west 15mmm stuff Ihave found going WAY back. It is so old that the company that sold it split in two and today neither of the companies exist,  Yet a successful search of the internet and most of the models are still available. Some I am still struggling to track down though.

So anyway I have started the re-paint. In doing so I am surprised on how well painted it was in the first place!

So anyway here are the first units. All the figures today were "Table-top Games" figures TTG which then split it 2 I have no idea why nor do I care much! And the figures became Table top Miniatures (TTM). Now some while later they are Part of the "Alternative Armies" Range. Who I must say had some excellent online service. All figures required were dispatched and arrived within 3 days. And being honest you can't say much better then that.

These are painted as part of the 10th Cavalry. The so called "Buffalo soldiers". Final markings have yet to go on the flag, but only a "10" in the Red and a single (Company) letter in the white. As I have yet to decide on a company it has not been done yet.

This shall not be the end of them as I have another company already in the pre-paint. In the rules I shall use6 bases is the maximum allowed for a "Veteran" unit so that isall I have shown here. 5 Bases of rank and file troops and one officer. Other units can have up to 10 bases for "Green" troops.

Also as part of the 10th Cavalry I have a single unit of artillery. (The most any force is allowed. As such I have it both limbered (for moving) and Un-limbered (for firing). I would be entitled to a MG IF I forgo the artillery. But in the rules you cannot mix and match, it's either one or the other. But just imagine the fun I shall have in the future and feel free to take a wild guess at what I shall be buying soon. (No more Hints!)

The final picture shows the goodies I have purchased this week towards the project!

I shall be honest I did want to build a wild west fort. Unfortunately they are not covered in the rules. You never know it might just float my boatr enough to do one anyway. It will mean making up my own rules for it. BUT WHO DOES not want a Wild WEST fort! (I do and I am sure I am not alone.!

General Custer did make use of a river paddle steamer (Far West by name). While there are no rules for paddle steamers you can bet your bottom dollar that I have also thought about making one! Bet I do not though. Far to much like hard work and far too seldome used I suspect!

Anyway that's it for today. Jon from my university days is building a Sioux Indian Force and that is the main reason I have started on the cavalry! It means we can do some real Wild West actions pretty cheap and easy.

More again soon as I am already itching to paint some more Cavalry as wel as a few "Liability" markers.

All the best Clint