Friday 2 November 2018

Cactus (28mm WTW)

Yes I felt the urge to do some wild west wargaming. It has now quickly past. But while I was in the mood I did manage to paint (roughly) a Wargames Terrain Workshop (WTW LINK) 28mm Cactus. Personally I like the sculpt, very well cast and clean and easy to paint. Just what I want from a Cactus. I am sure it will fit well into a wold west setting with NO difficulty!

It cost just £3 and was a joy to paint. Model wise, very well cast with no flash and no Moulding lines. So a real minimum of clean up. So really just a prime and paint.

I am tempted to get a few more but as wild west is currently not my thing I will hold off a while longer. But be aware when Wild West Wargaming does rear it's head with me again I shall nip out and buy some more.

I was going to grit the base but a simple paint was all that was required. We did not want to guild the lily to much so I have kept it simple. The taller cactus clup (I am sure there is a better word but at present it escapes me0, is tall and wide enough  for a 28mm cowboy to hide behind. While the rest are either waist or chest height.  Overall I am very pleased with the cactus and while at present Dave only makes (I think) 1 variety of these if there was more I should get one of each!  No that is not a cue to make more. As previously mentioned I am not in a wild west sort of mood.

That's it for today, back to painting some 28mm Colonials for Matt, which I hope to show soon.

Thank for looking more again soon. All the best Clint.

Wednesday 31 October 2018

Fitters Truck (mk II) 15mm gruntz

Yes before I head back to 28mm figures here is my re modelled "Fitter truck". Al I did differently from the GZG (Link ) Vehicle Code is V 37a Is add some stowage.  The figure is included for scale. My previous version was wheeled and not tracked. This now being tracked gives the appearance that it is both slower and can now carry more!

While the lifting arm is  visible in the top picture it is more clear in the side shots. While most of the stowage is pre-bought and ww2 vintage it looks fine and I am confident I will get away with it as mostly it is just rolled tarps and sacks For those that were not bought I used milliput and a cocktail stick. I am sure you can do equally well if not better. So why not give it a try. As a general piece of advice use a piece of cling-film as a barrier before attacking to the vehicle. It saves disappointment when all goes wrong and you screw the made piece up the first 2 times. If you are like me you will not get it right first time. (This is why I don't do skydiving!)

Te arm should allow the vehicle to move some of the bigger components of a vehicle. I do not however see it as being a full recovery vehicle, so best if I don't suggest that to anyone.

Thanks for looking and more again in a couple of days as I have only just started the 28mm figs.

All the best Clint

Monday 29 October 2018

Power armour and Transport

Yes some more 15mm Gruntz. Not so much new stuff painted as first appears. I sent off for another squad of Power armour as I already had the vehicle. (But un painted). The new squad is on the right.

These are GZG (LINK ) French Power armour. (fo3). As mentioned above I already had the vehicle (not seen on this log before) so the out lay was a mere £3 to get another squad up and ready for battle, complete with their Transport. The eagle eyed among you will realise I  still need to add the French Decals. Yes I know you already spotted that. But that seriously in 10minutes work when I am in the mood.

So now we have a blue squad ready to go with the red squad. 2 squads of power armour gives me lots more options game wise and the decals shall be added BEFORE any battles are played.

In-fact they are being shown early just because I forgot my camera at the club yesterday. Not much to say about the club game yesterday apart from I got greedy and tried something which almost worked but in the end did not.  Oh well.

That's it for today. More again on Wednesday as I have almost finished the new "Fitters Truck!". Decal these up along with the Fitters truck and start some 28mm Colonial stuff.

That's it  for now. More again on Wednesday. Until then, take care and do well at whatever you are doing!