Friday 15 February 2019

DAK started!

DAK of course means Duteches Africa Korps. (may be spelt wrong.. just live with it, I  am.)
But of course you new that. All the figures are 15mm ww2. A mixture of "Flames of War" for the Horch Personnel carrier and "Forged in Battle" for the armoured cars. The VERY start of a "New Project!"

The personnel carrier first. While it did see use throughout the war this one is circa 1941-43 and in use in the western desert. It was used to transport people as well as light guns and thus saw a lot of use in every place the Germans were involved. On a personal level I DO need to but a lot more of these, but one for NOW is OK.

Also for the scouting section of the Afrika Korp I have finished 2 armoured cars. Again 15mm and as mentioned above "Forged In Battle". For those with a technical incline they are SDKFZ 234/1 armed with a 20mm arutcannon. In the western desert this should be enough fire power as all the vehicles are thinly armoured. This part of ww2 is not about having the most armour and the biggest gun. So as such it hardly maters.

I shall leave the arms races to  the kids! (Been there done that)>

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Flying Girl

This is one of Col Bills "Belt Fed" miniatures. Totally unsuitable for Victorian Science Fiction, but totally suitable for Dieselpunk.  I realise that I may be the only person into "Diesel-punk!" but to be honest I don't care. As a Col Bills figure available a MOST UK shows for the princely price of £3. (At time of Typing).

I realise that many of you are thinking "All well and good but what are you thinkin!" Well it is a long term plan and not one to be discussed here. I Know I am a tease but I hope al shall become clear in the dim distant future.

That's al my finished painting up to date and I know it's not a huge amount but sometimes Real life stops me picking up a paint brush.

Sunday 10 February 2019

Back in the saddle!

Currently watching
and REALLY enjoying!
Yes I am finally back I the saddle and blogging again. When I say "Back in the saddle"  I actually mean clinging to the beasts neck for all my worth! Do I understand what happened NO. Do I want to talk about it NO!
That should make my position clear. So don't expect any correspondence on the subject . It shall not be happening.

OK so what is new. Firstly I have slowed down on the painting A LOT! I have not stopped nor do I intend to. Nor do I intend to show you what I have painted in the mean time.

You may recall this figure from ages ago! So this is still a ALIVE project despite my lack of movement o the subject!

Background reading
However we want new news not old news so here is a list of what is coming up:
  • 15mm Dark ages: an old project that is no longer stalled. Unit 3 of 5 is part painted.
  • 15mm WWII western desert. While this is a new project expect to see some old friends. I plan to use the Peter Pig "PBI" rules. I am sure there will be a lot more of this to come. This will be a slow burner.
  • 20mm Vietnam. I have finally found a set of rules I like and that I think could work well for this conflict. More soon I promise. Another slow burner.
  • Sneak peek
  • Also in the works are  a set of Victorian science Fiction rules. I hope to self publish these at a later date and while I shall be looking for playtesters NOT YET SO DON 'T ASK. But here is a sneak peek! So far a few sleepless nights! LOTS AND LOTS still to do and I might fall flat so promise you will not laugh and we are good.
  • Finally. I am going to resurrect my "French Indian Wars" project as the rules I dis originally buy just did not work for me in 15mm. These may not either but at least they give me the feel I want and the scale I want as well as getting me re-started on the project. The rules only arrived yesterday, but I have already read enough to know I like them.
That#s it for now more when I get a chance
All the best Clint