Saturday 13 June 2015

Rusty Regiment part 3

Yes there will be more to come, and yes I know this figure is not very rusty. In Fact not rusty at all. The reason for the lack of rust on this one is very simple. This is a Necron Lord. As we all know nobility does not get covered in brown smelly stuff, be that rust or something more organic. So this was not a very lengthy paint job, just a simple change of colour from silver to gold (well gold-ish). As we all know gold does not rust so I have not added any rust effect paint anywhere on the model. There was a slight repair, just drilled and pinned in one place denoted by the different coloured section on the staff of light. (Just above his hand as I know you will want to look for it and why should I make it hard for you. )

I have tried at least in my head to use a colour palate close to how I would imagine ancient Egyptians might use, but deliberately staying away from actually looking at the colours they did actually use.  That is the kind of crazy mixed up way I think as I did not want to make exact copies of ancient Egypt. I used ancient Egypt as the codex has lots of ancient Egyptian names often ending in KH. Which while they may not be authentic names does give them a hint towards ancient Egypt. I have not named my "Dynasty" so far but I am sure I will before the first game.

Tomorrow I will be one of the very few of the Rainham wargames club (3 of us I think) putting on a game at the Broadside show. All the terrain and figures and rules and knowledge this year is down to Tim so I can take no credit for any of it. But if you want to come and say hallo you will be more than welcome, BUT I must warn you that this time I am not bringing any home made fudge. NONE at all.

While at the show I do have a VERY small shopping list:
  • 1 pack of Redoubt figures for the French Indian wars
  • 2 Pots of paint, (I always NEED paint)
  • Maybe a platoon or a squad of 20mm WW2 Japanese for "Chain of Command"
Like I said a very small list, so I wonder what I might actually buy!

Thanks for looking today, maybe a swag post tomorrow night or on Monday IF I buy anything exciting. If not I hope to do a show report early next week.

Thanks for looking today, all the best to you and yours from Clint.

Thursday 11 June 2015

The Rusty Regiment (Part 2)

I know some of you will be turning away in disgust! I must admit if it was on some other blog I might well do the same such is my dislike of GW. However my love of my nephew is stronger. So to that end here are the latest batch of Necrons. Right that's the mushy stuff over with.

Necrons as I am sure most of you will know are the GW scifi Undead of the 40k universe and actually very nice models. Personally I MUCH prefer the older Necrons and not the new fancy stuff in the hardback codex. Of late it seems to have become more vehicle orientated, but not in a good way. So I will be sticking pretty much to the older models except Pariahs as they are not in the new codex!

So Today just 10 rank and file Necron Warriors. This is the third time that I have painted these figures and I suspect the last, (Crosses fingers).  As you can see I am using liberal amounts of the rust paint to give the decayed left on an abandoned world for a million years look which I really like. Did the Romans think that the future would be all polished marble and clean streets? Well if they did they were wrong, at least where I live. So we have a dirty grimy shabby decaying future. And in my 40k Universe rusty necrons. In your 40k universe they might all be shiny and bright and there is nothing wrong with that either, Just each to their own.

The Crystals on a few of the bases (the purple bits), are made from model sprue just whittled into shape and paint slapped on. They take a while probably because I don't like doing them. But I do like the result so they will appear on every 4th base or so.

My posting schedule is a bit mucked up at present. But I will do another blog post before Sunday and the Broadside wargames show. Just a pre-show shopping list and believe me it is not expected to be a very big list at all.

So until then, take care have fun and enjoy the weather no matter is wet or dry as there is nothing us mere mortals can do to change it, only the way we think about it.

Cheers Clint

Sunday 7 June 2015

Dispatch rider and 2 officers.

Well these are the last figures I need to get done for Matt. (at least until next weekend, maybe longer). The figure on the left I am told is from Empress miniatures while the centre and right are Great War Miniatures. They  are again for my chum Matt and they are destined to be used for both VBCW and WW1.

 Unlike the previous officers these have no arm bands but the enlisted man on the motorcycle does. As you can see he has the white over blue armband of the Royal Corp of Signals as befits the Dispatch riders in the first world war. The motorcycle is rather slim as it does not have the massive petrol tank that you se on them today, but rather a far more manageable size tank. Exactly as they were in this time period as one was not expected to travel 100 miles or more at a time. Also many dispatch rider photos I have seen did not have number plates at all, but as this model did I was obliged to paint them. If my hand had been steadier the numbers would have come out as well. Typically from my photo survey they had 2 letters and 3 or 4 numbers on the plate.

Now as my painting table is clear I have no idea what will be up next so no expectations and nothing planned, but I will need to start something soon or I will have nothing to show when I post again, hopefully on Tuesday.

So that's it for today, have fun, take care and enjoy the weather.