Thursday 24 September 2015

BUF ( part 4)

yes I am continuing to paint for my good friend Matt. And yes it is more BUF! All 28mm Footsore miniatures but with head swaps and peaked caps and not side caps.  The peaked caps give them a great alternative look and I strongly approve of what Matt has done. I have retained the same palette as last time but adapted it very slightly for the head swaps. They still have black jackets and khaki jodhpurs and puttees and khaki caps. I have kept the red collars and cuffs and some red piping to give them that military feel.

The Flag is again from Solway and was originally painted by Pete Barfield (aka Panzer Kaput!) and helps to unify the figures. Mat clearly likes his flag bearers as almost all of his units carry flags and it does give them a great look.

I painted 8 figures altogether 4 with rifles and the last one with a sub machine gun. There are more coming (they are undercoated as I type this), so expect them pretty soon. Together with the other figures for the BUF this is now looking like quite a sizeable force.

Finally I missed it out last time, but here is a rear shot! No big surprises but you may notice the stripes on the helmets. These were again done to identify and unify the troops. I did think to do a solid Black stripe, but changed my mind at the last moment.

So that is it for today. Thanks for popping by and looking. I have about the same again to finish and then a group shot at the end.

Cheers Guys.

Monday 21 September 2015


I went to a show and forgot my camera!

Still here is my meagre loot from the day.

The "huey" model was on the bring and buy and only cost £2. What a bargain I though. It would be rude not to buy it for just £2, so I did. Now despite my club suggesting that I might have enough "Hueys" I have not got many ay all, even less if we differentiate between "Slicks" and "hogs" and "medevac slicks" and (I also have a crashed one) they really are all vital if I want to lift a Platoon into place. I had best build a kit or two this week as I have a game in a fortnight. So FNG will get an outing at last,

As for bases, they are of course from Colonel Bill as I know he does a lot of shows and always has them so I know I can always rely on him.

WE did have 8 club members at the show (6 of us putting on a game), and 2 with only "morning kitchen passes!" And I think I spent the least money this time out (I usually don't) as there were a few bargains for certain people. And a couple of things I missed out on, and am now regretting. Drat!

Three of the Rejects were also there so expect a show report from Ray sometime soon.

All the best Clint